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Birthday bash clashes with Cuppers chaos

first_imgFour days, forty shows and almost four hundred freshers: it sounds like a recipe for chaos, but this is the Drama Festival 2005. Even an Edinburgh Fringe theatre couldn’t compete with these numbers. Maybe this is just because the Cuppers shows are half the length of a Fringe show, or maybe this is because OUDS has exactly double the amount of experience, being one hundred and twenty years old this year.After less than five weeks of preparation time, the results are often dazzling, which is impressive considering that the participants didn’t even know each other a few weeks back. The freshers-only teams from almost thirty Oxford colleges take to the stage at the Burton Taylor Theatre from Ttuesday to Friday of sixth week. OUDSuds appoints ten differentjudges a day to judge the first heat of the competition and from the original forty-odd entries, ten shows are selected to go through to the final round on Ssaturday. The teams are effectively given free range to play around with their performance, lighting, sound, props and costume (while under the watchful eye of TAtaFF and within a fifty pound budget) as a sort of crash course in Oxford theatre. This certainly makes for a colourful array of different shows, with last year’s offerings including one-man shows, musicals, dance interpretations, devised pieces and one group from Balliol even squeezed a cast of forty onto the cosy Burton Taylor stage in a rendition of Dylan Thomas’ Under Milk Wwood.After the sweat and tears of the first round, the creme de la creme (at least in the opinion of the judges) are selected to perform in the Best of performance at the O’Rreilly on Wednesday of seventh week. This year, the week will be rounded off in style when on Ssunday of seventh week, OUDS celebrates its 120th anniversary with a dinner party at The Rrandolph Hhotel. This will precede a post-Ccuppers party and mock-Oscars award ceremony, where winners will be showered in champagne, with prizes ranging from Best New Wwriting to the Sspirit of award.Cuppers combats the two most notorious student problems: being strapped for time and equally strapped for cash. There is no excuse not to make a trip down to the Burton Ttaylor since it is just £1 a show and each one is shorter than an episode of Neighbours (and the standard of actingis undoubtedly infinitely higher). Last week, the Ssinger in the Ccaucasian Cchalk Ccircle declared his story was to last “two hours”. “Ccouldn’t you shorten it?” the Expert asks hopefully, to which the Ssinger defiantly refuses. Iif the was in Ccuppers he wouldn’t have such licence – firstly, he would have to be a much better timekeeper, and secondly he would have to shorten his story to half an hour. Hhaving had some sneak previews in the technical rehearsals last week, Ii can safely say that the unwavering variety and energy of this year’s shows will certainly keep you entertained, from scantily-clad dancers through to experimental devised pieces sure to titillate, excite, and a raise a few eyebrows. OUDS can claim to be one of the oldest university dramatic societies in Britain, and certainly the one with the longest legacy. Over the last hundred and twenty years, we have moved from an exclusive, members-only club to an inclusive society where anyone can come to try out their dramatic talents, and encapsulates this spirit. Over the decades, we have spawned such glittering alumni as Hhugh Grant, Ddudley Moore and Michael Ppalin, and perhaps the stars of the future lie somewhere in the whirl of drama activity taking place at Ccuppers this year. The full programme of events can be found outside the BT or on the website, so head on down and check out the talent.ARCHIVE: 6th week MT 2005last_img read more

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Press release from Stone Environmental, Inc.

first_imgPRESS CONTACTChris Stone, [email protected](link sends e-mail)Seth Pitkin Appointed Vice President at Stone Environmental, Inc.MONTPELIER, VERMONTThe partners of Stone Environmental, Inc. are pleased to announce that Seth Pitkin, leader of the companys Site Investigation & Remediation Group, has been appointed a Vice President and Officer of the organization.Since joining Stone in 1998, Pitkin has developed the investigation and remediation function into a vital service group that has shown strong financial performance and robust client and project growth.Pitkin developed Stones specialized Rapid Adaptive Site Characterization (RASC) program and is considered an expert in subsurface contamination investigation, site characterization, and vertical profiling. He serves as lead scientist on site characterization investigations, manages groundwater-related projects and investigations using the Triad Approach, and directs Stones real-time measurement technologies including a modified Waterloo Profiling technology that he has been instrumental in developing.Pitkin holds an M.Sc. in Hydrogeology from the University of Waterloo, Ontario. As a member of John Cherrys research team at Waterloo, he helped develop the Waterloo Profiler, a uniquely powerful data acquisition system for the investigation of groundwater contamination. Pitkin and his team at Stone have modified the original profiler to create a proprietary tool that provides high-quality data in real time, including groundwater samples for analysis, a continuous vertical record of the hydrostratigraphy at each location, hydraulic head measurements, and physicochemical data on groundwater quality.Seth will be an important asset to Stones management team as we move the company forward, said company president Chris Stone. His work as leader of our site investigations team has been outstanding and we look forward to his input on broader organizational issues.Stone Environmental, Inc. is an environmental science consulting firm located in Montpelier, Vermont. The company has 21 scientists providing client services in four areas: site investigation and remediation services, water resources and wastewater, agrochemical fate and exposure, and applied information management (GIS, computer modeling, data management). The site investigation groups services include groundwater profiling with the modified Waterloo groundwater profiler, analytical services in NELAP-accredited onsite laboratories, 3-D data visualization, and use of the US EPAs Triad Approach to site investigations. Visit www.stone-env.com/profiling(link is external) for more information.Lesley AllenCommunications Specialist / MarketingDirect / 802.229.1878E-Mail / [email protected](link sends e-mail)Stone Environmental, Inc.535 Stone Cutters Way, Montpelier, Vermont 05602Tel / 802.229.4541 Fax / 802.229.5417Web Site / www.stone-env.com(link is external)last_img read more

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Interview with RDML Brown, SOCSOUTH Commander

first_img Rear Admiral Thomas L. Brown II has worked in and studied Latin America for the last couple of decades. He learned Spanish in the 80s, attended Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies to pursue a master’s degree in Latin American Studies, and was subsequently assigned to the U.S. Military Advisory in El Salvador. Later, he commanded Naval Special Warfare (NSW) Unit Four in Puerto Rico, which serves as the Special Operations Command South (SOCSOUTH) NSW Component Command. In his own words, “Latin America is a fascinating place,” and now, as the commander of SOCSOUTH in Homestead, Florida, he has the opportunity to work with the U.S. hemispheric partners to tackle problems like illicit trafficking, violent extremists, and other such irregular challenges. In the following interview with Diálogo, RDML Brown talks about the mission of SOCSOUTH, and the importance of understanding the language and the culture of the region. DIÁLOGO: What is the mission of SOCSOUTH and how does it relate to SOUTHCOM? Rear Admiral Thomas L. Brown II: SOCSOUTH is a special operations headquarters assigned to General Fraser [US Southern Command Commander]. Gen. Fraser has a service component commander for each service, i.e. Commander U.S. Navy South (COMMUNAVSO), Commander Marine Forces South (COMMARFORSO), and SOCSOUTH is his Special Operations Forces (SOF) component command for planning and conducting special operations. One difference between SOCSOUTH and the service component commands is that we are a sub-unified joint command, with members in all services. DIÁLOGO: What are the core tasks of SOCSOUTH? RDML Brown: The mission of Theater Special Operations Command is to plan and execute special operations, in our case in Latin America and the Caribbean. So that means everything from conducting Civil Affairs (CA) operations to the possibility of special operations in direct support of, or in partnership with our friends in the region, like we did with Operation Willing Spirit, the operation to rescue the U.S. hostages being held by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in Colombia [2003-2008]. What falls under the rubric of special operations is often a surprise to people, the ‘soft power’ tools we possess, from Information Operations to Civil Affairs. The U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) has a CA brigade that provides civil-military support elements that SOCSOUTH employs in support of our partner nations and country teams’ efforts in the region. We routinely employ our Special Forces from 7th and 20th Special Forces Group, special warfare combat craft crewmen, and SEALs, principally from Special Boat Team 22 and SEAL Team 18, Air Force commandos and SOF aircrew instructors. All these capabilities help us build the capacity of our partners for combating dangerous non-state actors, or using the term coined from John Arquilla [a PhD in International Relations from Stanford who has written many articles and books on the future of warfare], ‘Dark Networks’. DIÁLOGO: What do U.S. troops take away from participating in multinational exercises? RDML Brown: A fundamental value of special operation forces is that they’re culturally attuned, work in small numbers, and deploy for extended periods of time outside fixed or traditional bases, which allows us to get to know and understand the environment and the people we work with. We bring back from our exercises an improved cultural knowledge, a better understanding of the capabilities of our partner nations, and solidify relationships that allow us to better synchronize the capabilities and effects of our partners against illicit trafficking, terrorists and other such threats. Relationships are vital in this business. Knowing people and their views, while understanding our partners’ strengths, weaknesses and needs assist us to reinforce their strengths and help out on their weaknesses. DIÁLOGO: What is the importance of understanding the culture and language of the region? RDML Brown: From my experience working in different parts of the world, SOUTHCOM is unique in that in working with Latin America, it’s kind of expected that one speak the language. In order to achieve desired effects, it’s important to have a degree of language capability and understanding of cultural nuances. Some people may have more skills in communicating than others, and may be able to communicate or learn without knowing the language, but it’s a lot more challenging. So I’d say that language skills and cultural awareness are mission essential here. U.S. Special Operations Command’s leadership has been consistent in emphasizing the importance of language competency as well as regional expertise and culture in its investment strategy, and SOUTHCOM benefits from that in terms of the skills our Special Operations Forces bring to the theater. DIÁLOGO: How does new technology used by narcotraffickers, such as the semi-submersibles, affect your mission? RDML Brown: We work hard to stay abreast of new technologies or techniques the traffickers and Transnational Criminal Organizations, and narcoterrorists like the FARC use to move drugs and other illicit goods. We take this into account in the way we are training and building partnership capacity. We keep our eyes on it as we work with the U.S. country teams, and in close collaboration with the countries, to tailor our training and other capacity building efforts against the threat as these ‘dark networks’ adopt new communications, transportation, and other technology. DIÁLOGO: Can you talk about Special Forces in SOCSOUTH? RDML Brown: The generic term for what you are referring to is special operations forces or SOF, which includes the Army Special Forces, Navy Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen (SWCC), U.S. Marine Special Operations Teams and SEAL platoons, as well as the Air Force special operations with its 6th SOS for building partnership aviation capacity, Combat Control Team and Pararescue personnel. However, we have a much broader range of capabilities, different from those I just mentioned above and beyond the traditional understanding people have of SOF from the movies. Just as important, if not more so, is that SOCSOUTH is on the leading edge of employing Civil Affairs, Information Operations, and intellectual capital from academia to solve complex irregular warfare problems. Our core culture is built around the commando and the bias for action that comes with that territory. But, it is important to mention that we count on Civil Affairs and Information Operations to compliment the hard power of direct action, or traditional commando raids, and the warriors and the officers, and the enlisted men and women at SOCOM have got to be those people that understand how to employ all those tools to solve complex problems. This is job number one in irregular warfare, with which we have a competitive advantage over traditional military forces and capabilities. DIÁLOGO: What kind of participation does SOCSOUTH have in Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief (HA/DR)? RDML Brown: After the earthquake in Haiti, special ops forces were among the first on the ground. Even though it’s not a primary special ops mission, and it’s not the thing that I have my forces looking at everyday, we can move very quickly to operate in small numbers in austere environments, particularly with our Information Operations and Civil Affairs forces to contribute significantly to HA/DR in the event of a crisis. DIÁLOGO: Is it a good solution to establish a transnational organization to deploy troops for Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief? RDML Brown: That is a good idea, and from how I’ve seen Gen. Fraser approach this problem, I think it’s consistent with his collaborative and team building approach to the region. It’s best to have a regional solution, a space where we can gather to figure out the best way to help out in a situation. By Dialogo October 26, 2011 Good Articlelast_img read more

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FUN Golf gets the families playing

first_img FUN Golf for all the family has got more than 120 people enjoying and playing the game at an Essex centre – and their numbers are set to grow in 2017.FUN Golf is a programme offered by the Golf Kingdom and supported by England Golf to get more people playing, particularly families.When it was launched last year almost 40 families took the opportunity to join a three-week course between June and October, taken by a PGA professional, and with the emphasis on fun. They used colourful clubs and tennis-style balls and the activities included hitting giant targets on a large inflatable.Ten new players have already gone on to play more golf by either taking an improvers’ course, a junior programme or by becoming a range user.Now, FUN Golf is being re-launched for 2017, together with a Golf Kingdom Family membership, which will be available from June, to encourage new golfers to keep on having fun and playing the game.“We’ve had great initial response to FUN Golf and we’re looking forward to attracting even more families in 2017 and creating a life-long habit,” said Scott Cranfield of the Golf Kingdom.“We’ve listened to feedback from families about the importance of being flexible when offering times and dates for courses and we’ll be taking this into account for this year’s programme.“Golf is the perfect game for families who want to have fun together and our new membership will give them unlimited use of the many activities at Golf Kingdom. As well as FUN Golf there’s the Moby Adventure Golf, Foot Golf, FUN Golf, the short game area, range and golf course.”England Golf has supported Golf Kingdom with this project as well as helping them understand their customers and potential customers. This information can be used to shape publicity for the campaign on social media and other promotional materials.This is part of England Golf’s wider work to attract more families into the game and Family Golf Month in July will highlight activities across the country which can be enjoyed by all.Claire Hodgson, England Golf Head of Participation, said: “All the generations can enjoy golf together and it doesn’t matter how young or old they are – or how well they play.“We’re working with clubs across the country to spread this message and Family Golf Month will be a great opportunity to get more people playing. Watch out for news of lots of Get into golf activities to appeal to families who are looking for a great way to spend time together.”Last year, England Golf and PING launched the PING Family Fourball which proved hugely successful. Entries for this year’s event open on 1 April and more information is available by clicking here.England Golf also has a Family Guidance booklet available to clubs, which is packed with advice and ideas for events. Click here to find out more. 24 Mar 2017 FUN Golf gets the families playing last_img read more

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Too late to turn back for KIJHL?

first_imgBy Bruce FuhrThe Nelson Daily SportsIt a decision the movers and shakers at Kootenay International Junior Hockey League headquarters said would not happen, move into a larger markets like Kamloops or Kelowna.But in 2006 Osoyoos was granted a move to Spoolmak Country and in the spring of 2010, there was the KIJHL announcing the Chase Chiefs were moving south to the red-hot hockey market of Kelowna for the 2010-11 campaign.Nine months later the mighty Chiefs are cruising along in second spot in the Okanagan Division of the Okanagan/Shuswap Conference.The team has made peace with the WHL Rockets — who held the junior hockey rights in the Central Okanagan City — and have quietly made an impact during season one.“That was the rumour mill at its finest,” Ken Andrusiak, head coach of the Chiefs told The Nelson Daily prior to last week’s game against Nelson at the NDCC Arena. “We started the process of getting a franchise in Kelowna about a year ago and have always had the Rockets on side.”“We had to get the City, we had to get the rink and we had to get KIJHL on side, so we had bigger fish to fry than the Rockets,” Andrusiak added. “So we never had a problem with them one way or another.”Fact is the Rockets are glad to have the Chiefs in town. The junior B league allows the WHL power to groom its two 16-year-olds in preparation for a spot on the Tier I squad.As for the rest of the roster, Andrusiak had more than enough players to choose from.“In the first year at least half of our team came with the team,” Andrusiak explained. “We had to take some of the players from the Chase franchise and mix them in with local players from Kelowna.”“As for the future, there is an abundance of local players . . . we have six right now on our team,” he added.That number should grow next year and the season after. However, the Chiefs gain is a loss for many of the other teams in the league.Nelson, for one, has used Kelowna players to fill out the majority of its roster for the past few seasons. Stats show more than 40 players in the KIJHL originate from Kelowna Minor Hockey.“We’re not going to be able to recruit all of those players, but I believe with our franchise now in Kelowna, we’ll put a major dent in that number, for sure,” said Andrusiak, who has two former Nelson Leafs on the roster, son Landon and winger Dane Rupert.Both younger Andrusiak and Rupert are happy to be able to play before the 300-400 plus family and friends that attend games at the Rutland Arena.”I really like playing at home, so for me it was the right move,” Rupert said.”It’s a good feeling to play at home . . . now I’m going to university and to play in front of family and friends is definitely pretty special,”  said Landon Andrusiak.The Chiefs also bolsters the Okanagan invasion in the KIJHL.The league has gone from a few teams to two divisions of four. That number grows when Chase is welcomed back to the league following a one-year hiatus.Which begs the question, will there be two junior B leagues in the B.C. Interior in the not too distant future?“I hope not, but reading between the lines I think that’s where (KIJHL) is going,” Andrusiak confessed. “You’d lose the characteristics of this league if (Kootenay and Okanagan teams) only played each other in the playoffs.But economically that’s the push coming from out end of the league,” added Andrusiak, hoping the KI never loses its identity and ability for smaller communities to ice teams that can compete.“It’s very expensive to bring a team over here for two of three games and the dollar is probably going to win out in that argument.”Which makes you wonder why the KIJHL ever expanded into the big markets after all.Only time will tell.NOTES: The Kelowna Rockets have made a history of finding players in the KIJHL. Those players who have made their mark with WHL franchise, but started in the KI, include Chuck Kobasew (Osoyoos 1998-99), Shea Webber (Sicamous 2001-02), Clayton Bauer (Sicamous 2003-03), Justin Keller (Summerland 2002-03) and James McEwan (Castlegar 2003-04)[email protected]last_img read more

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Leafs turn another page after Chris Shaw jumps to BCHL

first_imgPrior to Shaw the Leafs were skippered by former professional hockey player Simon Wheeldon for five seasons. Wheeldon took the Leafs to the KIJHL title in 2009.Stocks said Shaw is not leaving immediately and will fulfill his duties with the upcoming Leaf summer hockey school later this month.The camp, set for July 25-29 at the NDCC Arena, regular and elite players between the ages of eight to 14.The camp includes have 2.5 hours of ice time and 1.5 hours of dryland training under the guidance of Shaw and Leaf players.Anyone interested should register on the Nelson Leafs website at http://www.nelsonleafs.ca/The Nelson Daily sports department put in a call to the cell phone of Chris Shaw but did not receive any [email protected] By Bruce FuhrThe Nelson Daily SportsThere will be a new captain at the helm of the Good Ship Nelson Leaf after head coach and general manager Chris Shaw accepted a position with the Vernon Vipers of the B.C. Hockey League Tuesday.The Vipers announced on their website Tuesday Shaw is joining the three-time defending Fred Page Champions as an assistant to head coach Jim Williamson.“From our prospective, it’s never nice to lose a coach, or a player for that matter, but at the same time we’re a developmental (team) and is wouldn’t be fair to stand in the way of a coaches future,” Leaf president Russell Stocks told The Nelson Daily Wednesday.Stocks said the Vipers contacted the Kootenay International Junior Hockey League franchise inquiring about the status of Shaw in late June.Tuesday night the now former coach and GM of the Leafs broke the news to the team president.“Chris told me he hated to leave Nelson because he was really excited about building a contender in Nelson,” Stocks explained. “But when the top team in the BCHL comes calling the decision to leave is a no brainer.”Shaw, who spent one season in the Heritage City, came to the Leafs from the Okanagan Hockey Association.He had previous coaching experience with the Alberni Valley Bulldogs of the BCHL and the KIJHL’s Penticton Lakers.In his first full season in Nelson the 30-year-old White Rock native guided the Leafs to a third-place finish in the Murdoch Division of the KIJHL, finishing the regular season with a 25-20-0-3 record.Nelson lost out to Beaver Valley in the first round of the playoffs, but pushed the Nitehawks to seven games.However, it took Shaw a little time to get accustomed to the rigors of the head coaching position as the Leafs struggled out of the gate going winless in four games to start the season and were never able to compete against the heavyweights in the Murdoch Division — Castlegar Rebels and Beaver Valley Nitehawks.Surprisingly news of Shaw’s departure spread like wildfire through the hockey circles as Stocks has fielded numerous calls from potential candidates interested in the Nelson vacancy.“I’ve had a former coach in the BCHL call along with a couple of people who have previously coached in the KIJHL and two people from the Kootenay area,” Stocks confessed. “We’re quite confident we’ll have some one in place in the next week or two,” Stocks added.last_img read more

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first_imgJockeyMts1st2nd3rdWin%ITM%Money Won HALL OF FAME JOCKEYS TO SIGN ONE-OF-A-KIND POSTER JULY 10 On Sunday, July 10, closing day of the Spring Meet, Hall of Fame jockeys Gary Stevens and Mike Smith will be available from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. to sign one-of-a-kind posters featuring three-time champion mare Beholder and the undefeated filly Songbird, arguably the two best (dirt) females in the country.Signings will take place in the shaded saddling enclosure. Families are invited to bring the kids, as Santa Anita mascots, Winnie and Lucky, will be on-hand to greet fans and offer Beholder’s favorite treat, peppermints!FINISH LINES: Kentucky Derby winner Nyquist, who galloped a mile and a half today, is scheduled to work five furlongs Monday, Doug O’Neill assistant Leandro Mora reported Friday, while Richard Mandella has three-time champion Beholder set to work Sunday or Monday . . . Kent Desormeaux rides at Belmont Park Monday, Swipe in the Dwyer and Decked Out in the Belmont Oaks Invitational, both horses trained by brother Keith . . . Today through Sunday, July 3, the largest Asian-themed night market in the United States takes place at Santa Anita in the form of 626 Night Market. The growing entertainment tradition features merchandise vendors, games, food, music, and more. For more information, visit santaanita.com/events or www.626nightmarket.com. Martin Garcia771261316%40%$646,734 Bob Baffert47129626%57%$719,003 Edwin Maldonado13623221517%44%$939,766 Richard Baltas53991117%55%$398,430 SANTA ANITA STATISTICS The contest cards will be used to draw the winners, who will be announced throughout the day from the Winner’s Circle.One lucky fan will become the final contestant entered into the drawing for the 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC presented by Rusnak/Arcadia. All 10 qualifiers will be on-track and will be assigned to a specific horse in a designated race on Monday. The contestants will watch their race from the Winner’s Circle and the winning horse will determine the winner of the Mercedes-Benz GLC.Betting vouchers worth $500 will be given away, as will four 2016 Autumn Meet “VIP Day at the Races” packages.Two Breeders’ Cup Reserved Seating Packages, including a Four-Pack for Friday, Nov. 4, and a Four-Pack for Breeders’ Cup Classic Day, Saturday, Nov. 5, will be given away.VISIT http://www.santaanita.com/events-and-tickets/ FOR CONTEST RULES PLUS ALL ADDITIONAL INFORMATION REGARDING GIVEAWAYS AND VIP PACKAGES. Robertino Diodoro1967132%74%$280,910 Philip D’Amato882317726%53%$1,488,318 CASSIDY SEEKS AFFIRMED UPSET WITH PRINCE OF ARABIAJim Cassidy, who quietly pulled a $29.60 shocker when he sent out Shh She’s Ours to win Sunday’s Grade II Desert Stormer II Stakes over 1-2 favorite Sensitively, hopes to register another upset with Prince of Arabia in Saturday’s Grade III Affirmed Stakes for three-year-olds at 1 1/16 miles.It will mark only the second stakes start for the son of Mineshaft, who was ninth after a slow start last out in the grassy Rainbow Stakes June 18.“He’s a decent horse,” Cassidy said. “He’s just been a little unlucky. Last time he broke slowly, but he’s coming up to this race well.”The field for the Affirmed, named for the 1978 Triple Crown winner: Curlin Rules, Victor Espinoza, 5-1; Dalmore, Kent Desormeaux, 4-1; Beaumarchais, Joe Talamo, 20-1; Prince of Arabia, Santiago Gonzalez, 6-1; and Danzing Candy, Rafael Bejarano, 2-5. Mike Puype50105520%40%$325,450 James Cassidy4374516%37%$415,500 (Current Through Thursday, June 30) Rafael Bejarano16240322925%62%$2,240,405 Tiago Pereira94715157%39%$393,517 Stewart Elliott898879%26%$365,875 Santiago Gonzalez15918232511%42%$958,145 Mike Smith38127132%53%$881,237 Chad Lindsay60971015%43%$201,750 Richard Mandella3585623%54%$686,052 Martin Pedroza741081214%41%$348,010 Fernando Perez881110813%33%$425,493 Mario Gutierrez6661439%35%$531,430 TrainerSts1st2nd3rdWin%ITM%Money Won FANS CAN WIN MERCEDES-BENZ AND MORE ON DOLLAR DAY, JULY 4Monday, July 4, is Fan Appreciation Day at Santa Anita. Fans can enter to win a chance at a 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC, presented by Rusnak/Arcadia, reserved seating for the 2016 Breeders’ Cup World Championships at Santa Anita Nov. 4 and 5, VIP packages good for the track’s Autumn Meet which begins Sept. 30, and $500 betting vouchers.Veterans and active duty military will receive free General Admission Monday at Santa Anita as well. Monday also is also Dollar Day, with one dollar beers, sodas and hot dogs available throughout the day.Following are details on Santa Anita’s Fan Appreciation Day offerings: Each fan (with paid admission) will receive a contest entry card as they enter Santa Anita. The card, once completed, can be placed in a number of designated contest locations or bins throughout the facility. All entries must be submitted by 3 p.m. Joseph Talamo12524171719%46%$1,402,788 Brayan Pena6165810%31%$152,235 Flavien Prat12634191727%56%$1,670,732 Peter Eurton4185520%44%$480,375 John Sadler59951215%44%$724,773 Doug O’Neill88818189%50%$626,106 HOFMANS EYES PACIFIC CLASSIC FOR MELATONIN            Melatonin, who has performed well when his races are well-spaced, likely will make his next start in Del Mar’s $1 million TVG Pacific Classic at a mile and a quarter on Aug. 20, David Hofmans said Friday.“We’ll see; we’ll take it as it comes,” said Hofmans, who trains the winner of the Santa Anita Handicap and the Gold Cup at Santa Anita for Susan Osborne’s Tarabilla Farms. “We’re probably going to end up running in the Pacific Classic, I would think.”Hofmans had mentioned last Sunday that the Awesome Again Stakes at Santa Anita on Oct. 1 could be the next race for Melatonin, but noted Friday that “three months between starts is a little difficult to do. The San Diego (Handicap at 1 1/16 miles on July 23) is too soon and too short, so the Pacific Classic is probably the way we’re going to go.” Tyler Baze17228332816%52%$1,410,354 Peter Miller551013718%55%$475,660 Jerry Hollendorfer691471320%49%$962,143 WRONA TO MARRY FOLLOWING SPRING MEETIn a column by Art Wilson in today’s Los Angeles Newspaper Group daily publications, Santa Anita announcer Michael Wrona revealed that he’ll be getting married in Lake Tahoe one week after the current Spring Meet concludes on July 10.And, with the relocation process to Southern California fully underway, the 50-year-old native Australian is well aware of the large footsteps he’s following, cast over parts of nine decades by legendary announcers such as Hernandez, Johnson and Denman.“I’m well aware of how few people have occupied this booth,” he told Wilson yesterday. “This place is renowned for not being a turnstile, or a revolving door, of announcers. So there’s a legacy that I hope that I can uphold. That weighs on my mind.” . . . I hope I can have a good, long run and contribute to the legacy for as long as I can keep calling at the appropriate level, the top level.” Brandon Boulanger4661413%24%$135,485 FOREST CHATTER SET FOR MAIN TRACK MONDAY            Rather than stand around and watch the grass grow, Team Mandella will run downhill turf course specialist Forest Chatter on dirt in the $100,000 Thor’s Echo Handicap, one of two stakes races in the Golden State Series on Monday’s Independence Day holiday program.In 13 career starts, 11 have been on grass for Forest Chatter, a gelded son of Dixie Chatter trained by Richard Mandella for Pam and Martin Wygod. Forest Chatter was unbeaten in five races on Santa Anita’s unique downhill course at about 6 ½ furlongs until finishing second under regular rider Mike Smith in the Lennyfromalibu on May 28.He was second in the seven furlong Cary Grant on Del Mar’s main track last November and unplaced in his lone start on synthetic.“He’ll run on dirt and he’s doing well right now,” said Smith, alluding to two recent bullet works on Santa Anita’s main track. “He got away slow last time, too (from the No. 1 post position), so with a better break he’s certainly going to run a lot better.” Patrick Gallagher2872225%39%$261,390 Mark Glatt6611151017%55%$417,666 ‘GIANT KILLER’ CASSIDY EYES AN UPSET IN AFFIRMED FOREST CHATTER ON DIRT IN MONDAY’S THOR’S ECHOBIG ‘CAP ACE MELATONIN LIKELY FOR PACIFIC CLASSICNEW TURF COURSE INSTALLED FOR AUTUMN CAMPAIGNWRONA SET TO TIE THE KNOT FOLLOWING SPRING MEETBIG BANG FOR YOUR BUCK ON MONDAY AT SANTA ANITAKENTUCKY DERBY WINNER NYQUIST TO WORK ON JULY 4 Kent Desormeaux5198318%39%$350,995 NEW TURF COURSE IN FOR SANTA ANITA’S AUTUMN MEETWith precision like timing and teamwork, Santa Anita Park has completed installation of its all-new Bermuda turf course, which will be ready for use with the onset of the track’s 2016 Autumn Meet on Sept. 30.Including the Camino Real hillside component, Santa Anita’s unique turf course encompasses approximately nine acres of surface area, which has now been amended and covered. The Bandera Bermuda turf mixture was grown in La Quinta, California, approximately 120 miles to the east, near Palm Springs.“This has been a major undertaking and we’re very pleased with how the entire project has progressed,” said Joe Morris, Senior Vice President, West Coast Operations for The Stronach Group. “The hillside portion of the course was completed about three weeks ago and the oval was finished late Wednesday. This particular turf has proven very resilient in our immediate area and right now, with the warm temperatures we’ve been experiencing, conditions are optimal for fast growth.“The hillside has already begun to root, so that’s great news. About 40 percent of our races are run on grass, so this project is obviously a huge priority for us, our customers and horsemen.“We’ve been told that we’d be able to run on it in 45 days, but with the installation completed on time, we’ll have 90 days before we have horses competing on it. We’re excited about opening day on Sept. 30 and we’re looking forward to welcoming the best horses in the world here for the Breeders’ Cup in November (4 and 5).”Santa Anita’s current 40-day Spring Meet, which began May 5, will conclude a week from Sunday, July 10. -30-last_img read more



first_imgARCADIA, Calif. (Feb. 24, 2017)–With the inner rail set at 30 feet, Place des Vosges took command a quarter mile from home en route to a one length win under Corey Nakatani in Friday’s $56,000 allowance feature at Santa Anita.  Based in the Midwest throughout 2016, she made her third start for trainer Richard Baltas and got a mile and a quarter over a firm turf in 2:00.65.Off at 7-2 in a field of nine older fillies and mares, Place des Vosges, who was adding blinkers after two races without them, paid $9.80, $4.60 and $4.00.“It took a while getting here, but she ran good today,” said Nakatani, who has been aboard the 5-year-old Pleasantly Perfect mare in all three of her Southern California starts.  “We took blinkers off, we put ’em on, we tried the mud one time, but Richard and his team have done a great job getting her to this point.  I just decided to be patient and let her tell me when and it worked out.”Owned by Abbondanza Racing, LLC, Place des Vosges, who sat a close second throughout behind Sweet Dragon Fly into the far turn, improved her overall mark to 22-3-6-3.  With the winner’s share of $33,600, she increased her earnings to $172,464.Ridden by Brice Blanc, English-bred Radiantly was far back early and rallied resolutely through the drive to finish second, a half-length in front of Sweet Dragon Fly.  Off at 5-1, Radiantly paid $6.60 and $4.60.Off at 23-1 with Joe Talamo, English-bred Sweet Dragon Fly just held third by a nose over Lucy De and paid $9.80 to show.Ridden by Kent Desormeaux, 6-5 favorite Lady Pamela loomed menacingly around the far turn but faltered badly the final three sixteenths to finish seventh.Fractions on the race were 23.75, 48.51, 1:12.84 and 1:36.79.last_img read more


QPR and Warren Farm: Just one facet of recovery

first_imgWith the recent announcement that the construction of Warren Farm training ground will commence this summer, everyone with any sort of spiritual attachment to QPR is once more daring to dream of better times.The reported estimated cost of £30m for the Warren Farm training site is a real statement of intent from QPR if accurate. With the club also set to meet expense itself, such a heavy investment is a clear sign that the club desires to be the next champion of youth talent. Naturally though, the short-term agenda is to use the new training ground to attract new players, of the calibre required to get QPR back amongst the elite.Breaking new groundHaving a state-of-the-art training ground is one ‘pull factor’ for potential new players, but many would argue that getting the right permanent manager is perhaps the most important flashpoint of QPR’s immediate future. As with any rumours, current links between Tim Sherwood and QPR have been met with a mixed reaction, especially in light of Sherwood’s failure to show Tottenham the way forward, and his inability to save Aston Villa during the club’s horrific calendar year of 2015.While Sherwood’s potential appointment will always be a divisive topic, he knows exactly how it is to be part of a new project that could be just one match away from completely unravelling. His participation in Blackburn’s famous title-winning season of 1994/95 is the obvious highlight in that regard, and if he can bring Kenny Dalglish’s managerial values to Loftus Road in the event of his appointment, then that can only be a positive ahead of 2019/20.Embed from Getty ImagesSherwood’s existing links to a Tottenham side rich in youth talent could also be an extremely helpful element moving forward. Yet, while there are clear signs that the powers at QPR have a very real ‘battle plan’ in the short-term, few could blame any QPR supporter for feeling some degree of doubt.Why so pessimistic?False dawns have become synonymous with QPR over the past three decades. Under Gerry Francis, the Rs were the top London club in the very first Premier League season of 1992/93, and through the prowess of Les Ferdinand, QPR established themselves as a respected force. Sadly, for the West Londoners, that was not to last, and a period of short-term decline – particularly following Ferdinand’s departure to Newcastle – yielded relegation in 1996.There would follow fifteen frustrating years in the wilderness, with a further relegation in 2001 representing a new nadir. Though QPR were able to return to the big-time in 2011, any optimism was quickly withdrawn by the quality of the Premier League, as the promised effects of Tony Fernandes’ ownership failed to truly materialise.Survival in 2012 was rendered meaningless by a disgraceful 2012/13 season. The Rs went down with a pitiful tally, and though a very lucky promotion via the play–offs followed instantly after, another relegation with Harry Redknapp at the helm showed that precisely nothing had changed.QPR in dire need of directionFollowing the relegation of 2015, the mere expectation of yo-yo league jumps was annoyance enough, but recent years have seen the club’s fortunes take an altogether more discouraging turn. The reasons for the club’s second-tier decline are plentiful, but for all the good a new training ground could do, it is leadership that undoubtedly remains the burning issue right now.Ian Holloway’s infectious personality and terrace hero status could not work a second time, and Steve McLaren’s tenure as manager will be forever remembered as a lost time that could have culminated in disaster. Caretaker manager John Eustace has yet to truly make the impact he desires, but a back-to-basics approach has worked in part.That said, there remains plenty of concern about QPR’s overall form, and current sports spread betting news suggests that the West London side remain in danger of the drop, if only by mere dint of mathematics.Perhaps most notably, only the clubs that went into the Good Friday fixtures occupying the relegation places had conceded more goals than QPR’s tally of 65. The unreliable defence could yet see QPR drop into the second tier, but QPR’s home form may be enough, even though Friday’s defeat to Blackburn made it ten home defeats to offset nine victories down in Shepherd’s Bush.With a new ground and a high-profile manager reportedly in the sights of the board, the foundation is there to make QPR’s next top-flight campaign the one that brings glorious memories. Though recollections of Ferdinand, Impey, Wilkins and Classic FM sponsorship become more distant with each passing year, the promise of progressive change in multiple areas of QPR’s operation provides an injection of fresh hope amongst the long-suffering Loftus Road faithful.For if QPR – or any other club – cannot have hope, then existence is futile. Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebookby Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksRecommended for youAspireAbove.comRemember Pauley Perrette? 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Neitsi 100% Kanekalon Fiber 14″ : Good quality for a good price

first_imgSuperior high quality and straightforward to minimize and style to how i want it ?.A minor brighter than i experienced predicted but overall possibly value the cash paid out.Neitsi 100% Kanekalon Fiber 14″(35cm) 160g/pc Women’s Girl’s Cosplay Short Synthetic BOB Hair Wigs Full Hair Extensions Wigs (Black#)Length: 14inch (35cm), Weight: 160g/pc, Color: 30 Colors AvailableMaterial: 100% Kanekalon Fiber Temperature Heat Resistant Synthetic Hair WigsFeature: Adjustable and Breathable Rose Net, Which can Fit Different Head SizeWash: Easy to Wash and Care Just Using a Little Mild Shampoo in Cold WaterCan be Restyle, Try Different Hair Styles, Trying a Happy MoodThe sense of this wig is beautiful, it is easy to put on and greater quality than your regular ‘party’ wig.Fits wellbut does not go with my furry legs.The wig is gorgeous and matches surprisingly effectively (even for another person with a huge head like mine).Neitsi 100% Kanekalon Fiber 14″(35cm) 160g/pc Women’s Girl’s Cosplay Short Synthetic BOB Hair Wigs Full Hair Extensions Wigs (Black#) : Looks great, arrived quickly. Quick delivery and very happy with the product. Looks like the picture (the fringe is a little longer than expected but that can be trimmed) and the colour is great. Even game with an underwig hair net. Good quality and tremendous rapid shipping and delivery. I have hardly ever worn a wig prior to so failed to really know what to assume and was a minor apprehensive, but i’m pretty glad to have made this obtain. The high-quality of the wig is extremely excellent and i was complemented by so numerous people on the night time.Best for a extravagant costume social gathering. Snug to use and it could be styled applying a very low heat location.Pretty good excellent wig, almost similar as authentic hair. I generally have all forms of wigs, this 1 is a great just one.Great definitely pleased at final a wig that matches picture. Superb excellent would hugely recommend.Both of those me and my mom brought one particular every. I advise it, the texture is of significant excellent.Delighted to locate that the high quality of this wig is a great deal much better than anticipated for this cost vary. It will come with a helpful elasticated net cap to maintain your possess hair contained, and the wig then sits incredibly conveniently and easily on the leading. It also comes in a hairnet within a resealable bag – so effortless therefore to put the hairnet more than it before using the wig off, so that it doesn’t get all tangled up. Even though sporting the wig it is even attainable to brush the ‘hair’ if it receives untidy – i wore mine for a nineteen sixties meal occasion and it acquired plenty of favourable comments – just the career. I wouldn’t hesitate to get a further wig from this supplier – completely initial class.Terrific top quality wig for a excellent price. I dressed up for a chicago musical concept and had a lot of wonderful remarks on how remarkable the wig appeared. A good heavy bodyweight and came properly packaged.Really like this i have two in various colors fab hair. Appreciate this i have two in different colors fab hair fast assistance and u can use heat up to 160 degree. The internet under the hair is tender and extremely well made ten stars 🙂 thank u.Fantastic for executing the ‘race for life’. Pretty very good shipping , arrived nicely packaged. Excellent high quality and thick , can not see my have hair by way of it and very handy havingthe scull cap to set on very first , it holds the wig securely devoid of the will need for clips.Magnificent wig, purchased for wear a wig wednesday in get the job done, so lots of opinions about how authentic the wig looked and how it moved around like it was my real hair. I was one particular of the few who stored their wig on all day as it was so. I have very long hair and it all managed to stay in the wig cap easily with the wig on top.Bought for a halloween social gathering, really fantastic high-quality for the value (and arrives with a wig cap as a bonus, so you will not need to purchase a person aswell). Appears to be like quite practical also, not inexpensive and pretend like most wigs of this price tag array.Wonderful products, excelent worth for funds. Hair falls wonderfully and is lovely and soft.Utilised it to guard my hair and for enjoyment in the course of the 5k colourmerad.Incredibly well known with other celebration goers, primarily the males.Excellent top quality for a superior value. And it also comes with a internet cap for free. I would unquestionably advocate this.Wonderful price tag and outstanding excellent. Brief shipping, good selling price and exceptional top quality. Much superior high-quality than any novelty wigs i’ve found.last_img read more

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