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Packer criticises Australian tourism

first_imgImage: Tony Ashby Source = ETB News: P.T. “We risk in Australia sometimes falling into the trap of not being realistic about what’s happening in the world,” Mr Packer said during an interview with Macquarie radio this week. “If you look at the biggest tourism success stories in the world they’re man-made attractions.” Australian business mogul and entrepreneur James Packer claims “Australian tourism has underperformed dramatically” and international tourists are yearning for man-made attractions.center_img Following the NSW Government’s endorsement of the corporate magnate’s AU$1.5 billion Barangaroo casino development in Sydney, Mr Packer highlighted the need for manufactured magnetisms. Mr Packer believes the rise of China and the beginning of the Asian Century is upon us and Australia stands to benefit immensely in terms of tourism development and commercial opportunities. “When these people come they will spend money in Sydney and New South Wales and that will create taxes, that will create jobs, that will create on-spend and I think there will be a big economic benefit for everyone,” Mr Packer said.last_img read more

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Rep Schroeder joins coalition urging USDA to extend protections for Michigans farmers

first_img22Jun Rep. Schroeder joins coalition urging USDA to extend protections for Michigan’s farmers Amid one of the worst growing seasons on record for Michigan’s farmers, State Rep. Andrea Schroeder joined a coalition of 63 lawmakers who urged the U.S. Department of Agriculture to modify rules that would prevent farmers from continuing to plant late in the growing season.“Our farmers are grappling with the wettest 12-month period on record in the continental U.S.—this instability not only hurts our rural communities, but also will impact food prices for consumers,” said Schroeder, of Independence Township. “With increased flexibility, we can mitigate the impact this record-setting weather has on our agricultural economy.”According to the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, agriculture is Michigan’s second-largest economic sector, contributing roughly $104.7 billion in economic activity.In response to protecting this industry, the coalition of lawmakers felt compelled to send this letter of support to U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue. The USDA announced Thursday it would permit farmers to use their unplanted land for livestock grazing, hay, or silage starting September 1 and still maintain eligibility for crop insurance.“We encourage you to help ensure this planting season is not a total loss by providing increased flexibility under Federal Crop Insurance rules for utilizing forage and cover crops, including corn silage, on prevented plant acres,” the letter reads. “Time is of the essence in enacting these changes. . . waiting much longer will remove the option for farmers to plant at all because the seed will no longer be available.”This increased flexibility allows farmers to plant on land normally prohibited by federal crop insurance rules, allowing for more crops to get to market and be raised for feed for a farmer’s livestock.As of June 12, Michigan farmers had only planted 63 percent of planned corn seeds and 43 percent of soybean seeds, according to the Michigan Farm Bureau. From May 2018 to May 2019, this year has been the 12-month period wettest on record, preventing many farmers from planting before the June deadlines elapsed. The deadline for full coverage of crop insurance was June 5 for corn and June 15 for soybeans.Full text of the letter and its signatories can be found here. Categories: Schroeder Newslast_img read more

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Perici Calascione stirs a hornets nest

first_img Screen shots of reactions to Perici Calascione’s Facebook posts Screen shots of reactions to Perici Calascione’s Facebook posts Former leadership candidate Alex Perici Calascione’s post on Facebook which some perceived to be a salvo for a leadership race raised what can only be described as a hornet’s nest. While several replies to the post praised Perici Calascione’s stand, others considered this as backstabbing. Meanwhile, former Delia stalwarts were observed ‘making their peace’ with those perceived as anti-Delia. The concern, as referred by various MPs has been ‘huge’ , ‘vociferous’ and ‘unprecedented’ with people clamouring for ‘something to be done’. Meanwhile, different sources have reported that phone calls are being made to those who hold votes in the PN General Council to test the waters and see what support PN Leader Adrian Delia may be able to rely upon should the question of his continued leadership come up for a vote.Read Also: Lest nagħti sehmi fejn ikun hemm bżonn – Perici Calascione Alex Perici Calascione jniedi l-proposti               Ittra anonima kontra Perici Calascione: Jitlob li jidher quddiem il-Kumitat tal-Etika              Filmat: “Il-midja diversifikata tal-PN hi importanti” – Perici CalascioneFollowing the results of the MEP elections, a number of PN stalwarts have approached Newsbook.com.mt expressing their appreciation at what they described as the ‘gentlemanly’ and ‘timely’ post on Facebook by former leadership candidate Alex Perici Calascione.  All comments were made on the strict requirement of anonymity, some adding that signing a name to the comments would be political hara-kiri.Read Also: Delia should Resign – Lawrence ZammitFighting it out on FacebookIn his Facebook post, Perici Calascione expressed his availability to serve his party in any way that was deemed fit. Many took this as a signal that a leadership race in the PN may be in the offing. A few minutes after the post, Perici Calascione  was on Newsbook.com.mt and he refused to be drawn out beyond what he had stated in the post. His message however was starkly analytical in that it acknowledged that the PN message may not be getting through, and even, that the party needs to build credentials to be an alternative government. Meanwhile, reactions were pouring in on Facebook. Mainly calling for a general clean-up in PN leadership positions, the comments were posted by grassroot Delia loyalists as well as Delia opponents. Deserting a sinking ship?Vincent Borg aka Censu l-Iswed celebrating with Adrian DeliaEnter Vincent Borg aka Censu l-Iswed, into the conversations. A known Delia supporter, Borg’s reputation seems to be questionable. When Delia had been running for the leadership, Borg had used, what his detractors called ‘his menacing presence’ to influence the vote for Delia, an allegation Borg had gone to pains to deny on Facebook. During the MEP and Local Council election trail, Censu l-Iswed was observed in what was described as ‘an evident attempt to make peace’ with people like Roberta Metsola, a woman with whom he was previously known to be at variance with. Indeed, Borg had previously gone so far as to call 11 MPs as ‘cyber babies’. “Now, out of the blue, he wants to build bridges. It brings to mind rats deserting a sinking ship” remarked an activist who had been present at overtures made to MPs where Borg apologised for past behaviour. This is but one example mentioned by sources who said that there were ‘a good number’ of persons, formerly staunchly pro-Delia who were turning their coats.WhatsApp Screen shots of reactions to Perici Calascione’s Facebook posts Perici Calascione’s comments seem to have stirred up something of a hornet’s nest. In various conversations held in the wake of the post and the comments on Newsbook.com.mt, party stalwarts have come forward describing a situation in the PN that can only be described as nightmarish. Anger was the word that kept cropping up, anger at various quarters, anger bearing many faces.Looking back in angerSome MPs described the great pains they went to, to persuade people to actually go out and vote. “This was translated into a vote strictly for Metsola and Casa, and now they are livid that the party is so obviously unfit for purpose” said one MP.PN Vote and first count share obtained by Metsola and CasaAnother activist said that the voting base was not reticent on pointing direct fingers. “Kristy Debono[PN MP and President of the PN General Council] came in for heavy fire after the Tumas debacle and Puli [Secretary General of the PN] for saying that the gap was ‘not too bad’ and that ‘fine tuning’ was all that was needed. Jean Pierre Debono [Asst Sec. General PN and the man who ceded his parliamentary seat so that Delia could be co-opted into parliament] is being held to task for not being in touch with the grassroots and for marginalising several MPs. Herman Schiavone [PN MP] too came in for a lot of flak as he was perceived to be ‘an injudicious lackey’. The list was pretty specific” said one activist. The main complaint was that the party was perceived as having failed to fix itself in spite of the lofty talk. Those who spoke to Newsbook.com.mt said that the female voters were the most passionate and vocal in their anger. “In the ninth district, there is an uprising against Kristy Debono with people calling me saying ‘tell her not to bother knocking on our doors”. Contacted, Schiavone said that he had nothing further to add to what he described as his ‘academic’ tweet made early Sunday morning and that several people had some soul searching to do. SharePrintcenter_img Open Letter by former PN candidate Herman Farrugia Post by Herman Schiavone Screen shots of reactions to Perici Calascione’s Facebook posts Schiavone also published this Facebook post, possibly in reply to that published by former PN candidate Herman Farrugia. <a href=’http://revive.newsbook.com.mt/www/delivery/ck.php?n=ab2c8853&amp;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’https://revive.newsbook.com.mt/www/delivery/avw.php?zoneid=97&amp;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a>last_img read more

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