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Why fewer kids work the kind of summer jobs that their…

first_img You have entered an incorrect email address! Please enter your email address here By Elliot Lasson, Professor of the Practice and Graduate Program Director, University of Maryland, Baltimore County and first published on theconversation.com.Back in the day, most teens had some sort of job lined up for the summer. For some, it was an extension of an after-school job they held during the year. For others, it was a seasonal type of job such as working at a drugstore or as a lifeguard in a pool.Recently, however, that seems to be no longer the case.While the presence of teenagers in the summer workforce in July 1978 was at 72 percent, the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Current Population Survey reported a July 2016 teen labor force participation rate of 43 percent. A recent report by the Pew Research Center analyzed the average summer employment rate for 16- to 19-year-olds in June, July and August 2017 and found that only 35 percent of teens have a summer job.So, what has happened? Speaking as a scholar who studies generational workforce changes, I can say that there isn’t just one answer but several.Are today’s teens lazier?A 2017 Bureau of Labor Statistics white paper provides some reasons that might account for the downward trend in teen employment, including increased summer school attendance, increased parental emphasis on education and competition from other demographic sectors.One common stereotype is that teens have become lazier. In addition, it’s a ubiquitous observation that teens are tethered to technology and have higher obesity rates than in the past. Both of those contribute to the stereotype. However, 2016 data on “NEETs,” young people who are “Neither in Education, Employment, or Training,” put their number at just 7 percent. The relatively stable and low NEET percentage runs contrary to the idea that today’s teens are lazier.The role of the gig economyOne explanation is that it’s difficult to track employment in today’s gig economy. For example, a teenager may be working building a website for her aunt’s small business and managing the Instagram account for 10 hours a week. Yet, she will fly below the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ radar and is not likely to be counted as employed.A second explanation may be a function of changes in the national economy and workforce. For example, there is the “Amazon effect.” While in the past, jobs selling T-shirts at the mall or boardwalk were quite common, more people are buying their “stuff” online. As a result, retailers and small shops can likely get by with their existing workforce. So, those jobs are not in abundant supply.Furthermore, Christopher L. Smith of the Federal Reserve has conducted research that found lesser-educated immigrants are taking on jobs that were traditionally teen-occupied summer jobs. Interestingly, there is also competition from older workers who either remain in the workforce longer or are willing to take “bridge” jobs. In 2015, the percentage of participation in the labor force for those 55 and older was 39 percent, compared to 34 percent for those ages 16 to 19.In some cases, more young people have been interested in nonpaying educational, experiential or social justice programs. Additionally, there is an ongoing interest in “camps” that combine a focus on certain skills like coding and writing with some physical activity.Higher education questsOther high schoolers may be taking summer courses to better position themselves for college. This is likely more of a factor in the middle- to upper-class families for whom a college-bound trajectory is more automatic, yet is perceived as highly competitive by helicopter parents who are often hyper-involved in facilitating the college goal in high school and as far back as daycare.In addition, there are now clearinghouses for travel opportunities and social justice missions which have become more popular among not only college students but also high schoolers. Having one or more of these on a college application is deemed by teens and parents to possibly be the necessary edge to get into an elite college. In fact, according to Andy Challenger, vice president of Challenger, Gray, and Christmas, a national firm that follows workplace trends, parents are not exactly pushing their kids out the door. “Their parents aren’t forcing them to get a job,” Challenger said. “Parents are saying there are other things you can do over the summer that will create value for you – and you don’t have to go flip burgers.”Finally, there are problems regarding how employers view young workers in general. According to a survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 89.4 percent of recent graduates rated themselves as proficient in their work ethic and professionalism. Yet, only 42.5 percent of employers shared that view. Please enter your comment! 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‘Cisgender’ added to the Oxford English Dictionary

first_img“Cisgender” is one of 500 new entries that have recently been added to the Oxford English Dictionary. It is defined as, “designating someone whose sense of personal identity corresponds to the sex and gender assigned to him or her at birth”.The inclusion of the word has been seen by some as reflecting an increased public awareness of the issues of gender, and a growing understanding of the trans community.Oxford undergraduate George Haggett, a trans man, told Cherwell that the inclusion of this word “represents a step away from harmful cisnormative ideals. The increasingly widespread use of the word “cisgender” is an acknowledgement that Trans people are not exceptions to the norm, but navigating gender in an equally legitimate way.”Professor Charlotte Brewer, senior tutor and fellow in English at Hertford College and expert in the Oxford English Dictionary, commented that “words have to be clearly well established in the language, not fly-by-nights” to be included in the OED.“When they think a word has got over the bar and is becoming established in the language, they will release an entry which shows the earliest usage they can find, with representative examples evidencing how usage has subsequently changed and developed.”When asked how the inclusion of words such as “cisgender” and “twerk” reflects society, Brewer responded, “It is certainly the case that, reflecting society more widely, the OED is far more hospitable to a wide range of language than it was when the first instalment was published in 1884. Not surprising if you think of the social changes and changes in legislation since then: male homosexuality was illegal up to the 1967 Sexual Offences Act, and not till the Lady Chatterley’s Lover trial of 1960 could publishers be sure that they could publish words like fuck and cunt without fear of prosecution.“So the 1st edition of OED definitely had trouble with words relating to sex and the body – but since 2010 the revision has been as careful as it can to do away with euphemism or implicit homophobia in its definitions for such terms, and to be as accurate and descriptive as possible.”The Oxford English Dictionary is widely considered to be the most comprehensive historical dictionary of the English language, and sets out to include as many words as possible in use from 1150 through to today.The project currently exists online, and has not been printed in its full form since 1989, where it came to twenty volumes. The dictionary does not attempt to chart all recent changes to the English language; a word has to have been in widespread use for approximately five to ten years prior to its inclusion- the dictionary traces the first use of the word “twerk” to 1993 and “cisgender” to 1999.There are approximately 70 full time lexicographers constantly on the lookout for the new words and the evolving definition of current words.The OUSU LGBTQ representative was unavailable for comment.last_img read more

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Ndoma Egba, Tech Vibe Eye S’final Ticket with Victories in White…

first_imgTeam Ndoma-Egba led by former national champion, Thomas Otu and Aanu Aiyegbusi beat Team Yetade 7-0 in Ado Ekiti while Team Tech Vibe also defeated Team CBN Futures by the same margin in Lagos. The contest for the second semifinal place in the group will be decided with the last group match between Team Goshen and Team Ndoma- Egba in Abuja on November 4 with the host team needing a win to secure their semifinal place.Team Tech Vibe will have to hope for a Team Goshen victory over Team Ndoma-Egba to use a superior number of matches won consideration to snatch a semifinal place.In the Blue Group, Lagos-based Team Muller has already secured a semifinal place following their unbeaten record in four ties.The second semifinal place will be determined in Port Harcourt on Oct. 29 and Oct. 30 when Teams Civil Defence and Kalotari meet in a winner takes all tie.The NCC Tennis League will be taking a two-week break to make way for the Lagos Governor’s Cup which commences on October 7 at the Lagos Lawn Tennis Club.Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegram NCC TENNIS LEAGUETeam Ndoma-Egba of Abuja and Team Tech Vibe of Jos were ruthless against their opponents in the round-robin tie in the White Group last weekend with a mind to giving themselves good chances of snatching the last semifinal place.Defending champions Team Offikwu who beat Team Goshen of Ilorin 5-2 in Kaduna has already secured the first semifinal place.last_img read more

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Gill crowned champion as Jackalope Open hits 21

first_imgThe Emcee took to the stage and after thanking all the golfers it was straight into the prize presentations.First to receive an award was Rooster nearest the pin on A-3, Dave Stockman, nearest the pin A-6, the aforementioned Gordon Rhind for his ace on B-3, and finally Pattaya’s gentleman around town, Mr Simon Philbrook nearest the pin on B-8.Long drives for all divisions were up next, and none of the ladies managed to land their ball on the fairway, so no ladies winner this year. Rabbits Long Drive went to Dennis Themack, Men’s 3rd Division winner was Tony Rodriguez, 2nd Division winner was Alan Abernathy, and 1st Division winner Geoff Boyzz.Mark Gorda organizer of the 21st Canadian Jackalope Open holds the main trophy as all the winners gather for a happy group photograph.The Longest First Putt on B-9 along with a prize of 20,000 baht was won by Chris Oxley, and after a quick phone call to Mr. Oxley the entire 20,000 baht was donated to the charity purse, well done Chris!On to the division winners, 2nd place in the Ladies flight was Lek Granatke with 28 points, and the 1st place prize went to Noodle Russell with 38.Winner of the 50/50 draw receives her winnings from Bernie Tuppin.In the Rabbits division, 3rd place was occupied by Bill Trainer with 31 points, 2nd was Mick Jones with 33 and 1st place winner of the Rabbits was Jason Manley with 38.Men’s 2nd division 3rd place was Lumpy Russell who won on countback with 36 points, 2nd place went to Paul Ovens with 37 and 1st place in Men’s 2nd division was Stuart Banks with 38 stableford points.Mens 1st division 3rd place was won by Steve Moray with 35 points, 2nd place went to Paul Greenaway with 36 and the winner was Jeff Acheson with 38 points.Winners all at the Jackalope Open.The Low Gross of the day was posted by none other than Simon Philbrook, who shot a 78 off the stick, and the overall Men’s Champion with a total of 39 stableford points was Gareth Gill.After a short speech by Lewis ‘Woody’ Underwood and Paul from the Camillian Centre in Rayong the 50/50 draw was started and a total of a dozen prizes were given out, including several bottles of premium liquors, two complete home exercise sets kindly provided by SEARA Sports, a Jackalope golf bag, one month free car rental courtesy of Jon Fox at Q-Cars, and a 6,000 baht labour and materials voucher for keeping a swimming pool clean and healthy, kindly donated by Paul Bodkins at Pool Masters.The following is a list of the kind-hearted individuals who donated time, money, or goods in order to make this event happen: Mike O’Hallorhan, Bill Simonic, Wild Bill Freeman, Ae and Eddie Behr for providing the pulled pork burgers from RMPM ‘The Shack”, Bernie Tuppin, Woody from TQ and The Jesters, Neil Sandilands, Bobby Clarke, Mike Handley from Tinnie’s, Stacey O’Toole, Richard Murphy, Justin Rabb from Just Burgers, Stewart and Randy Sherwood, John Emmerson, Clayton, Jake and Bobby Taylor, Douglas Jaster, Joe St. Laurent, Jack Levy, Thai T-shirts for boot bags, Jon Fox from Q-Cars, Richy Rhodes from Nirvana, Stephen Beard from The Haven, Peter Malhotra from the Pattaya Mail, Jason Manley from One bar, Dennis from the Mexican Cantina, Steve Mascari from Sawasdee Cup, Stewart Fraser from Fraser’s Restaurant, Indian by Nature and Jack and Dave’s tailors, Andrew from Seara Sports Equipment,  Paul Bodkins from Pool Masters, Richard Murphy, Rick and Todd Moren, and last, but certainly not least JD Crowley.Although we didn’t raise as much money as we have in the past, we still did raise a respectable amount and that will go directly to the Camillian Centre in Rayong.Ready to get underway after the morning refreshments.Players came from far and wide to support the event.On to the next hole! Gill crowned champion as Jackalope Open hits 211 of 47 Jackalope Emcee Mark Gorda (left) poses with overall champion Gareth Gill (right) and Low Gross winner Simon Philbrooke (2nd right).Due to the current tough economic times the field was limited to 71 entrants for the 21st annual Canadian Jackalope Open charity golf tournament, held at Burapha Golf Club on Friday, August 2. Unfortunately, one of that number couldn’t even peg it up as he was still a little ‘full’ from the night before, so before the starter sounded his horn for the traditional 12 o’clock start, one cart driven by a young Thai lady, with a snoring passenger, left the field, leaving 70 players to tackle Burapha’s American Woods and British Links 9’s.Pre-tournament refreshments were supplied by Nike Handely who prepared two big trays of Aussie sausage rolls to ensure that every golfer had a bite to eat before teeing off. Once out on the course, the players were closely shadowed by the traditional refreshment vehicles, fully laden with teeth-cracking cold amber liquid, or as the sign on the fronts of all these four carts said, ‘Aiming Oil’.Lewis ‘Woody’ Underwood and Paul Baird volunteer at the Camillian Center Rayong speak about Care 4 Kids as Bernie Tuppin shows pictures of the children under their care.There was just enough room for one group per hole, so those that did play got around in right around 4 hours. The highlight of the day came on the 133-yard par-3, B-3 hole, where Gordon Rhind took a mighty swing with an 8-iron, his ball faded onto the green, bounced twice and had just enough on it to roll in the hole for the first ever hole-in-one in Jackalope history.The last group of golfers made it into the clubhouse shortly after 4 o’clock, and after a refreshing shower they proceeded to the main hall where Ms. Wattana’s crew had laid out another mouth watering feast, which every golfer ate enough to fill their bellies.last_img read more

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Dropped fly ball gives Pirates 5-4 win over Astros

first_imgPITTSBURGH (AP) — Things are going so well for the Pittsburgh Pirates these days that opposing teams can’t even make routine catches.Russell Martin’s bases-loaded fly ball popped out Jimmy Paredes’ glove when he ran into second baseman Jake Elmore with two outs in the ninth inning, and the second missed catch of the game by a Houston right fielder helped the Pirates rally past the Astros for a 5-4 win Friday night.Paredes and Elmore said neither could hear the other calling for the ball because of the crowd noise.“This game’s crazy sometimes,” Pittsburgh manager Clint Hurdle said. “The crowd helped us there on the error. They made it tough on the fielders and they created a break for us.”The Pirates (25-17) won for the seventh time in eight games to move a season-high eight games over .500.“I like the direction we’re headed, the effort and the attitude,” Hurdle said.The Pirates are tied with Cincinnati for the second-best record in the National League behind St. Louis (27-14). All three teams play in the NL Central.“I think because our teams don’t play on either coast and don’t play in major media markets that we probably get overlooked a little,” Hurdle said. “That’s OK, though. We know how competitive this division is.”The Astros also were part of the NL Central until being shifted to the American League West starting this season. Houston’s 11-31 start is its worst and matched Miami for the worst record in the major leagues.The ninth-inning miscue wasn’t Houston’s only fielding foible.Down 4-1, Pittsburgh started its comeback in the sixth when Chris Carter, usually a designated hitter, dropped Andrew McCutchen’s fly ball to right for a three-base error and Garrett Jones followed with a double.Pedro Alvarez hit a two-run homer in the eighth, a 462-foot drive that cleared the right-field stands and went into the Allegheny River on one hop.“I’m not going to take credit if it bounces in,” Alvarez said. “That’s cheating.”Daryle Ward is the only player to hit a ball into the river since PNC Park opened 12 years ago, doing so in 2002 for Houston off Kip Wells.Pirates right fielder Travis Snider hit a 458-foot shot into the Allegheny River on Thursday night against Milwaukee.“I’ve seen Pedro hit some balls pretty far, and that might be the farthest,” Snider said. “I’m surprised it bounced. That ball was crushed. When we saw it lift off, it was pretty exciting. It’s always fun to watch the big fella put one over the stands.”Starling Marte singled off Edgar Gonzalez (0-1) leading off the ninth, and Snider hit into a forceout, with the Astros failing to turn a double play because of a late throw to first by Elmore.McCutchen’s single put runners at the corners, and Gonzalez fielded Brandon Inge’s comebacker and dropped it for an error as he turned to throw to second, missing his chance to start an inning-ending double play.Neil Walker took a called third strike with a full count, and Martin lifted a full-count pitch to short right-center field, where Elmore settled under the ball and Paredes slammed into him as the ball hit his glove and fell to the field.Justin Wilson (4-0) pitched a scoreless ninth and McCutchen homered and had three hits for Pittsburgh.Astros starter Jordan Lyles allowed two runs — one earned — and four hits in five innings and is 0-4 with a 6.75 ERA in six career starts against Pittsburgh.Pirates starter Jeanmar Gomez gave up four runs — three earned — and five hits in 4 2-3 innings.Houston built a 4-1 lead on Jason Castro’s sacrifice fly in the first and a three-run third that included Matt Dominguez’s solo homer, Elmore’s run-scoring single and a throwing error by Walker at second.McCutchen homered in the first.NOTES: The Pirates placed RHP Jose Contreras on the bereavement list and recalled RHP Jared Hughes from Triple-A Indianapolis. … LHP Erik Bedard (0-2, 6.67) will start Saturday night for Houston against RHP A.J. Burnett (3-4, 2.73). Bedard started on opening day last season for the Pirates and Burnett had the honor this season. Pirates’ Russell Martin (55) is congratulated by coach Dave Jauss after Astros shortstop Jake Elmore, and right fielder Jimmy Paredes collided as they tried to catch a pop fly by Martin with the bases loaded and two outs in the ninth inning of a baseball game May 17. (AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)last_img read more

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Wait ends as NYS begins another season playing on the pitch

first_imgBy The Nelson Daily SportsIt seems like only yesterday that people were . . . skiing?Ya, Old Man Winter definitely hung around a little longer than most would have liked. But it’s now time to pack away the skis in favour of a pair of soccer cleats as the season nears with the opening of the Lakeside fields.No one is happier than Nelson Youth Soccer executive, which has been crossing those respective fingers hoping winter will finally end.“Officially, we get the fields May 7, but we’re hoping we might get on during the week for practices for the first games,” said NYS vice president Kerry Dyck.Well, Dyck and Company can breathe a sigh of relief now that the Regional District has opened the fields for practices.More than 925 soccer players being training in preparation for the season opening games Saturday at Lakeside.NYS, for players six to 18, is divided into house league and rep teams.The house games go weekly at Lakeside in more than 10 different divisions.NYS also has a dozen or so rep teams competing for spots in the B.C. Soccer Youth Provincial B Cup.Some teams opened the season already competing a the Icebreaker Tournament Easter Weekend in Winfield.NYS host the annual Terry Walgren Girl’s Soccer Tournament Saturday and Sunday at Lakeside.The boy’s rep teams travel to Trail to compete in the Kootenay South [email protected]last_img read more

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Katherine Heigl To Be Honored By American Cancer Society

first_imgThe American Cancer Society has selected Emmy Award-winning actress Katherine Heigl to receive its Celebrating More Birthdays Award at the Variety Power of Women luncheon on October 5, 2012 in Beverly Hills.Katherine Heigl to receive its Celebrating More Birthdays Award at the Variety Power of Women luncheon“The American Cancer Society is proud to honor Katherine Heigl for inspiring women as a role model, as a support giver during her mother’s cancer journey, and as a voice celebrating the strength of all women,” said David F. Veneziano, Executive Vice President, American Cancer Society of California. “She models our mission of creating a world with less cancer and more birthdays for everyone.”Heigl’s public support of her mother’s cancer experience has helped amplify the awareness of cancer related issues and the actions every individual can take to assist those with cancer, and to treat and even prevent the disease.“The American Cancer Society is proud to honor Katherine Heigl for the support she has given during her mother’s cancer journey. Katherine’s mother, Nancy, has become a role model to her and has inspired her to speak out on behalf of her and other women with cancer,” said David F. Veneziano. “Through the power of support, hope and a determination to fight, she exemplifies our mission of creating a world with less cancer and more birthdays for everyone.”One in two Americans will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime and with more than three million volunteers fighting for every birthday threatened by every cancer in every community, the American Cancer Society works closely with the Entertainment Industry to communicate how to save lives from cancer, and diminish the suffering of those touched by the disease.For more information about the American Cancer Society’s free community-based patient programs and services, and advocacy and research efforts, visit cancer.org or call 800.227.2345.last_img read more

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Former UN SecretaryGeneral Ban Kimoon Joins The Elders

first_imgThe Elders are delighted to announce that former United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has accepted their invitation to join the group.Ban served two full terms as Secretary-General from 1 January 2007 to 31 December 2016, succeeding Kofi Annan who is the current Chair of The Elders.During his time in office, Ban helped spearhead the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals and worked intensively to secure the Paris Agreement on climate change in December 2015. He also successfully pressed for the creation of UN Women as part of his wider advocacy for equality for girls and women.Prior to his election as UN Secretary-General, Ban served as South Korea’s foreign minister from 2004-2006 after three decades in the diplomatic service.Kofi Annan, Chair of The Elders, said:“I am delighted to welcome Ban to our group. As a new member of The Elders from East Asia, he will bring a unique and valuable perspective based on his record of global leadership and understanding of geopolitics. His commitment to peace, equality and development will be a huge asset to The Elders as we enter our second decade of work together.”Gro Harlem Brundtland, Deputy Chair of The Elders and former Prime Minister of Norway, added:“Ban Ki-moon was a champion for climate action, sustainable development and gender equality throughout his time at the UN. I look forward to working with him now as an Elder, and to defend the multilateral system that is essential for delivering further progress.”Ban Ki-moon said:“It is an honour and a privilege to join this august group, whose work I have admired for many years. It is a particular pleasure to stand alongside my predecessor at the UN, Kofi Annan. The Elders and the United Nations share the same values of justice, solidarity and a determination to fight for peace and human rights. I eagerly await the task ahead in this new chapter of my career.”last_img read more

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Spain cracks down hard after Catalonia declares independence

first_imgBARCELONA, Spain – In one of the most momentous days in recent Spanish history, Spain fired Catalonia’s regional government and dissolved its parliament Friday after a defiant Catalan declaration of independence that flouted the country’s constitution.Lawmakers in the Catalan parliament voted to unilaterally declare independence, prompting the swift crackdown by the Spanish government, which also called an early election in the region.Hours after Catalonia’s secession move, the Spanish Senate granted the government special constitutional powers to stop the wealthy region’s move toward independence.Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s conservative government then called an urgent Cabinet meeting late Friday, after which Rajoy emerged to announce the emergency measures, including regional elections called for Dec. 21.In Barcelona, Catalonia’s regional capital, Rajoy’s announcement in a televised address was greeted with jeers and whistles of disapproval from crowds who had gathered at the gates of the government palace to celebrate their parliament’s moves toward independence.“It’s not about suspending or meddling in the self-government (of Catalonia), but to return it to normality and legality as soon as possible,” Rajoy said.The government and Spain’s constitutional Court have both said the secession bid was illegal, and after Friday’s independence vote, Rajoy said it was a move that “not only goes against the law but is a criminal act.”Rajoy also said he was firing the head of the Catalan regional police, shutting down the Catalan government’s overseas offices, and dismissing its representatives in Madrid and in Brussels, where the European Union has its headquarters.After the Catalan parliament independence vote, Rajoy said it was a move that “in the opinion of a large majority of people not only goes against the law but is a criminal act.”The Senate’s decision giving Rajoy special powers trumped the Catalan regional parliament’s vote to secede, which was doomed because the constitutional Court has already consistently ruled against any steps toward independence.The battle around Catalonia’s future is far from over, however.Madrid’s move to take away Catalonia’s regional powers was sure to be seen as a humiliation and a provocation by Catalans and a backlash was expected, with planned street protests and the possibility that regional government workers could follow a policy of disobedience or non-co-operation.On top of that, the Dec. 21 election could deliver a steadfastly pro-independence Catalan parliament, even if recent polls have suggested the region of 7.5 million people is roughly evenly split on secession.Many Catalans strongly oppose independence and a group of so-called unionists was organizing a large-scale protest in Barcelona on Sunday.A spokesman for Spain’s prosecutor’s office, meanwhile, said it would seek to bring rebellion charges against those responsible for the Catalan independence vote.The tense day, featuring emotional speeches and scenes of joy and despair, went to the heart of Spain’s political and cultural history.The 1978 constitution, drawn up after the end of Gen. Francisco Franco’s decades-long dictatorship, created a decentralized Spanish state that devolved power to 17 autonomous regions, including Catalonia. The regions have broad administrative and legal powers. The Spanish constitution, however, also describes Spain as “indivisible.”Catalonia has its own cultural traditions and its own language. Having long seen itself as different from the rest of Spain, the Catalan drive for independence began in 2010 when the constitutional Court struck down key parts of a groundbreaking charter that would have granted the region greater autonomy and recognized it as a nation within Spain.Catalonia represents a fifth of Spain’s gross domestic product and many want the tax revenues generated by the prosperous region to remain at home.The motion to secede was approved by the 135-member Catalan parliament, where secessionists hold a slim majority, with 70 votes in favour. Opposition lawmakers had walked out of the chamber in protest ahead of the vote.After the vote officials and lawmakers let loose cries of “Freedom!”In an emotional scene, regional leader Carles Puigdemont called on cheering fellow separatists to remain peaceful.“In the days ahead we must keep to our values of pacifism and dignity. It’s in our, in your hands, to build the republic,” Puigdemont said.Outside parliament, thousands who had gathered cheered the news, some dancing and raising a toast. In Barcelona, people crowded around TV sets to watch the historic events unfold. The famous Sant Jaume Square outside the regional government office was packed with thousands of people celebrating. Many were draped with the “Estelada” flag that adds a blue triangle to the red and yellow Catalan flag and has become a symbol of the separatist struggle.“I feel so emotional after the huge fight we went through, we finally got it … the independence of Catalonia!” said 74-year-old Rosalina Cordera Torelles.Nearby, 24-year-old Rita Carboneras could hardly contain her excitement.“I’m super, super, super happy. Super excited,” she said. “So relieved. Now we are Catalan at last. We can be ourselves. We are just happy, look everyone around. Everything is so exciting.”The exhilaration was short-lived. Some 500 kilometres (300 miles) to the southwest, the Senate in Madrid voted by an overwhelming margin of 214 to 47 in favour of granting the government exceptional powers.The main opposition Socialist and pro-business Citizens parties support Rajoy’s stance on Catalonia, and many Spaniards outside the region are scornful of Catalonia’s secession ambitions.Rajoy has also received support from outside Spain, with other European leaders, including Germany, France and Britain, rejecting Catalonia’s claims. The U.S. administration also backed Rajoy, after President Donald Trump last month branded the Catalan independence ballot as “foolish.”“Catalonia is an integral part of Spain, and the United States supports the Spanish government’s constitutional measures to keep Spain strong and united,” U.S. State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said in a statement.Also supporting Rajoy’s warnings of trouble in Catalonia if it forges ahead with its secession bid, more than 1,500 businesses have moved their official headquarters out of Catalonia this month to ensure they can continue operating under European Union laws if Catalonia secedes.The EU says Catalonia will be tossed out of the bloc if it leaves Spain and would have to apply to become a member, a lengthy process.___Giles reported from Madrid. Elena Becatoros and Joseph Wilson in Barcelona contributed.last_img read more

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Newcomers bring decaying Kentucky distillery back to life

first_imgMILLVILLE, Ky. – The whiskey quit flowing decades ago from a landmark Kentucky distillery housed in a picturesque castle. Nearly a half-century of neglect reduced the one-time tourist draw to a decaying relic.Now, two newcomers to the whiskey business have resurrected the Old Taylor distillery and renamed it. And along with bourbon and rye, they hope once again to generate tourism.Will Arvin and Wes Murry saw potential where others perceived only blight. In the past four years they’ve spent millions to restore the old glory of the castle-like entrance, sunken garden and colonnaded springhouse.“The spirit of the place really called to us,” Arvin said. “The bones of the building were solid. And we could just see through the decay and the brush to know that this place really needed to be brought back and saved as an iconic place.”Renamed Castle & Key Distillery, the facility resumed spirits production in late 2016 — the first year whiskey was produced there since the distillery shuttered in 1972.On Wednesday, the grounds reopened to visitors.Arvin and Murry are following in the footsteps of the distillery’s founder, Col. E.H. Taylor. A bourbon giant of his time, he built the Old Taylor distillery in the late 1880s and made it a forerunner of today’s bourbon tourism business. Ownership eventually passed to National Distillers, and production ended during a lean time for bourbon producers.Now bourbon sales are booming again, and the new owners are preparing bourbon and rye whiskey to hit the market under the Castle & Key label. The brown spirits are still maturing in barrels nestled in the distillery’s warehouses. Master distiller Marianne Eaves hopes rye can make its debut in about a year, and says the brand’s bourbon could be ready in 2021.“We’re letting flavour drive the decision on the release date,” she said.Murry said they hope to turn a marginal profit within a couple of years. In the meantime, the owners have found other ways to generate income. The brand’s vodka and gin reached store shelves in April. The distillery also produces bourbon and rye on contract for several corporate customers.Tourism should help the bottom line, especially if the iconic facility joins the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.Kentucky Distillers’ Association President Eric Gregory is among those predicting tourism success for Castle & Key. The central Kentucky distillery between Frankfort and Versailles sits a few miles from the Woodford Reserve and Buffalo Trace distilleries.“It will be one of the most visited bourbon tourism sites in Kentucky — quickly,” Gregory said.Bill Samuels Jr., who retired after a long career as top executive at Maker’s Mark, remembers admiring the castle-like distillery on a boyhood trip with his father. As years passed and the decay took its toll, he wondered if it would ever return. Twenty-five years ago, there was exciting talk of a restoration — but it came to nothing. Finally, he said, “we just gave up, thinking this will never happen.”Enter Arvin and Murry. Looking to become a distillery owner and tap into bourbon’s resurgence, Arvin discovered the Old Taylor site on the internet. A mutual friend connected him with Murry, 40, who was looking for an entrepreneurial venture.They paid about $950,000 for the distillery in 2014. Restoring it took longer and cost more than expected, and it meant career changes. Arvin, 51, left a law career behind; Murry worked in finance.The enormity of the renovation would have driven many to drink. Most of the windows were boarded up. One storage warehouse had collapsed. Roofs were failing. The grounds were a jungle of weeds.“You only walked where animals had beaten a path,” Murry said. “That was how you got around.”Gregory, who trudged through the thicket with Arvin during an early visit, said, “You were expecting some ghost at any moment … because it was just so overgrown and so abandoned.”Eaves, 31, was a rising star during her time at Brown-Forman Corp., whose products include Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey and Woodford Reserve bourbon. She was drawn by the Old Taylor site and the new owners’ ambitious plans to revive it. Creating the Castle & Key spirits lineup as master distiller seemed a “once in a lifetime opportunity” when she signed on in early 2015. Soon, though, the size of the challenge became apparent — and that was long before whiskey was mentioned as a tariff target in an international trade war.“We didn’t have any heat, no running water, no restrooms,” she said. “It was a stark change from working at a very comfortable corporate job to coming to this start-up environment.”Now, the distillery hums with activity seven days a week. The workforce is 60 and growing. The grounds are manicured, thanks to renowned Kentucky landscaper Jon Carloftis, and a quarter-mile botanical walking trail beckons.Gregory said the hidden treasures among Kentucky’s abandoned distilleries “are getting very few and far between.” But as Castle & Key achieves more milestones, he thinks some of the prospective buyers who passed up the chance might regret their decision.“They’re probably kicking themselves already,” he said.last_img read more

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