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first_img Smaller campuses Re: “Big push for small campuses” (April 6): There is something to be said for working for LAUSD for more than 40 years and still having a memory. However, without that institutional memory, we are reinventing the wheel. In order to maintain the middle school as a small learning community, the class size norms have to match so cores and teams can really work. Resources need to be provided so that there is a place for those students who cannot adjust to a traditional school setting. And there needs to be a strong belief system from the key decision-makers that middle school is not just a high school for smaller students. There cannot be one-size-fits-all; but there can be a basic belief system about how to ensure that all middle schools make each campus into a smaller learning environment. Middle school practitioners had this belief system with “Caught in the Middle” and now with “Taking Center Stage.” Perhaps these decision-makers should read these two documents. – Michael B. Bennett While reading up on the proposed ethanol energy policy, I stumbled upon the secret formula the Bush administration is planning on using for ethanol fuel: Eco-paranoia + Nationalism + Lobbyists = Subsidies + Tariffs + Pro-ethanol policy. – Cesare Consaga Simi Valley Principal, Patrick Henry Middle School Granada Hills All the good parts Re: “Charters threaten lawsuit for rooms” (April 5): The point of the charter program was to experiment with an alternative form of education and take what works and apply it to public schools. Well, now we know what works. Now we need to apply it. It’s like a general contractor buying a state-of-the-art truck for a construction business and when the truck breaks down, instead of fixing it, he buys a bunch of little pickups. And when they need parts, he takes all the good parts from the big truck to make the repairs on the pickups. In the case of LAUSD, we still have the big truck and it is costing tax payers $7 billion a year to maintain. Either get rid of the big truck and buy a bunch of little ones, or take the good parts from the little trucks to fix the big one. – Donna Connolly Sherman Oaks Study, not hide it Re: “Mayans have right to beef with Mel” (Their Opinions, April 5): I get a little tired of people always finding fault with history because it is not flattering to a particular race or people. All human beings, no matter what ethnic group they come from, have done terrible things to one another sometime in their backgrounds. We all know what is right and what is wrong. Looking at the murder of innocent people should not have anything to do with “examining a people’s history through the lens of Western culture.” Let’s study history factually, and learn from it, not change or hide it. America has to live with its treatment of the Indians and so should the Mayans. – Linda Redondo North Hills There oughta be a law Wouldn’t it be nice if they made a law that required drivers to use their vehicles’ turn signals when making a turn or changing lanes? Just think, by informing other drivers of your intentions, it might alleviate some of the road rage and even cut down on some accidents. If the police would then issue tickets and fine violators who did not signal their turns, they would probably have millions or maybe even billions of dollars to hire more needed police officers and do more road repair. It seems that a lot of drivers either find it unnecessary or too inconvenient to move that turn-signal lever up or down. I guess it is just too much hard work to be considerate of other drivers. – Dan Suess Valencia Straight-faced McCain Sen. John McCain says that Iraq is safe. Sen. John McCain says that marijuana is dangerous. Sen. John McCain snaps his fingers and $20 million in campaign donations pour in. No talent draws admiration and support for a leader like the ability to tell a really big lie while keeping a really straight face. – Peter Wilson Simi Valley 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img

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