‘Celtic are the greatest football team in the land’

first_imgEach week, a leading band or musician takes our special talkSPORT Q&A. Up today, it’s Celtic fans GUN…1) What’s your favourite talkSPORT Show and why?My favourite talkSPORT show is Colin Murray’s. He has great knowledge about sports in general and football, and has a real passion for music too. He’s funny and witty, I really love listening to his show.2) talkSPORT gives you your own show, what’s it’s called and what’s it about?It would be called “Soccer To Rocker” and be about footballers who love their rock music and their musical influences… would they have tried to become musicians if they hadn’t succeeded in becoming footballers? That kinda thing!3) Who are the greatest football team in the land?For me the greatest football team in the land are my beloved Celtic, who have a great history and following. We’ve had many great footballers and legends like Kenny Dalglish, Jimmy Johnstone, Henrik Larrson, but at present I think Real Madrid take some beating.4) Who is the most rock ‘n’ roll player playing the beautiful game right now?Thing is, with footballers a lot of them aren’t very rock ‘n’ roll. Some of their taste in music is really dreadful! The best player in the world is Ronaldo, but if only his music taste waste as good as his football… He likes R Kelly, Ricky Martin, what’s that all about? So for me the most rock ‘n’ roll player in the beautiful game right now is Iniesta, who’s a massive fan of Kasabian, so much that he had them round his house for some beers.5) If you were put in charge of the pre-match entertainment for the FA Cup final at Wembley, what band do you want playing live?The Foo Fighters, a band that are so good live and know how to entertain, have great songs and are the pinnacle of rock music this present day.6) Who’s gonna sing the National Anthem?If he was alive today it be Freddie Mercury, so I’m going for Mick Jagger.7) What track are the players walking down the tunnel and onto the pitch to?David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’.8) What’s on the stereo in the dressing room to psyche the players up?‘Another One Bites The Dust’, ‘Heroes’, ‘Rock The Casbah’, ‘London Calling’, ‘Du Hast’, ‘Back In Black’, ‘Times Like These’.9) You build your own rock ‘n’ roll five-a-side team, who’s in it?Kasbian’s Serge up front as he reminds of Samaras, who used to play for Celtic. Alongside him I’d have Steve Harris of Iron Maiden because he is a great footballer, Robbie Williams has great skill, Johnny Marr could’ve turned pro, and of course Rod Stewart, who’s a mad Celtic fan.10) You get to pick one footballer to work as roadie with your band. Who is it and what do you have them doing?My favourite footballer ever Diego Maradona, the most incredible footballer I’ve ever seen. What would I have him doing? I’d have him telling me all his stories in his footballing career and off the field, too, then after sound check or backstage I’d have him showing me some of his amazing football skills. My hero!11) What’s going on with you as an artist at the moment?GUN are bringing a new album out March 23 which is called ‘Frantic’, we are rehearsing for a tour to coincide with the album and single release so we’re very exited. Anyone who wants to catch up and find more about the dates we’re playing then look us up on www.gunofficial.co.uk or Gun Official Facebook! GUN’s new album Frantic is released March 23 2015. Check out http://umusicdirect.com/gun/ Gun’s new album Frantic is released March 23 2015 1last_img

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