US athlete Aaron Yoder smashes world record for running backwards

first_imgAaron Yoder set an official Guinness World Record for the fastest mile run backwards, completing the race in a super-speedy 5:54:25.Taking place at the Lindsborg Municipal Track at Bethany College in Kansas, US, where Aaron is head track and field coach, the athlete stunned crowds as he whizzed round the track backwards.The record-breaking run was caught on camera by Jim Turner, using a GoPro on the front of his bike as he followed Aaron round the track.”I’m extremely fortunate to be in a very encouraging town and campus, where it is easy to go after ones’ dreams,” Aaron was quoted as saying by AP.”I would like the whole world to know that activity and exercise is a broad experience, and it’s OK to do activity outside the norm.”Go for something different and inspire others to reach for their goals and embrace their destiny. “Walk or run outside your comfort zone, and you will find out some amazing things you have inside of you. “God made us all unique with abilities that are very incredible and special – therefore it’s our responsibility to discover those talents and develop skills that will enhance those talents.”Aaron undertook a strict training regime, to train the different muscles required to run backwards rather than forwards.He said: “For eight weeks I would do about 45 minutes of backwards running a day, and 45 minutes of weight training. “I still kept one day for running forwards to keep those muscles firing too. “My goal is always to inspire people to get fit.advertisement”We have one body, and we must do our best to look after it in our own ways daily.”Aaron’s next challenge is to compete at the backwards running world championships in Essen, Germany, this summer.last_img

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