Tall Ships IdentiKit 2009 Now Available

first_imgThe Maritime Museum of the Atlantic has come to the rescue of photographers having trouble identifying ships in pictures taken during Tall Ships 2009. The museum has put its Tall Ships IdentiKit online. The kit, also made available during tall ships events in 2000, 2004 and 2007, identifies all the registered tall ships. It can be found on the museum’s website, http://maritime.museum.gov.ns.ca . The museum originally developed an identi-ship tool for the Parade of Sail in 1984 when many people went to the museum looking for help in trying to identify hundreds of photos. The current IdentiKit uses the number of masts, hull colour and rig to quickly sort out the many vessels. It also helps educate people on the different types of vessels and rigs found at Tall Ship events. The museum’s website also features a guide to ship rigs and tall ship links.last_img

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