French and Swiss Men Convert to Islam in Marrakeshs Koutoubia Mosque

Rabat – A French man and a Swiss man converted to Islam on Friday and Sunday in the Koutoubia Mosque of Marrakesh.The French man took the Shahada (the Islamic declaration of faith affirming the oneness of God and the acceptance of Muhammad as His prophet) in the presence of thousands of worshippers in the Koutoubia Mosque, the largest mosque in Marrakech.The French convert reportedly decided to change his name to Adam, although Islam does not require new converts to adopt Muslim names. Two days later, John, a 23-year-old Swiss man, proclaimed the Shahada before the Trawaih prayers – the extra prayers performed during Ramadan after the last prayer of the day.Eyewitnesses said that John decided to adopt the name Mustapha.Every year during Ramadan, a number of non-Muslim foreigners announce their conversion to Islam in the Koutoubia Mosque, one of Morocco’s most emblematic mosques.Thanks to its tradition of openness and tolerance, in recent years Morocco has become one of the top destinations for foreigners seeking to learn about and convert to Islam. Every day, foreigners adopt the Islamic faith in different cities of the country.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed without permission

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