Rabat on New York Times List of 52 Places to Go

Rabat – The New York Times included Morocco’s capital Rabat in its annual list of Places to Go 2015.Rabat, a Unesco World Heritage site since 2012, is ranked 31st out of 52 global destinations recommended by the newspaper to tourists as potential places to visit in the summer of 2015.“Long overshadowed by the Hollywood luster of Casablanca and the storybook Moorish cities Fez and Marrakech, this seaside metropolis is finally in the limelight,” said the prestigious American newspaper in its description of the Moroccan capital. The paper’s travel section cites the opening of the Mohammed VI Museum, the nation’s first art museum, the recently expanded airport and modern tram system as reasons to visit Rabat and experience its “Roman ruins, labyrinthine medieval districts and European-style boulevards.”The New York Times also mentions that the opening of the much-anticipated Ritz-Carlton Resort which is due to open in late 2015, “so Rabat is set for a style infusion, as well.”Milan topped the New York Times 2015 Places to Go list followed by Cuba, Philadelphia, Yellowstone National Park, Elqui Valley, Chile, Singapore, Durban, South Africa, Bolivia, Faroe Islands and Macedonia.

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