Attack on deminers in Afghanistan leaves 1 dead UN reports

Unknown assailants on Saturday shot at a vehicle belonging to the Afghan Development Association (ADA), a non-governmental organization, said David Singh, a spokesman for the UN Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA).The incident took place in Wardak Province on the main Kabul to Kandahar road, which has since been closed pending a security assessment.”The driver, an Afghan national was killed instantly and one of the two passengers – both national staff – was seriously injured,” Mr. Singh said. “The uninjured passenger traveled by foot to a nearby village for help.”According to the spokesman, UN Mine Dog Clearance vehicles later drove with the ADA passengers back to Kabul. “The motive for the attack is yet unknown,” said Mr. Singh, adding that local authorities are investigating. ADA has been working in Afghanistan for over a decade in demining and other sectors, including agriculture, education and community development.

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