EYEWITNESS Confessing…

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedMaking hay…December 6, 2018In “EYEWITNESS”EYEWITNESS: Playing around…February 15, 2018In “EYEWITNESS”EYEWITNESS: Call in the police…September 30, 2017In “EYEWITNESS” …police failureIt says a lot about the status of the Guyana Police Force when the “Best Cop Award” was snagged by a member of the Police band! And to rub salt into THAT particular wound, it’s not as if OUR Police band gets hired by anyone to play on festive public occasions, like the foreign ones do. Much less than being like the English pop group Police that produced Sting!Now your Eyewitness has nothing against marching bands and such like. It’s just that when, out of the THREE THOUSAND, FIVE HUNDRED or so members of our Police Force who’re supposed to “Serve and Protect” us, we can’t find even ONE that did some ‘serving and protecting”, you know something stinks to high heavens. It’s like you’re supposed to be honouring the cricketer of the year and you hand the trophy over to the water boy!! Hey!! Water’s critical and all that… but it ain’t what cricket’s all about, is it??But seriously, folks, in the case of the Police, when you think about Guyana’s murder rate being at least FIVE TIMES THAT OF NY CITY; robberies being rampant; car-jackings taking off as a new cottage (body-shop?) industry; woman-hacking becoming a tag-team sport, it does tell you something about what our REAL cops are doing. And it has very little to do with going after criminals!!Some say it’s because the police are underpaid. Really?  Remember that just last week, SIXTY-FIVE CARS OWNED BY POLICEMEN had to be stripped of tint?? And that’s only the tip of that dark iceberg! Can you image how many of them didn’t tint their cars? If the Police are making such lousy salaries, hasn’t it crossed the mind of any of their superior officers to at least ask the police-owners of their illegally tinted cars how they were able to purchase them?And have the bosses checked out how many policemen own minibuses — that just so incidentally can do whatever they want on the roads? But hold it!! Word is that the bosses themselves are the biggest owners of buses!But shakedowns aren’t the only source of low performance of policemen. Have you noticed how many serving and ex-policemen are involved in crimes? How can you solve crimes if you’re busy planning and executing them??But the rot starts at the very top…the VERY top. Based on the game of musical chairs the President just played with the top brass of the GPF, every cop knows that efficiency in solving crimes ain’t the criteria by which they’re being evaluated. It’s loyalty to the layer above you – and closing your eyes to their transgressions.The Police Band probably plays the tune to which the police have to dance!!…to pedophiliaOne convicted child rapist was just given a life sentence. He was a “devout” member of a Church in which that nasty crime reached such epidemic proportions it became a world scandal. But pedophilia is rampant in all levels and sections of society — as the news reminds us, ever so often. And one of our challenges is that we as a society don’t take it as seriously as we ought to.Even those whose children have been violated. Can any of us imagine what happens to these children for the rest of their lives? They become damaged, that’s what. Damaged physically, mentally and emotionally. Very few of them can have stable relationships later…trust issues abound, since invariably their trust was violated. The men (and pedophiles are generally men) who sexually abuse children are not only sick to want to inflict violence on a helpless child — and it’s the violence more than anything — They’re psychopaths who have deeply imbedded impulses.They must be chemically castrated.…control uber allesThe President’s bypassing of the JSC to recruit a Chancellor or CJ is another signal — in case anyone needed it — of his Burnhamite drive to become paramount over the state.That person, after all, will be called to pronounce on elections rigging!!

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