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first_imgParrot Sings Let the Bodies Hit the Floor This isn’t so much of a “what would the story of the nativity look like if it happened today” video as it’s a hilarious look at what it would have been like back then if tools like Google Maps, rental car Web sites, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media were available and easily at hand. For what it’s worth, I tried using Google Maps to plot directions from Nazareth to Bethlehem, and there sadly was no “Avoid Romans” option.  The Digital Story of the Nativity It’s been snowing a lot in Minnapolis in recent days. A lot. That’s not much news – the people out there are used to snow, and even this unprecedented snowfall is something a lot of communities out there aren’t having a problem with. One thing that hasn’t been able to deal with the snow though is the roof of the Metrodome, the home of the Minnesota Vikings. Earlier in the week, the roof collapsed under the weight of all the snow that had piled up on its inflatable roof. Concern over the state of the roof had been so great prior to the storm that Fox Sports set up cameras in the stadium to see if the roof collapsed, even when authorities assured them it wouldn’t. Well, it did – and Fox Sports got it all on camera from multiple angles. Oops. Metrodome Roof Collapse Video from the Inside I’m not explicitly saying that this parrot would make a better singer than the vocalist of Drowning Pool, but I’m just going to leave that idea out there. After all, this parrot’s got some pipes on it, and seems to do a pretty good rendition of the song. Someone sign that bird to a record label and get a contract going, I think she’s going to be huge.  What if the story of the nativity were told in terms of Google, Facebook, Twitter, and mobile technology? What if the roof of the Metrodome collapsed under the weight of feet of snow? What if someone decided that Super Mario Brothers would be much better Grand Theft Auto style? What if someone discovered a parrot that’s a better vocalist than the lead singer of Drowning Pool? This week, all of those things came true. Hit the jump to see the videos. center_img The folks over at The Game Station wondered what the Super Mario Brothers world would be like if it were a gritty, gangster-filled (and conveniently pedestrian empty) dark world of coins, guns, fast cars, and rival gangs. They put this video together, titled it “The Brothers Mario,” and the result has been such a smash hit that it’s already racked up close to 2 million views on YouTube. Never bring a hammer to a gunfight.  Google Demo Slam: Skydiving AdChoices广告 New Mario Bros. Movie Trailer A few people at Google Japan decided it would be pretty cool to go skydiving…without actually the whole getting into a plane and risking life and limb part. So they got a huge projection screen, some parachutes and tarps, a couple of high-powered fans, and decided to go skydiving the geeky way: projecting Google Earth on the ground while they “fell” from the ceiling in harnesses. As they fell, Google Earth would zoom in on their landing point. Perfect landing, every time. last_img

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