Internet Explorer 9 to be released on March 14th

first_imgEven as Microsoft does their damnedest to kill IE6 off once and for all, they’re also preparing to give a modern, standards-compliant version of Internet Explorer to the world… and now they’ve announced when we can all expect to download it. The official release of Internet Explorer 9 will drop on March 14th, bringing along with it a massive overhaul that imbues IE with some desperately needed standards support, as well as a healthy speed boost and the benefit of hardware acceleration.AdChoices广告It’s been a fairly long time coming. The first Platform Preview of IE9 dropped almost a year ago, and Microsoft has been consistently updating the previews and betas since then, fleshing out its HTML5 and CSS 3 compliance, along with improving its feature set. HTML5 and CSS 3 compliance are particularly nice to get, since IE8 doesn’t support HTML5 at all, and is at least part of the reason why the web has been slow to adopt the latest iteration of the standard.This is all very good news. It’s true that the likes of Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome are all pretty far along in Safari compliance, but Internet Explorer — sad though it may be — is still the de facto standard when it comes to the web, if only by dint of its huge market position. IE9’s official release is potentially the first step to an even more amazing internet… provided both users and web developers upgrade.Whether people will upgrade, though, is a big question. After all, Microsoft’s had a hard enough time killing off IE6, which still has a 12% share of the browser market after ten years. IE9 doesn’t even run on Windows XP, which is still one of the biggest operating systems in the world. IE9 is a great effort on Microsoft’s part, but whether or not it will be a game changer is very much in the air.Read more at Windows Team Bloglast_img

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