Hulu Goes Retro for April Fools Day

first_imgYou have to hand it to Hulu: it’s not that they even could have existed in the days of dial-up Internet access, but their 1990s-themed Web site for April Fool’s Day certainly looks like it’s optimized for Netscape Navigator. To boost the image, the scrolling featured shows (all accented by JPGs with horrible compression artifacts that load very slowly, just to set the mood) are all popular 90s programs, including shows like The X-Files, Sliders, and NewsRadio. The “New Videos” underneath the features shows — in their own HTML frame, for good measure – include Saturday Night live clips from the late 90s and news clips heralding earth shattering events like banks pondering whether they should levy ATM fees for customers who use ATMs they don’t own. The popular shows list includes programs like “The A-Team,” “21 Jump Street,” and “The Commish.”The site even uses the old Blink HTML tag to call attention to the Hulu Plus link at the top of the page and at the bottom invites you to sign their guestbook, right next to the visit counter. Go on, click to sign it and see what happens.last_img

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