Alleged details of iPad 3 iPhone 5 and new MacBook Pro leak

first_imgWell that was nice while it lasted. The last couple of months have provided a much-needed break from the whirlwind of Apple rumors, but it looks like we’re back in the saddle again. An alleged inside source is claiming to have the scoop on three major Apple releases — the next iPad, iPhone, and MacBook Pro.The source says that the next iPad will be slightly thicker than the iPad 2, but will add a high-res Retina Display. The iPhone 5 (or maybe iPhone 6… it will be the sixth one after all) will allegedly be launching next summer with an aluminum back and a four-inch display. Finally, the supposed insider says that Apple will indeed release a thinner MacBook Pro early next year.The iPad 3 would supposedly gain 0.7mm over the iPad 2, but would still be nearly four millimeters thinner than the original iPad. A new version of an Apple product that is thicker than its predecessor would be unheard of, but it might make sense here. Apple obviously wants to get that Retina display (2,048 x 1,536, 264ppi) in the next generation of the tablet, and adding a little girth may be necessary. A dual light bar display system has been a rumored component for making the ultra-sharp display work, and is likely the reason for the extra heft.The supposed iPhone details could make sense as well. A four inch display would narrow the gap between the iPhone and humongous high-end Android phones, a summer release would put the iPhone back in its typical slot, and there’s no reason we couldn’t see an aluminum back too.As for a thinner MacBook Pro? This is the least questionable of these leaks, and will almost certainly show next year or soon after. Supply chain leaks and patents have already pointed to this, and the three-year-old MacBook Pro design — elegant as it may be — is probably about set for a refresh.As always, you’ll want to take these leaks with suitable grains of salt. You only have to go back a couple of months to remember all of the over-the-top “iPhone 5” rumors we heard, which looked nothing like the iPhone 4S.via iLoungelast_img

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