NK poll reflects our political heritage

first_imgThere are many who claim that people are no longer interested in politics. One reason given for this point of view is the claim that representative democracy is too remote from people’s everyday lives and that there are no real differences between the major Australian parties in terms of policies and how they may impact on our lives. This point of view, however, does not appear to be shared by Neos Kosmos readers who voted on our online poll last week by answering the question: “Do you believe that the outcome of the 2013 Australian election will impact on your life?” Seven out of ten respondents indicated that the election result on September 7 will impact their lives. This result can be seen, amongst others, as a reflection of a Greek cultural trait, since the public sphere, public life and politics are highly valued within the Greek culture. This week’s poll question: “Will you be celebrating Father’s Day on Sunday 1 September? Yes or No?” Vote now at www.neoskosmos.com Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img

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