Mirka Andolfos Unnatural is a Gorgeous Fantasy Erotica Must Read

first_imgStay on target Image Comics never fails to surprise us with its fantastic line-ups and the never-ending talented creators on their roaster. Fresh from Image Expo, comic fans watched many new, fresh and exciting comics coming soon to a comic shop near you. Image Expo gave us so much to be hype for and so many future stories for us to devour.One of the many comics announced was UNNATURAL, a gorgeous fantasy erotica by way of a dystopian future and anthropomorphic animals. Geek had the opportunity to talk with Mirka Andolfo, the creator of UNNATURAL about what inspired her to create this world, these characters and a hint of whats to come!The story of Unnatural feels so unique, super sexy and like Big Brother meets little pig & big bad wolf. What inspired you to create Unnatural? How long did it take you to develop this story?First of all, I have to admit that before the story I created Leslie, the main character. I have not planned that she would be the principal character of my comic book: simply put, I liked to draw her. She was one of those random characters that I draw sometimes, and I share on the social media. Draw after draw; I liked her so much that I chose to build a story around her, involving a wolf as well (because I love to draw wolves… I had another project based on a character like him that I never developed further).Usually, I make my comics like that: from an outburst, from my desire of drawing and make my favorite characters move. And I can say without any doubt that, unconsciously, the characters “tell me” what kind of story they want to live. If I would not have this wish of telling something that is mine, if I would not externalize what I have in my mind, I think that I would not make this my job. Maybe I would not even draw.Unnatural’s story was born quite slowly and reasoned: even before starting to write the plot, I already made the storyboard of the first chapter, that told the story of a little pig living in a dystopic world. But I was not convinced by that. So, I left everything to settle down for some months, while I read comics, books and watched movies… and then I started back from scratch.Honestly, I cannot say what inspired me the most to create Unnatural: the original Orwell’s novels have been an inspiration. After that, generally, I always like to create a big contrast in the comic books that I draw and write: Leslie’s world is dark and spooky (and, for most aspect, not so distant from our…), but the art and colors are cartoonish.via Image ComicsCan you tell us a little bit more about Leslie and the wolf? What can you tell us about her strange connection to him?Unfortunately, I cannot say much to avoid spoilers, so I can tell you just what it is going to be clear since the first pages. Leslie lives in a world where relationships with animals of different species or same gender are forbidden, and everything is very strictly regulated. The one who transgresses can risk a lot.However, her normal (and boring) life keep going without problems: she has got a job that she hates but that allows her to pay her bills (and sushi, her favorite plate!), and little certainties.Everything change when Leslie start to dream about a mysterious white wolf, from which she is enormously attracted and with which she establishes an ever deeper love relationship. Leslie does not know if that is only fantasy or if there is something more that links it to reality. So, she starts to doubt about herself and about the world in which she is living. The governments Big Brother influence plays a big part in the narrative. Can you divulge a little bit more about the world of Unnatural?While I was writing the story, considering that Leslie and her friends are animals (even if anthropomorphic) and that I would have like to create a dystrophic world, I thought it would be nice to mention, even marginally, both “1984” and “Animal Farm.” But that was only a starting point.My story wants to be a pop tale, which also has a social background.Thinking about those novels gave me the right mood and teased my creativity. I thought it would be intriguing to create a world where the relationships between different animal and animals of the same sex were forbidden for “the protection of the species.” Since it seems impossible to have “hybrids” as result of those unions, these relationships are considered “wrong” and “useless.” The society is so scared of that that the population is forced to go to appointments programmed by a supercomputer through the social network “ReaLove” if they do not marry and procreate within twenty-five years of age. The real love comes after the necessity. It is so sad, right?But it is not so far from our world: in this regard, something bizarre happened… in the first pages of my story, there are some advertising boards on the traditional family and on what is “legit” and “right.” Well, after few months I wrote those pages, in Italy, there was an aberrant and controversial social campaign that did not differ much from the posters in Leslie’s world! Unnatural first appeared with Panini Comics. How does it feel to have Unnatural come to Image Comics? Are you excited for more fans to read the series?I am so happy about that. I think this never happened for any Italian comics before and, apart from that, for me, it is a big big big honor. Also in Italy Image Comics series are considered (correctly) the “top of the range,” and just the idea of entering the creator’s family of this great publisher has no price.On my socials (in particular on my Instagram) a lot of American users were asking for an English adaptation of the book (while it is already published in several European countries: Spain, Poland, Germany, and many to come). I am happy of this news, and I can just be grateful to Image Comics for giving my job such a big trust, and to Panini Comics, who published it first and helped me to share my work all around the world.I feel a lucky girl! Your art is so beautiful. It’s almost like silk (I know that’s a bizarre comparison), what inspires your art style? Also, what motivates your writing, especially for your creator-owned comics?First of all: thank you! There are many influences that helped me to shape my art along the time, and it is not easy even for me to find them all. Surely, there are two authors that for first inspired me: Barbara Canepa and Alessandro Barbucci (the Sky Doll’s authors)… it is by reading their comics that the young Mirka chose that in her life she would become an artist! But there are also many others that I love and where I “took” something. For example, Joe Madureira, J. Scott Campbell and many others.There are also many writers that I appreciate, but among the many, I prefer the Italian Bruno Enna and Rick Remender.In my projects, for the story (but also for the arts) I love to tell contrasts in everything (including characters). Writing for a creator-owned project is, for me, a necessity. (Unnatural is my first project published in the US, but it is chronologically my second project: my first series is called “Sacred/Profane” it is a humorous, sexy comic book in the French style, with a strong cartoonish style.)I love to work as a drawer on someone else’s series, but I feel the necessity of creating universes, telling stories in which I put all of myself. via Image ComicsYou’ve worked on some astounding comic series (DC Bombshells, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Teen Titans, etc.). Not playing favorites, what are some of your favorite series you’ve worked on?It is hard to tell, honestly. My work in the American market always bought me huge satisfaction, and I am happy with all the good thing that happened to me, and of all the great authors that I worked with. Having to choose, I would say three names (I know, it is a lot, and I am sorry about that…): Bombshells, written by Marguerite Bennet, because it is my first DC Comics series. Wonder Woman, because she is a wonderful character (and I had been lucky to work with Greg Rucka and Shea Fontana) and I have been the artist that draws the issue published during the months in which the film has been released.Last but not least (actually, maybe it can be the first…), Harley Quinn. For now, I made just three issues for the regular series, but Harley is my favorite character ever.Can you give us a hint of what’s to come for Leslie, her best friend Trish and this mysterious wolf?When Unnatural was first released in Italy, I tried not to reveal too much… the readers actually appreciated that because, after the second chapter of the story, the situations take an unexpected road. I know that at first look it can seem just a “sexy and furry” story but, actually, it is not like that. The mystery and the dark are two fundamental elements in Unnatural. Leslie and Trish (and their friend Derek), will find themselves caught up in facts larger than themselves.Ah, a small tip: I gave to Leslie a lot of my personality. If you do not consider her anthropomorphism, she is a normal girl. She is easily scared and shy. She cries a lot (like me). She is not a heroine, and she gets overwhelmed by the events.Because of these, with time, she will change…via Image ComicsIf you could be an anthropomorphic creature living their life day to day, what type of creature would you be and why? I would love to be a cat or a Welsh Corgi. I would take a nap all over the day, and I would play and eat when I would feel it.Cats and dogs are my favorite animals.Thank you so much for talking with me for Geek. Are there any other projects that our readers should be looking out for? Where can our readers find you? (via social media, websites, etc.?)During the following weeks, there will be an announcement for a new project on which I am currently working, as an artist. I continue with great satisfaction my work for DC Comics, Young Animal, and Vertigo… Generally, if you want to be always updated, you can follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter (you just have to find my name and nickname, Mirkand or Mirkand89).Thank you so much for your interest and for the great questions!UNNATURAL is set to hit comic stores and Comixology in July 2018. Check out the beautiful pages of UNNATURAL provided by Image Comics below.View as: One Page Slides1. 2. 3. 4. Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Buy This Comic: MAN-EATERS #1Buy This Comic: Twisted Romance last_img

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