Arrows New Team Has Some Trust Issues

first_imgStay on target ‘Elseworlds’ Recap: The Arrowverse Prepares for a CrisisThe Arrowverse Gets Batwoman, Supergirl Goes to the Movies, & More DC News Last week, Oliver learned that he couldn’t treat his new team the same way he was treated in the Bratva. He needs to trust them and as a sign of that trust revealed his secret identity to them. How’s all that working out? Well, this week’s episode is titled “A Matter of Trust,” so you can guess not well.Things start out OK. The recruits are watching over Felicity’s shoulder as Arrow interrogates a dealer about a new designer drug called Stardust. He gets the name of another dealer and heads back to the Arrow-cave. Rene is getting impatient. He says he knows the neighborhood the dealer operates in and asks to be let out on the streets. Oliver says if the group impresses them in training, he’ll think about it.Wild Dog tracks down the drug dealer, Derek Sampson anyway and tries to attack him. He’s easily overpowered. Come on, Wild Dog. If the new villain is played by a professional wrestler, you’re not going to get very far on our own. You should know this. With Evelyn Sharp’s help, he’s able to throw Sampson into a vat of chemicals. But this is the DC Universe. We know that’s how supervillains are born.Evelyn (Madison McLaughlin) and Rene (Rick Gonzales) create a supervillain. (Photo: Screenshot via CW)Oliver finds out what happened when his new D.A. storms into his office claiming that some vigilante in a hockey mask killed a drug dealer. He storms into the Arrowcave and tells Rene that trust goes both ways. He understands Rene’s need to trust him, but he needs to be able to trust Rene.Oliver’s political life isn’t going well either. News that Thea appointed Quentin to the office of Deputy Mayor has gotten out, and the press is not being kind. He asks Thea to fix it, and she makes it worse by telling a reporter that Oliver had no idea the appointment even happened.As we all guessed, Sampson is not dead. During his autopsy, he wakes up and attacks the doctor working on him. Green Arrow arrives at the hospital and shoots an arrow through Sampson’s shoulder. It doesn’t have much stopping power, as Sampson now feels no fear or pain. Felicity starts working on a way to counteract the chemical that made him that way.Deadshot (Michael Rowe) returns. (Photo: Screenshot via CW)Things aren’t going great for John Diggle either. Last week, he was betrayed by his superior officer, who framed him for trying to steal one of Damien Darhk’s nukes and for murdering one of his new recruits. Now, he’s in jail. He tells his wife what happened during a visit, but he’s led back to his cell, where he’s tormented by visions of Floyd Lawton.Back in the past, we learn why present-day Oliver trusts their training techniques so much. When he asks why the executed a man at the end of the last episode, the leader brings him to a woman and shows her a photo of the body. She bursts into tears and thanks him profusely. The man had killed her son, and now she has justice. As Oliver is accepted into the Bratva, undergoing a ceremony where each member cuts into his back. He must trust that they won’t kill him.In the present, Sampson calls a bunch of criminals together and shows them his new abilities. He suggests they all take a chemical bath and use their newfound strength to take back Star City from Tobias Church.Cody Rhodes as Sampson. (Photo: Screenshot via CW)Felicity convinces Oliver that the problem isn’t that he doesn’t trust his team, it’s that he won’t. Because he didn’t listen to Rene, Sampson’s superpowers are ultimately his fault. Oliver apologizes to Rene, and they all go after Sampson as a team. They’re able to stop him from creating his army and we finally get to see the team fight together in a pretty great action scene. Oliver disables Sampson by slicing through his tendons, and he’s soon captured.The team is given their new suits, and Oliver applies what he’s learned about trust to his political life too. He calls a press conference and takes full responsibility for hiring Quentin. He says he trusts his sister and keeps Quentin on as deputy mayor. As the episode ends, Oliver learns that John is in prison and he has to break him out.At the end of this episode, it feels like we’re in the same place we were at the end of last week’s. Watching Oliver learns to trust his team didn’t make for the best TV. On the bright side, the final fight scene where the team works together was a reassuring preview of the kind of action we’ll see this season. Also, we were introduced to a new supervillain. I doubt we’ve seen the last of Sampson, and it’ll be fun to see how they bring him back.last_img

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