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Arnett can punish lowly Waterhouse

first_imgAfter a short break for the holidays, the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) will resume today with five quality matches and another of equal importance tomorrow.Promoted team Portmore United, who trail leaders Montego Bay United on goal difference, will have the opportunity to overtake the St James-based team for, at least, 24 hours if they get the better of visitors Reno at Juici Park in Clarendon. Mid-table Boys’ Town will play away to the struggling Cavalier SC at Stadium East while relegation-threatened Rivoli United will host the improving Harbour View at the Prison Oval.Eighth-placed UWI FC have been steadily showing that they belong among the big boys, and a victory over fourth-placed Humble Lion will make believers of others besides their growing band of fans, but, perhaps, the most interest will be in the Arnett Gardens-Waterhouse match at Drewsland. The Drewsland-based team has experienced the greatest reversal of form of all the teams in the League and are now looking to their third coach for the season, Paul Young, to deliver them from their sorry position.No wins yetIn their two matches under Young’s guidance so far, Waterhouse have played to two draws, scored six goals while conceding six. The second was a 4-4 draw with Cavalier FC, where the score resembled an incomplete set of a tennis match. While it was good that Waterhouse scored goals, Kenroy Howell scoring three, it also showed that they are very porous as Cavalier have struggled all season to find the back of the net and had only scored seven from their previous seven games.The above situation could be very inviting to defending champions Arnett Gardens.”Despite their poor showing when Waterhouse play against Arnett Gardens, they usually come with their best effort,” said Arnett Gardens coach Jerome Waite, perhaps masking his excitement at the prospect of facing them.”They have a good coach in Paul Young and, under his charge, they have played two games and have drawn both. They also scored six goals and conceded six, so they have positives in terms of the goals that they have scored, but they have negatives in terms of the goals they have conceded, so we will see,” added the analytical Waite.Young is hoping he can move the team to safety and possibly a semi-final place.”The effort is there at training every day. The attitude is good and the team spirit is good, so I am looking to good things on Sunday,” Young told The Gleaner last Thursday at the Red Stripe Premier League’s weekly press briefing at Red Stripe.However, if they are able to get their act together on the field, they may have a good chance to surprise the defending champions as they will be without two of their key players in defensive rock, captain O’Neil ‘Bigga’ Thompson and midfielder Renae Lloyd. With Thompson out of the backline, Jermain Anderson, Howell, and company may have a greater chance of advancing on goal.At the other end, the home team will have to pay great attention to their former player, Kemal Malcolm, who is having his best Premier League season so far with nine goals to be third on the goal scoring table. With Rohan Amos looking way past his best and Nicholi Finlayson looking casual at best, that combination could be easing pickings for Malcolm and the rejuvenated Leon Strickland, also a former Waterhouse player. Both could be aiming to show Waterhouse what they are missing.Today’s Games:5 p.m.: Cavalier vs Boys’ Town – Stadium East3 p.m.: Portmore United vs Reno – Juici Park, Clarendon3 p.m.: Rivoli United vs Harbour View – Prison Oval3 p.m.: UWI FC vs Humble Lion – UWI Bowl, Mona6 p.m.: Waterhouse vs Arnett Gardens – Drewsland StadiumTomorrow’s game:8:40 p.m.: Montego Bay United vs Tivoli Gardens – Montego Bay Sports Complex Points standingTeam P W D L GF GA GD PtsMoBay United 18 9 7 2 29 11 18 34Portmore 18 10 4 4 19 14 5 34Arnett 18 10 2 6 27 15 12 32Humble Lion FC 18 7 7 4 14 12 2 28H.View 18 6 7 5 18 18 0 25Boys’ Town 18 7 4 7 21 23 -2 25Reno 18 5 8 5 17 19 -2 23UWI FC 18 6 4 8 17 25 -8 22Tivoli 18 5 4 9 23 26 -3 19Cavalier 18 4 6 8 11 18 -7 18Rivoli 18 4 5 9 19 25 -6 17Waterhouse 18 3 6 9 17 26 -9 15last_img read more

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Multiple trade deadline decisions aided Giants’ case to re-sign Madison Bumgarner

first_imgSAN FRANCISCO — Madison Bumgarner was in the weight room at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, wearing a black shirt and orange gym shorts when he was interrupted, if only for a brief moment.When the trade deadline passed on July 31, Bumgarner wasn’t paying attention to a clock or clutching his iPhone. A teammate in the gym looked up, saw the time and pointed out to the pitcher that he was still a Giant.Unlike fellow pitchers Mark Melancon, Sam Dyson and Drew Pomeranz, Bumgarner did not …last_img read more

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War zones hit Emirates fuel efficiency measures

first_imgA turbulent year that included the need to avoid war zones created challenges that saw Emirates’ 2015-16  growth in fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions outpace its rapid increase in capacity.The giant Gulf carrier continues to investigate new ways to fly more efficiently after a 12.8 per cent rise in  fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions outstripped  an 11 per cent growth in capacity, measured in available tonnes per kilometres.Most of the increase was driven by growth that included the introduction to the network of eight new destinations, higher frequencies to 20 existing ports and the use of bigger aircraft on some routes.But weighing against the carrier’s  fuel efficiency efforts, according to its latest environmental report, were challenges such as airspace closures due to security concerns.“Against our business successes, the past year was a turbulent one,’’ chairman Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed  Al Maktoum  said in the report.“Instability in many parts of the world including Ukraine, Syria, Iraq and Yemen has led us to re-route flights to avoid conflict zones, which has had the unavoidable effect of increasing the fuel consumption on the flights that would normally transit these regions.’’Other factors included tougher market conditions that were partly responsible for a 1.8 percentage fall in overall load factor to 65.5 per cent as well as measures to ensure the integrity of the airline’s Dubai hub.As a result, the airline’s per passenger fuel use in 2015-16 grew 5.3 per cent to 4.20 litres per 100 passenger kilometres, compared with 3.99 litres per 100 passenger kilometres the year beforeOverall fuel efficiency fell to  0.3269 litres per tonne kilometre, compared with 0.3057 litres per tonne kilometre the previous year, despite a 0.9 per cent improvement in the fuel efficiency of the carrier’s freighters.“We will be redoubling our efforts on fuel efficiency in the coming year, looking at all aspects from pilot operating techniques, through ground handling and auxiliary power unit (APU) use, to maintenance and weight reduction opportunities, as well as continuing our cooperation with authorities and air traffic management providers around the world to ensure that we can fly the most fuel-efficient flight paths,’’ the report said.A major plank of the Dubai carrier’s efforts to keep carbon emissions under control is the youth of its fleet: 74 months on average compared to industry average of 140 months. Emirates added 29 new aircraft in 2015-16 while retiring nine older aircraft.The young fleet means it complies with Chapter 4 noise requirements, the most stringent currently in force.The company has been working with air traffic control at its Dubai hub to introduce a program to improve the arrival rate of aircraft by decreasing the spacing between aircraft and the UK air traffic controller, NATS, to restructure airspace around London Heathrow to reduce delays due to strong winds.It also scored runs with a 10 per cent reduction in the footprint of its ground transportation fleet as well as a major solar installation at its engine maintenance centre.The 1-megawatt array involved the installation of 2990 panels to form a roof over the engine centre’s car parks to generate more than 1.88 megawatt-hours of electricity each year and save about 800 tonnes of carbon dioxide.Other energy efficiency initiatives included the replacement of lights used for aircraft cabin maintenance with energy saving LED lights, a comprehensive refurbishment of Emirates’ London office that improved energy efficiency by 60 per cent and reduction in power consumption in offshoot dnata’s cargo operations in Brisbane and Sydney.Emirates continued its wildlife conservation efforts in Dubai and Australia while partnering conservation umbrella group partners for wildlife to raise awareness about the devastation caused by the illegal trade in wildlife and wildlife products.last_img read more

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Play Your Part episode 15: get involved

first_imgEpisode 15 of the Play Your Part TV series features Eco Culture Sechaba Foundation in Johannesburg, Calabash Trust in Port Elizabeth and Greenland Landscaping Farm in Limpopo. Here’s how to get involved with these initiatives:Amelia Ratlhankana belongs to Eco Culture Sechaba Foundation, which teaches people to become conservationists. It also does door-to-door education in a variety of subjects, such as illegal dumping, conservation, sewerage and municipal services. (Images: Brand South Africa)Brand South Africa reporterOn episode 15 of Play Your Part, we hear how Eco Culture Sechaba Foundation helped six schools in Johannesburg reach green flag and gold certificate status.The episode, which airs on Saturday, 23 December 2017, is hosted by South African artist Kabelo Mabalane.Here’s more about the guests and how you can get involved with their initiatives:Amelia RatlhankanaRatlhankana is a member of Eco Culture Sechaba Foundation. Its programmes are based on renewable energy (solar geyser and bio-gas), food security (vegetable garden), biodiversity (indigenous gardens and trees), water conservation and water management (recycling system and compost).The team has worked in Cosmo City in Johannesburg since 2011, supporting environmental programmes especially in schools.Contact detailsFacebook: Eco Culture Sechaba FoundationEmail: ecoculturesa@gmail.comTwitter: @iamAmieBRifqah TifloenRifqah TifloenTifloen is on the Calabash Trust team. The trust is a branch of Calabash Tours, a company that gives tourists an experience of life in townships.The trust works with non-governmental organisations to run food gardens and a feeding scheme in schools. It also hosts various workshops, including a storytelling workshop.Contact detailsFacebook: Calabash TrustWebsite: www.calabashtours.co.zaEmail: rifqah@calabashtrust.co.zaAluwani NetshiaAluwani NetshiaArmed with a qualification in agriculture, Netshia started her own landscaping business. Since then, Greenland Landscaping Farm in Limpopo has expanded and now produces food items such as avocados, pear trees and rose geraniums.The business, owned by women, began with two employees and now has a staff of more than 20 people.Contact detailsFacebook: Greenland LandscapingPlay Your Part is broadcast at 18:00 on Saturdays on SABC2.To get involved in playing your part in South Africa:Check out the conversation on Twitter: #GetInvolved; orFind out about initiatives on Play Your Part here.Tell us how you Play Your Part through our social media channels:Follow us on Twitter: @PlayYourPartSA;Follow Brand South Africa on Twitter: @Brand_SA;Like us on Facebook: Official Brand South Africa.Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See Using Brand South Africa material.last_img read more

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Did you calibrate your sprayer? Here is an easy way to do it

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest This is the time to check the accuracy of your sprayer. One can determine if the chemicals are applied at the proper rate only by carefully calibrating the sprayer. While applying too little pesticide may result in ineffective pest control, too much pesticide wastes money, may damage the crop and increases the potential risk of contaminating ground water and environment. The primary goal with calibration is to determine the actual rate of application in gallons per acre, then to make adjustments if the difference between the actual rate and the intended rate is greater or less than 5% of the intended rate. This is a recommended guideline by USEPA and USDA.Before starting calibration, make sure you have a good set of nozzles on the sprayer. Nozzles wear off through extended use causing over application, or some nozzles are plugged. Clean all the plugged nozzles. Check the output of all the nozzles for a given length of time at a given spray pressure. Compare output from each nozzle’s output with the expected output shown in the nozzle catalog for that nozzle at the same pressure. Replace the nozzles showing an output error of more than 10% of the output of the new nozzle. Once you do this, now you are ready to calibrate your sprayer.There are several ways to calibrate a sprayer. Regardless of which method you choose, it usually doesn’t take more than 30 minutes, and only three things are needed: a timer (or watch or smart phones) showing seconds, a measuring tape, and a jar graduated in ounces. Here, I will describe perhaps the easiest of all the methods to determine the actual application rate of a sprayer for broadcast applications: Fill the sprayer tank (at least half full) with water.Calculate the average nozzle output by adding the individual outputs and then dividing by the number of nozzles tested. The final average nozzle output in ounces you get is equal to the application rate in gallons per acre. For example, if you catch 15 ounces from a set of nozzles, the actual application rate of the sprayer is equal to 15 gallons per acre.Run the sprayer, inspect it for leaks, and make sure all vital parts function properly.Measure the distance in inches between the nozzles.Measure an appropriate travel distance in the field based on this nozzle spacing. The appropriate distances for different nozzle spacing is as follows: 408 feet for a 10-inch spacing, 272 feet for a 15-inch spacing, 204 feet for 20-inch spacing, 136 feet for a 30-inch spacing, and 102 feet for a 40-inch spacing. (See extension publication FABE-520 for travel distances for other spacings, and for an explanation for selection of these specific travel distances for given nozzle spacing (http://ohioline.osu.edu/factsheet/fabe-520).Drive through the measured distance in the field at your normal spraying speed, and record the travel time in seconds. Repeat this procedure and average the two measurements.With the sprayer parked, run the sprayer at the same pressure level and catch the output from each nozzle in a measuring jar for the travel time required in step 5 above.Compare the actual application rate with the recommended or intended rate. If the actual rate is more than 5% higher or lower than the recommended or intended rate, you must make adjustments in either spray pressure or travel speed or in both. For example, to increase the flow rate you will need to either slow down, or increase the spray pressure. The opposite is true when you need to reduce application rate. As you make these changes stay within proper and safe operating condition of the sprayer. Remember increased pressure will result in increasing the number of small, drift-prone droplets. Using the trial-and error method to eventually reach the intended application rate takes some time. If you follow the equations given in Extension Publication FABE-520 on Calibration you can find optimum travel speed and pressure much faster.Recalibrate the sprayer (repeat steps 5-8 above) until the recommended application error within 5% or less is achieved.Don’t forget one very important thing while calibrating, and especially operating a sprayer: safety. Although clean water is used during calibration, you should still protect yourself from getting in contact with pesticides inside or outside sprayer equipment. Wear personal protective equipment, at least gloves and goggles. Happy spraying! Erdal Ozkan, Professor and Extension ag engineer, can be reached at 614-292-3006, or ozkan.2@osu.edu. This column is provided by the OSU Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, OSU Extension, Ohio Agricultural Research & Development Center, and the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.last_img read more

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Photo: Sebastian The Ibis Is Wearing A Suit To Miami’s Nightclub Uniform Release Party

first_imgMiami players run onto the field before a game.MIAMI GARDENS, FL – NOVEMBER 11: The Miami Hurricanes take the field during a game against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish at Hard Rock Stadium on November 11, 2017 in Miami Gardens, Florida. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)We’re less than two hours from Miami’s adidas uniform release party at Club Liv in Miami Beach. It looks like those in attendance are dressed for the occasion, including Miami’s mascot, Sebastian the Ibis. Sebastian is donning a suit for the occasion.Sebastian The Ibis is ready for the Adidas jersey reveal party at Club Liv pic.twitter.com/I2MLM6wnK1— CaneSport (@CaneSport) July 18, 2015Looking sharp, Sebastian. Check back later tonight for the full scoop on Miami’s uniform reveal.last_img read more

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Freeland Hunt to announce CanadianBritish press freedom summit this summer

first_imgOTTAWA — Canada and Britain will co-host an international summit in London this summer on the growing threats to freedom of the press, and to promote better protection of journalists, The Canadian Press has learned.Sources say Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland — a journalist before she entered politics — and her British counterpart Jeremy Hunt have been working on the idea for months.Canadian officials spoke on the condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to discuss the conference before it was formally announced.Sources say the talks between Freeland and Hunt have progressed to the point where they have now set a date for a two-day gathering starting July 10, which will include members of governments, civil society and journalists.They say Freeland has been influenced by two high-profile cases: the imprisonment of two Reuters reporters who were sentenced to seven-year terms in Myanmar for violating the country’s Official Secrets Act and the murder and dismemberment of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul last fall.U.S. President Donald Trump has repeatedly called the news media “the enemy of the people,” but sources denied suggestions that his anti-media rhetoric was also a factor.“It’s a theme Minister Freeland has been thinking a lot about in general, particularly because of the cases of the two journalists in Myanmar and the Khashoggi case,” said one source.“But also in general, the current climate is affecting journalist’s ability to do their work freely.” Freeland and Hunt “have this shared concern and that was the genesis of all of this.”Freeland, who used to work at Reuters, condemned the seven-year sentences meted out to Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo, who were reporting on the persecution of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar’s Rakhine State. A military crackdown drove an estimated 900,000 Rohingya out of Myanmar and into neighbouring Bangladesh.The two journalists were reporting on a massacre of the Rohingya people by the Myanmar military in 2017 and say they were framed by police.“This verdict gravely undermines the rule of law and freedom of the press in Myanmar, and betrays the decades-long struggle by the Myanmar people for democracy,” Freeland said in a written statement in September.Britain and the United States also condemned the verdict, along with numerous international human rights organizations.Freeland has called Khashoggi’s killing “abhorrent and represents an unconscionable attack on the freedom of expression and freedom of the press.” Canada also imposed sanctions on 17 Saudis linked to killing, freezing their assets and barring them from entering the country.She has repeatedly called for an independent international investigation so Khashoggi’s killers can be brought to justice.Freeland and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have repeatedly defended a free press as a necessary part of a thriving democracy. While they have not criticized Trump directly, their steadfast defence of the media has come amid unprecedented attacks on press freedom by the American president.Trump has called the news media “the enemy of the people” and derided it for selling “fake news” to its readers. He has also called journalists “crazed lunatics.”“The Fake News Media in our Country is the real Opposition Party,” Trump said in one January Tweet. “It is truly the Enemy of the People! We must bring honesty back to journalism and reporting!”In December, the rights group Reporters Without Borders reported that the United States had, for the first time, formally entered the ranks of the top five deadliest countries in the world for journalists to work.On June 28, four journalists and a sales associate were killed by a gunman who opened fire in the offices of the Maryland newspaper Capital Gazette in what was the deadliest attack on the media in recent U.S. history.In December, the annual report by the Committee to Protect Journalists said the number of journalists killed across the world in retaliation for their work nearly doubled in 2018.It said that 34 journalist were killed in retaliation for their work, while at least 53 were killed overall. In 2017, 18 journalists were killed in retaliation while 47 were counted overall.Mike Blanchfield, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

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