PCM Image-Tek to save $11,000 via energy efficiencies

first_imgPCM Image-Tek, a leading New England electronic assembly services provider, today announced the completion of a strategic energy conservation initiative that will reduce the company’s energy consumption by more than 75,000 kWh per year for the next 15 years.The three-month project involved replacing the lighting system on the company’s 35,000 square foot manufacturing floor with a highly efficient lighting system that significantly improves manufacturing floor lighting while reducing energy consumption by more than half. The project, which was managed by Efficiency Vermont, will save the company more than $11,000 per year and has a payback period of two and half years.‘This project demonstrates that energy conservation can be good for a business’ bottom line and the work environment for its employees, in addition to the environment,’ said Michael Hathaway, president, PCM Image-Tek. ‘The measures we took to improve the efficiency of our lighting are part of an ongoing strategy to increase our competitiveness in ways that also produce a positive environmental benefit.’”I am pleased to have worked with PCM Image-Tek on their lighting retrofit project,” says Efficiency Vermont Key Account Manager Chuck Clerici. “This project significantly reduced the energy use and costs associated with running the business. Through careful planning and the use of the right resources PCM will also be able to claim a tax deduction of $0.60 per square foot of the retrofitted areas. This project is a good example of how environmental stewardship can benefit the Vermont electrical grid and the company’s bottom line.”Over the 15-year life of the project, the facility upgrade will reduce the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions attributable to the company by 1.75 million pounds, nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by 3,400 pounds, and sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions by 6,800 pounds. By reducing the company’s greenhouse gas and other emissions, the project will negate the need to burn more than 850,000 pounds of coal.Other environmental initiatives undertaken by PCM Image-Tek include the adoption of lean manufacturing principles in the company’s printed circuit board, cable and harness, printer applicator production lines. Lean manufacturing is a manufacturing process philosophy that reduces waste, reduces production lead times, and lowers operational costs. In 2006, PCM Image-Tek converted to lead-free production of printed circuit boards the company produces for other manufacturers. In addition to eliminating use of a hazardous substance, the company’s lead-free processes help PCM Image-Tek customers comply with European Union environmental requirements.In the lighting project, PCM Image-Tek replaced 116 400 watt Halide lighting fixtures with T5 High Bay four-lamp fixtures that produce more light for half the electricity. The project also involved replacing 101 T12 lamps and ballasts with T8 lamps and ballasts that also significantly reduce electricity consumption.About PCM Image-TekPCM Image-Tek is a leading regional contract manufacturer and service provider. Precision Contract Manufacturing is the electronics contract manufacturing division of PCM Image-Tek. Through its focus on quality products, on-time delivery, and flexible manufacturing services, PCM helps original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the Northeastern US and Eastern Canada compete in the global economy. PCM products and services include printed circuit board assembly and test, custom cable assembly, electromechanical design and build, and supply chain management. In addition to electronics assembly services, PCM Image-Tek also produces a line of advanced print and apply equipment, and custom industrial labels and labeling solutions for companies throughout North America. The company’s 35,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility is located in Springfield, VT. PCM Image-Tek has 100 employees. www.pcmanufacturing.com(link is external)Source: PCM. SPRINGFIELD, VT ‘ August 11, 2010 ‘last_img

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