Achraf wants minutes to return to Real Madrid

first_imgThe Erasmus Achraf Hakimi (21 years old) is being most productive. Not only is he enjoying what he was looking for when he left on loan to Dortmund (minutes) but he is uncovering as a versatile band player on both sides. In June, when you finish your second and last year of assignment in the Rhineland club, you will have to assess your future and your Real Madrid options. There are more than three months left for that moment, but the baggage is outstanding. “I want to continue growing where they give me the opportunity, as they are doing here in Germany. I am demonstrating the type of player I am and, above all, I am enjoying,” he said in The spar of the SER Chain after the victory (2-1) of his team against PSG in the first leg of the Champions League round of 16. In Madrid they estimate his return to stay. An assessment accentuated by the versatility with which it would return, specifically for the two lateral positions in the rear. But as will happen to other players in the plan to renew Odegaard, Reguilón or Ceballos, the final decision will depend, depending on the case, on Zidane’s opinion and on the position of the players involved. Super Cuponefifteen00 German Cup313100 Bundesliga221,775two9 Sources: Opta and Transfermarkt.At the end of the season, his future will be considered. “In June, everything can happen and we will see what the summer holds,” he said in the SER night sports program, where he expressed his desire: “In my head what I have is that I want to play and keep growing as before.” That is his aspiration, although when Manu Carreño asked him if he would accept a substitute role, he did not rule out scenarios. “We should see it too,” he replied laconically. Champions762240 CompetitionPjMin.GoalsAssist TOTAL332,54369 But its performance goes beyond numbers. His coach, Lucien Favre (62 years old), has made Achraf an indispensable piece while versatile in his scheme. Last season the Swiss coach alternated him as a side by both flanks and this has advanced his position. He first tried it as a left interior and in recent months he has relocated it as a versatile left interior in his functions within the ‘mutant’ drawing of Favre.Achraf numbers in the 2019-2020 season The adaptation of the Real Madrid squad to German football has been almost perfect. A last injury prevented him from putting the finishing touch to a season last year in which he played 2,349 minutes spread over 28 games, scored three goals and gave seven assists. This season has become omnipresent. He has participated in all official matches of Dortmund (33). He has only been a substitute in six and has played full 23. Completed two thirds of the campaign, he has already surpassed all his records from the previous one. He has 2,543 minutes played, has scored six goals and given nine assists. Of his half dozen of so many, four have been in double doubles in Champions to Slavia Prague and Inter Milan.last_img

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