“There are so many fights because women’s football sells”

first_imgMila Martinez serves AS from his home in Japan, the country that has given him his first opportunity on a men’s bench, that of Suzuka Unlimited of the Japanese fourth division. After a little over a year in the Japanese country, La Mancha looks longingly at her past at Primera Iberdrola, where she pioneered as a coach at Albacete, to which she rose and held two years in the top flight, before the club decided to leave her unemployed.How is the situation in Spain living from Japan?I am worried about my parents because they are older. It is scary that they can be spread. Here there is no prohibition. You can go outside to walk, be accompanied and even go to restaurants.But sports activity does stop, right?We suspended training on March 29 because we shared facilities with an athletics club that tested positive for coronavirus.It is shocking that Japan, being so close to China, does not take more prohibition measures …I think there are fewer cases than in Spain due to culture. They kiss less and hug each other than we do. In addition, the use of masks is very normal to avoid infecting others. Those customs help it not spread as much.In your case, has a date been set for the League to start?We have been informed that in principle it will be on July 18 when the league will officially begin. As long as everything is fine. It seems that here the fastest cases now rise. It is all provisional, but before that date it will not be because there are facilities that are closed like ours. In the end you cannot train well because the players train at home and the floors here are very small so they do not have space to do the exercises well.What do you think of the new RFEF plan to end the Women’s League in Spain? It is a complicated situation. The RFEF always complains about the dates of the women’s league, about the fact of fitting dates, and this makes everything difficult. There will be more teams, many days and missing dates. I think that the fairest thing would be to finish the competitions when possible and that the promotions, descents and the league title are decided in a fair way.On a personal level, how do you rate your first year in Japan?I am very happy here and I feel highly valued as a coach. In Japan they have given me the confidence that in Spain they did not give me.How do you see the growth of women’s football from there?I think the Women’s League is a product that is selling well, although it still has a lot to improve. But I always say that there are so many fights (television rights, training rights, etc.) because women’s football sells. If not, no one would fight over him. Three or four years ago, nobody fought.Would you like to return to a women’s bench?Yes. When you have given everything in a women’s team, you feel a little angry that other people are occupying positions that you have fought for. I have a special affection for women and would be delighted to return to this League.What do you think that there is only one coach in the First Iberdrola?There are very good Spanish coaches, but in Spain they give us very few opportunities. We have fought a lot, first to play and then to train, and now we have to look for success outside.Finally, do you think that the emergence of Real Madrid will help women’s football?Yes. I think Real Madrid’s arrival is positive and will help make the Primera Iberdrola brand more visible internationally and nationally.last_img

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