Cash-strapped M&CC $20M celebrations ludicrous

first_imgDear Editor,The very thought that the Mayor and Councillors of the City of Georgetown is even considering splurging $20 million on itself under the guise that it is hosting a week of activities to celebrate its anniversary is just revolting.The members of the administration and/or the committee that came up with such a reckless proposal are evidently demented and not in touch with reality. They should be ashamed of themselves, and be condemned by those in authority at City Hall.How on earth could a municipality that is bankrupt; that is supposedly penniless; that constantly runs to Central Government for bailouts and other forms of financial assistance; that owes, as they say in Guyana, ‘Tom, Dick and HarryLall,’ even conceptualise such an idea. It is at best ludicrous.But the real question to be asked is: What does Georgetown have to celebrate? The collapsed wharf at Stabroek Market? The clocks at the various markets that do not work? The fact that the iconic City Hall is crumbling and falling apart? The rise in crime around the municipal markets? The non-completion of the Kitty Market? The statutory rape of a minor and killing of a mentally ill man whilst he was in the custody of the City Constabulary? They have done absolutely nothing to rejoice about.It would seem that the only validation and rationalisation that the Mayor could advance for the hosting of this ostentatious merriment is that the event is something which was held in the past but had been stopped, and that the event could be likened to that of the annual town weeks of New Amsterdam, Bartica and Linden. This reminds us of the pidgin-style saying: ‘Monkey see, monkey do’, which implies the act of mimicry, usually with limited knowledge and/or concern for the consequences.How pathetic! Do the New Amsterdam, Bartica and Linden municipalities fail to remit workers’ contributions to the Guyana Revenue Authority or the National Insurance Scheme, leaving their workers without any sickness, injury or maternity benefits?Sincerely,Modi Sankarlast_img

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