Not everyone entering Guyana would be bad

first_imgDear Editor,For quite a number of years, I’ve always gotten angry whenever illegal immigrants caught in Guyana are hauled before the courts. Some get fined and deported, and I cannot recall any being jailed. I’ve always had the opinion that it is wrong, and reading Thursday’s papers, I felt a great relief when reading the article wherein our Minister of Foreign Affairs announced that steps would be in place to accommodate those desirous of entering Guyana.There are many reasons that cause people to enter another country, especially illegally; either for better opportunities, and like how we are witnessing problems in neighbouring countries that are causing people to migrate from their country all around. I must applaud Mr Greenidge and say it’s a much welcome move.However, Editor, I urge that even though we would be allowing immigrants, I hope that before this plan is executed, the authorities install proper mechanism in place to prevent lawlessness to occur. No doubt, once the floodgate is open, many would utilize the opportunity to enter, especially criminals/fugitives and drugs mules/dealers/barons.Our whole country is being kept back from development by means of technology because of our dinosaur’s era internet service we are getting for ages, and I hope that all ports of entry would be equipped with internet-ready computers and have network access with other countries, so that background checks could be made on those desirous of entering Guyana. And plans should be in place for monitoring of suspicious characters and the various offenders that would use the opportunity to enter here.Over the years, I’ve witnessed many deportees returning to Guyana, and they would amass followers and boast of the country they got deported from, and compare Guyana with those countries. Sadly, many would believe these disgraced criminals, unknown to them that sometimes the stories they are telling are not true; but it would motivate many of our ignorant youths, and they would end up looking at these deportees as some sort of saviour, and the deportees would encourage them to do all sorts of things, including crime and using illecit drugs.I’ve personally witnessed more than one such incident, so I am just using that as an example so that the authorities would put mechanisms in place to protect our youths; because they are vulnerable, especially our girl children. Not everyone entering Guyana would be bad, and I am quite sure we would be getting a lot of talented people also.Sincerely,Sahadeo Bateslast_img

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