Better Hope pensioner still owed Dynamic refund

first_imgOmar and Mark Ramjit of Better Hope, East Coast Demerara have become frustrated in their efforts to uplift more than $100,000 owed their mother Doorpatie Ramjit as refund from a Dynamic Airways flight cancellation.There are claims that operatives attached to the Ministry of Public Infrastructure (PIM) are giving them a runaround in relation to uplifting this refund.Mark, a seafood supplier from Better Hope North, in venting his concerns to Guyana Times on Saturday, said he is the one who, several months ago, had booked the ticket for his mother, Doorpatie, an old-age pensioner, to travel to the United States in December 2017. The flight was, however, cancelled in December, and no member of the family has received any positive word on when the refund would be payable.“This thing frustrating, cause up to now we can’t get back we money,” Mark Ramjit explained.His brother Omar recalled that the names of affected passengers were to be placed on a list for a refund. “I remember is fifteen of us went to the ministry… They just pushing you around, and nobody telling you anything,” he noted.The family is calling on the PIM to immediately look into the matter. Guyana Times attempted to contact subject ministers David Patterson and Annette Ferguson via telephone on Saturday, but these efforts were unsuccessful.The Ministry of Public Infrastructure had, in January, said it initiated the process to access a bond for the sum of two hundred thousand (US$200,000) United States dollars which was lodged by Dynamic International Airways, LLC, in collaboration with its local handling agent, Roraima Airways Inc.“The funds will be used to refund passengers in Guyana who purchased tickets to travel on the now defunct Dynamic Airways, provided that they have not been able to use the whole or part of same to travel,” the PIM had committed.It was reported at that time that Roraima Airways Inc had submitted to the PIM a list of 609 passengers who were eligible for the refund. The PIM had further assured the affected passengers that it was “assiduously” working to have the process expedited.Dynamic Airways suspended its operations on October 3, 2017 to facilitate reorganisation of its Chapter 11 case under which the airline had filed for bankruptcy. The airline has said that it remains committed to honouring all outstanding financial obligations, whether to passengers, airport authorities, or the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA).The voluntary Chapter 11 petition was filed by Dynamic Airways with the United States Bankruptcy Court in the Middle District of North Carolina.This chapter of the Bankruptcy Code generally provides for reorganisation. Moreover, Chapter 11 allows a debtor to propose a plan of reorganisation to keep its business alive and pay creditors over time.Just a month after filing for bankruptcy, one of the airline’s creditors, owed some US$1.19 million, had moved to the courts to force the airline to liquidate its assists.last_img

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