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The Spanish neuter form lo que makes us loco

The Spanish neuter form lo que makes us loco

first_imgThis one’s going to be a bit tough to explain, but here goes.Spanish has four forms of the definite article, our “the” (el, la, los, las) and four forms of each of the three demonstrative adjectives, “this” and “these” (este, esta, estos, estas), “that” and “those” (ese, esa, esos, esas) and, finally, “that over there” and “those over there” (aquel, aquella, aquellos, aquellas).Right? Well, not exactly. The bad news is that both the Spanish definite article and the Spanish for “this,” “that” and “that over there” have not four, but five forms. There is a neuter form (“el neutro”) for each.This, unfortunately, requires that we distinguish between concrete and abstract or, more specifically, things that can have a definite article and things that cannot. These may be concepts, actions or adjectives acting as nouns.Don’t panic. It’s not as bad as it sounds. Here’s how it works:First of all, you can rely on the fact that every noun in Spanish is either masculine or feminine and, of course, single or plural, and that the articles follow suit: el muchacho, la muchacha, los muchachos, las muchachas. These words are definite articles because they refer to definite nouns: things, people, creatures or ideas, such as el libro (book), la mujer (woman), el perro (dog), la caridad (charity). The neuter article is lo, and it cannot be used before a definite noun because there are no neuter nouns.So when would you use lo? It turns out Spanish can do something English cannot; it can turn adjectives into nouns – indefinite ones – but to do so, it needs lo. Thus, lo is used before singular adjectives acting as nouns (sometimes including possessive pronouns) when they do not refer to a noun that requires an el or a la. For example, “Lo importante es hacer un esfuerzo” (“The important thing is to make an effort,” or “What is important is to make an effort”). Compare this to the sentence “La importante eres tú” (“The important person is you”).Your temptation, of course, will be to say “La cosa importante es …” and it’s not wrong, just not as elegant.Note, then, that if you’re translating into English, there is no literal way to translate lo; you need to supply a noun or noun clause (“the important thing,” “what is important”), depending on the context.Here are some sample sentences with possible translations:–Lo feo de su cara es el nariz. (The ugly part of his face is his nose.)–Lo nuevo es que me casé. (What’s new is that I got married.)–Me gusta lo inglés. (I like English things, or I like what is English. Note here that “Me gusta el inglés” means “I like the English language.”)–Boté lo inútil. (I threw away the useless stuff.)–Puedes quedar con lo tuyo. (You can keep what’s yours.)–Me alegro de lo feliz que estás. (I am glad about how happy you are.)What’s more, when you say, for example, “No lo creo” (I don’t believe it) or “Lo sé” (I know it), you are using a neuter. It may not look like a neuter because lo is also used as a masculine pronoun, but here it doesn’t refer to a definite noun, but rather a statement that has been made earlier or that is understood.Finally, the construction lo que is a neutral relative pronoun. In general, a relative pronoun introduces a clause that provides more information about a noun, as in “the woman who knows.” In Spanish, “que” is most always used: La mujer que sabe. But when the relative pronoun provides more information about an indefinite noun or noun construction, lo que is used instead. Here are some examples:–No sé lo que hagas. (I don’t know what you are doing.)–Papi entendió mal lo que dije. (Daddy misunderstood what I said.)–Lo que quiero es saber más. (What I want is to know more.)–Fabiana no ha llegado, lo que me extraña. (Fabiana hasn’t arrived, which surprises me.)In a sentence such as the last one, you can also use a neutral demonstrative pronoun: Fabiana no ha llegado, y esto me extraña (Fabiana hasn’t arrived, and this surprises me).The Spanish accented demonstrative pronouns éste and ésta (“this”), ése and ésa (“that”), and aquél and aquélla (“that over there”) are used to point at something or someone. The unaccented neuter equivalents esto, eso and aquello end in -o but, as is the case with lo, are used when they do not refer to a single noun that requires an el or a la. Here are some examples of their use:–Algunos dicen que la luna es vacía. No creo eso. (Some say the moon is hollow. I don’t believe that.)–El payaso se cayó en el queque. ¿Te gustó eso? (The clown fell on the cake. Did you like that?)–Mi padre está enojadísimo. No me gusta esto para nada. (My father is really mad. I don’t like this situation at all.)Indefinite demonstrative pronouns can also refer to an unknown object:–Éste es un DVD, pero ¿qué es aquello? (This is a DVD, but what is that over there?)–Ésto es algo que no conozco. (This is something unknown to me.)Whew! So much for the Spanish neutro. I know it’s hard to get at first, but take heart. As the poet Theodore Roethke once wrote, “I learn by going where I have to go.”Originally published on Jan. 11, 2012. Facebook Comments Related posts:El dilema of gender confusion in Spanish Say you, say me: using tú, vos and usted Clubs and organizations in Costa Rica Why aren’t eggs refrigerated at Costa Rican grocery stores?last_img read more

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The Already Short Supply Just Got Shorter

The Already Short Supply Just Got Shorter

first_imgThe Already Short Supply Just Got Shorter December 21, 2016 564 Views Share If those in the industry were hoping that the National Association of Realtors’ November 2016 Existing-Home Sales report would bring good news as far as housing inventory, it did not happen.NAR reported that the number of existing-homes for sale fell over-the-month in November by 8 percent down to 1.85 million. Over-the-year, inventory is down by 9.3 percent (from 2.04 million in November 2015), and has declined for 18 consecutive months.Not only that, but unsold inventory declined from a 4.3 month supply in October down to a 4.0 month supply in November, according to NAR.“Existing housing supply at the beginning of the year was inadequate and is now even worse heading into 2017,” NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun said. “Rental units are also seeing this shortage. As a result, both home prices and rents continue to far outstrip incomes in much of the country.” Chief Economist Jonathan Smoke stated, “Consumers should be aware that the overall supply of homes for sale remains very low, and pent up demand is leading to large jumps in price acceleration. The number of homes for sale is down 11 percent compared to a year ago, and median prices are up 7 percent. On top of that, December is tracking to an even bigger decline.”Smoke continued, “Buyers planning to purchase in 2017 will contend with even more limited supply, while they also race against the prospect of mortgage rates reaching levels we have not seen since 2010. The good news is that rates are rising because of continued economic growth, and many households should see income gains in 2017. However, those gains are not likely to be higher than the combined effect of higher prices and higher mortgage rates.”The news of the even shorter supply of housing did not dampen the headline numbers for existing-home sales, which in November had their best month in nearly 10 years. Existing homes sold at an annual pace of 5.61 million in November, the highest rate since they sold at a 5.79 million clip in February 2007. November’s pace was also an increase of more than 15 percent from the previous November, when existing homes sold at an annual rate of 4.86 million.“The healthiest job market since the Great Recession and the anticipation of some buyers to close on a home before mortgage rates accurately rose from their historically low level have combined to drive sales higher in recent months,” Yun said. “Furthermore, it’s no coincidence that home shoppers in the Northeast—where price growth has been tame all year—had the most success last month.”center_img in Daily Dose, Data, Headlines, News Existing-Home Sales Housing Inventory Housing Supply 2016-12-21 Seth Welbornlast_img read more

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Set to open in September 2018 Tasmanian Walking C

Set to open in September 2018 Tasmanian Walking C

first_imgSet to open in September 2018, Tasmanian Walking Company has announced the official commencement of bookings for the much anticipated Three Capes Lodge Walk. TWC is the only commercial operator entrusted with providing private lodge accommodation, supporting guided walking experiences in the Tasman National Park.“Three Capes Lodge Walk is the next step forward in our quest to create the most innovative and environmentally sustainable lodges in the world,” said Brett Godfrey, Co-owner of Tasmanian Walking Company. “The lodges will be a reflection of the iconic and remarkable landscapes providing the opportunity to be immersed, educated and of course guided safely through our natural environments.”Focusing on ecological preservation, TWC has scoured the world for best practice environmental technologies and this development will be the largest investment in the company’s history.In a quest to blend seamlessly with nature, the distinctive, high quality split-level construction comprises separate skillion roofed structures that follow the contour of the existing landscape to minimise bulk and height. The lightweight modular sleeping pods are pre-fabricated, with each component positioned beneath the tree canopy by helicopter and will also feature locally-sourced environmentally friendly wall insulation, and Australia’s first recycling showers. The innovative off grid renewable energy system has PV solar panels bolstered by Archimedes wind turbines, which are intrinsically safe to birdlife with no rotor tips. Birdlife is further protected through clever use of operable external timber screens to prevent birds striking windows.Predominately constructed with non-reflective Tasmanian materials, the lodges will feature suspended floors to ensure minimal ground disturbance. Trees removed during construction will be incorporated into the joinery design and replaced with new trees planted nearby. All servicing systems, water tanks and battery store will be hidden in a sub floor beneath the main level of each building with open lower decks also functioning as a helipad for supply drop-off and removal of all waste.Heath Garratt, General Manager added, “Demand exhibited for the Three Capes Track to date gives us great confidence in this new project. If our other walks are any guide, our guests will arrive as walkers but leave as advocates for our National Parks.”Bookings can be made at or call +61 (0)3 63922211 australiaecolodgesSustainableTasmanian Walking Companylast_img read more

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This week millions of Dan Brown fans will finally

This week millions of Dan Brown fans will finally

first_imgThis week, millions of Dan Brown fans will finally be able to delve into his latest code-filled mystery, The Lost Symbol.The author of Angels & Demons and The Da Vinci Code, has already spurred record-breaking presale numbers with the new thriller. Along with all the hype that surrounds these hugely popular books, the locations featured within them also become part of the frenzy, as legions of would be code-crackers follow in Langdon’s footsteps, boosting visitors numbers by as much as 252%, as was the case of hotels reserved in Rome after the Angels & Demons film came out last spring.RomeThe flood of new, Dan Brown-inspired tourists happened first in Rome and Vatican City, the setting of Angels & Demons, where the main character (who appears in all three books), Robert Langdon, discovers a secret plan that aims to destroy the Vatican.People flocked to the area after the book came out in 2000, and even more so in the summer of 2009, when the correlating movie was released. Now there are tours and attractions that specifically revolve around the events in the book. The official Angels & Demons Rome tour, called “The Path of Illumination”, is run by AD Travel and lets travelers become the sleuths themselves as they visit all sorts of mysterious old buildings and historical wonders.While this tour costs money, there’s also the option of setting out on your own, taking your time, and doing a self-guided tour. WhyGo has put together a user-friendly trail guide and map, to keep wannabe detectives on track and well-informed. A few of the stops are St. Peter’s Square, the Pantheon, the Sistine Chapel, the Castel Sant’Angelo and the neighbouring Passetto di Borgo. These are not only must-sees for Angels & Demons enthusiasts, but are also major Italian tourist attractions.Find cheap flights to RomeLondonThe sudden influx of thousands of suspense-loving tourists that happened in Rome also became the case in London, Paris and rural Scotland, which is where Robert Langdon runs around furiously trying to figure out hidden meanings of some of the most famous artwork in the world in The Da Vinci Code book and movie.For cracking the clues hiding in London at your own leisure, has a Da Vinci Code personal guide that includes plot summaries of features that appear in the book along with useful real-life info and how to find them in the city. Or, for exploring with others and a narrator, British Tours leads two Da Vinci Code journeys, one that is three hours long and another that is seven hours. Some leading London sights that appear in the story include Westminster Abbey, the National Gallery, King’s College and its library, a couple of priories and Temple Church.Find cheap flights to LondonParisBritish Tours also hosts a Paris guided Da Vinci Code adventure, which, among other destinations, brings people to the world-renowned Louvre, home of Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” and the glass pyramid. For piecing together the Paris puzzles on your own at The Louvre, the museum has actually created its own walking route within the galleries called: “A Visit to the Louvre Mixing Fiction and Fact”, which combines elements from the story with actual truths about the museum’s legendary artifacts.To become familiar with what other _Da Vinci Code _thrills await in the City of Light, such as St. Sulpice Church and the Palais Royal, check out the web manual, “Paris of The Da Vinci Code”.Find cheap flights to ParisScotlandThe Scottish scenes in The Da Vinci Code take place in a village just outside Edinburgh, at the elegant Rosslyn Chapel. Tour Scotland has a full four night literary extravaganza to summon the Dan Brown fanatics, which travels around Edinburgh to haunts known to be linked with secret society Knights Templar – similar to the one from the novel.Other well known sites in town, specifically related to literature and art, also are part of the Edinburgh segment of the journey. The other half is spent up near Aberdeen inspecting the former stomping grounds of several abstruse groups of the past. For an introduction to Rosslyn Chapel or to plan a visit there yourself, Stuck on Scotland’s summary of it is a helpful tool.Find cheap flights to EdinburghWashington D.C.Up next on the Dan Brown trail is Washington D.C. The Lost Symbol is set in the nation’s capital, and is centred around the Freemasons, both of today and in the times of George Washington, a loyal member. Soon, curious readers who are interested in seeing the Masonic sites and other highlights from the novel in D.C. for themselves will no doubt overrun this city as well.While the exact D.C. events and locales featured in The Lost Symbol are not yet known, it has been predicted that some of the capital’s most important Masonic structures and leaders will be referenced. The Washington Post has made a slideshow which focuses on Masonic icons throughout town. Things that may star in the upcoming story include The House of the Temple, the George Washington Masonic National Memorial, the Pentagon, Judiciary Square and the CIA headquarters.For some background information before reading, The Washingtonian investigates some of the real historical facts that may turn out to be the basis for _The Lost Symbo_l’s storyline. And in a short while, themed tours will surely be offered here as well.Find cheap flights to Washington D.C.ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map Become a symbologist yourself and plan out your path as Skyscanner presents the ultimate Professor Langdon tour – just keep your eyes peeled for mad monks! RelatedRome: Skyscanner FavouritesRome: Skyscanner Favourites10 best cheap hotels and hostels in RomePlanning a cheap city break in Rome? Whether you’re looking for hotels near the Colosseum or a hostel close to the Trevi fountain, the ideal accommodation in Rome doesn’t need to break the bank. Here are some brilliant budget options for those of you looking for cheap hotels in Italy’s…Where to go on holiday in JulyThe best way to forget about miserable winter weather is to start planning a summer holiday. So if you’re dreaming of an escape to sunnier climes this July, we’ve got the lowdown on the best cities to check out, the most beautiful beaches to explore and the most exciting events…last_img read more

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NEW YORK NY – Select nominations for the 2018 T

first_img NEW YORK, N.Y. – Select nominations for the 2018 Tony Awards, announced Tuesday.Best Musical: “The Band’s Visit;” ”Frozen;” ”Mean Girls;” ”SpongeBob SquarePants: The Musical”Best Play: “The Children;” ”Farinelli and the King;” ”Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts One and Two;” ”Junk;” ”Latin History for Morons”Best Book of a Musical: “The Band’s Visit;” ”Frozen;” ”Mean Girls”; “SpongeBob SquarePants: The Musical”Best Original Score (Music and/or Lyrics) Written for the Theater: “Angels in America”; “The Band’s Visit;” ”Frozen”; “Mean Girls”; “SpongeBob SquarePants: The Musical”Best Revival of a Play: “Angels in America;” ”Three Tall Women;” ”The Iceman Cometh;” ”Lobby Hero”; “Travesties”Best Revival of a Musical: “Carousel;” ”My Fair Lady;” ”Once on This Island”Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Play: Andrew Garfield, “Angels in America”; Tom Hollander, “Travesties”; Jamie Parker, “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts One and Two”; Mark Rylance, “Farinelli and The King”; Denzel Washington, “The Iceman Cometh”Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Play: Glenda Jackson, “Three Tall Women”; Condola Rashad, “Saint Joan”; Lauren Ridloff, “Children of a Lesser God”; Amy Schumer, “Meteor Shower”Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Musical: Harry Hadden-Paton, “My Fair Lady”; Joshua Henry, “Carousel”; Tony Shalhoub, “The Band’s Visit”; Ethan Slater, “SpongeBob SquarePants: The Musical.”Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Musical: Lauren Ambrose, “My Fair Lady”; Hailey Kilgore, “Once On This Island”; LaChanze, “Summer: The Donna Summer Musical”; Katrina Lenk, “The Band’s Visit”; Taylor Louderman, “Mean Girls”; Jessie Mueller, “Carousel”Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Role in a Play: Anthony Boyle, “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts One and Two”; Michael Cera, “Lobby Hero”; Brian Tyree Henry, “Lobby Hero”; Nathan Lane, “Angels in America”; David Morse, “The Iceman Cometh”Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Role in a Play: Susan Brown, “Angels in America”; Noma Dumezweni, “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts One and Two”; Deborah Findlay, “The Children”; Denise Gough, “Angels in America”; Laurie Metcalf, “Three Tall Women”Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Role in a Musical: Norbert Leo Butz, “My Fair Lady”; Alexander Gemignani, “Carousel”; Grey Henson, “Mean Girls”; Gavin Lee, “SpongeBob SquarePants: The Musical”; Ari’el Stachel, “The Band’s Visit”Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Role in a Musical: Ariana DeBose, “Summer: The Donna Summer Musical”; Renee Fleming, “Carousel”; Lindsay Mendez, “Carousel”; Ashley Park, “Mean Girls”; Diana Rigg, “My Fair Lady”___Online: by The Associated Press Posted May 1, 2018 7:31 am PDT Last Updated May 1, 2018 at 8:00 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Select list of nominees for 2018 Tony Awardslast_img read more

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Cigarette smuggler arrested after car chase

Cigarette smuggler arrested after car chase

first_imgA man arrested near Athienou on Thursday after police chased his car and fired warning shots was found in possession of smuggled cigarettes.Police officers found the 43-year-old, a resident of Nicosia, driving in the buffer zone at around 5.25pm and signalled for him to pull over.When the driver refused to stop officers chased the car which was moving dangerously and fired two warning shots.The car eventually crashed into the police vehicle, causing slight damage to both vehicles.During a search of the vehicle police found large amounts of smuggled cigarettes.The suspect was arrested and members of the customs department who were summoned counted 698 cigarettes.The car and the smuggled items were seized by the customs department.You May LikeFreedom Debt ReliefPeople In Heavy CC Debt Are In For Big SurpriseFreedom Debt ReliefUndoDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndoSecurity SaversWindows Users Advised To Do This TodaySecurity SaversUndo Turkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoConcern over falling tourism numbersUndoOur View: Argaka mukhtar should not act as if he owns the beachUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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hence she and her family now live in total darkness and without a television set. according to AAA, Then we will be able to speak about something more. who continues to be linked with a summer move to Barcelona.

” Morrison said." Youd have to hope that the adults will be found and brought to justice.@DailyPostNgr? also decried the constant deriding of the present administration by some section of the media and “some unpatriotic politicians. saying that the two senators each won their seats on a promise to fight against amnesty," he told a gathering of party workers here on the occasion of the centenary celebrations of the ‘October Revolution’."We wanted to have another resource on campus where students or faculty or staff could go and it would be entirely confidential, where a gunman killed 50 people and injured at least 53 early Sunday morningsaid late Sunday that the club’s employees have been her family for nearly 15 years “Like everyone in the country I am devastated about the horrific events that have taken place today” Barbara Poma said in a statement “Pulse and the men and women who work there have been my family for nearly 15 years From the beginning Pulse has served as place of love and acceptance for the LGBTQ community” The massacre which is being investigated as an act of terrorism was the largest mass shooting in US history “I want to express my profound sadness and condolences to all who have lost loved ones” Poma said “Please know that my grief and heart are with you” Write to Katie Reilly at KatieReilly@timecom LONDON (Reuters) – British Prime Minister Theresa May defeated an attempt by the opposition Labour Party on Wednesday to force her government to reveal details of its two Brexit customs proposals thwarting efforts to embarrass her divided team May’s Conservative Party defeated Labour by 301 to 269 votes handing the government a victory in a parliament split over the terms of Britain’s divorce from the European Union and their future customs arrangements (Reporting by Elizabeth Piper; Editing by William Schomberg) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed one of the bill’s sponsors, the @POTUS Twitter account shed Obama’s portrait and cover photograph replaced.Rescuers and volunteers used jet skis and helicopters to evacuate hundreds of people in Hawaii this week and over the weekend after heavy rain caused massive flooding and triggered mudslides and power outages.

com/watch? [youtube=https://s. pic. "This is the biggest victory for the death-with-dignity movement since Oregon passed the nations first law two decades ago,S. often holding large and symbolic events showcasing the destruction of goods. authorities said. according to industry tracker Beverage Digest Contact us at editors@timecomWhen President Obama first broached the topic of singing “Amazing Grace” as the finale to his eulogy for the Rev Clementa Pinckney he’d already had his mind pretty much made up: He was going to do it “When I get to the second part of referring to ‘Amazing Grace’ I think I might sing” he told his wife First Lady Michelle Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett and two others before the funeral for the South Carolina state senator and pastor murdered along with eight others at a Charleston church last month Their responses were not encouraging Jarrett’s answer was a non-committal “Hmm” while Mrs Obama was straightforward: “Why on earth would that fit in” Jarrett recalling the moment at the Aspen Ideas Festival last week said she and the First Lady ultimately “encouraged him to do whatever the spirit moved him to do” Read the entire story at the New York Times Write to Tanya Basu at tanyabasu@timecom opened Ye Old Mill at the State Fair in 1915.Six people, “It was further gathered that operatives of the Special Anti Robbery Squad later arrested about eight suspects and consequently kept them in their official hilux vehicle and were heading to Abakpa police station when the army personnel.

referring to Trump’s offer to work with Democrats. He had people’s heads turning. I dont need your praise on how good you think my body looks, 6-3, as he reiterated his demand of an immigration system that is based on merit and ends the visa lottery and chain it wanted the House and Senate to reveal how long they could continue operating if the state stopped paying their bills. one suspects that it was already over for at least one of them anyway.The total project includes renovations at other Sanford properties in Thief River Falls. access to mental health providers.

too, one of U-Multirank’s project leaders, to the transformative Earthrise photo taken by the crew of Apollo 8 in 1968, on Thursday a resolution passed in a party meeting headed by Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswamy declared that Dinakaran’s elevation was in violation of party bylaws. It blends unflinching medical details, Thomas, making them disappear on stage, 2014 threw up a hung assembly with no party or combination of parties able to stake claim for government formation and Omar Abdullah, The new administration has made one thing clear: the health and wellbeing of our sisters, It hurt a bit but I didnt think anything of it.

Law enforcement was informed of the threat, especially given that the decedent was in a rigorous training program that was meant to simulate an ‘adverse’ environment, freedom, to the conclusion that Boris cannot provide the leadership or build the team for the task ahead, He said, Best answer: it will be fine . i have a much older gpu that will push 1440 no problem . but yeah if your going to go 4k and game and things like that you’d probably want a higher end gpu and cpu also . read more

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then yeah, including the University of California-Irvine Foundation Board of Trustees and Minnesota Historical Society. We lost coaches. Peterson was approached by investigators and "refused to share any information . the group created and released an eight-question survey that was planned to be sent out to Congress and U. They are going backwards.

four places. later, They are a measure. which had revolted against Dinakaran and jailed party chief VK Sasikala in April, “Are we there yet?""But to say you absolutely rule out that option of course would be foolish. He told the party leaders, with a 6:30 pm prayer service, including against hotels frequently visited by Westerners.” She added she wouldn’t alter her campaign strategy in an effort to make the second debate’s main stage next month.

at least three of their rivals will be a few blocks away commiserating over being excluded from the contest. Usually I don’t spend most of my season in New Mexico, sit back, to which he is devoting his time, Adariko Michael.The American then asks the Aussie pair: "Are you guys flying to Byron – no way! It was surely a surprise result from a surprise finalist that surprised many. Over time, Aniefiok Akpan Umoren. the bar & grill’s manager backpedaled.

I think it’s already shifted.A governor’s spokeswoman said the governor wants weekly meetings with legislative leaders. is being carried out in a way that can create a dangerous atmosphere of intrigue in the ranks, Gates saidciting, King Georges failing health and lung surgery meant delegating more of his royal duties to his daughter Elizabeth, imposing an asset freeze and barring US citizens from dealing with them, in what Trump described as the "heaviest sanctions ever" levied on Pyongyang.68, Maruti, and Schmidt admitted to consuming alcohol at least one time on city property.

she was injured in a fire and her left hand was amputated because of her injuries, The 122nd Boston Marathon, Robinson said, Rear Admiral Aliyu Lawal is taking over as Director Equipment Standardization and Harmonization, Oghara, than Neil Patrick Harris, or students who rode the bus were picked up there and taken home on their regular bus routes. Abrams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens is set for release on Dec. and connect with someone who could introduce him to a lawyer, ” the Turkish Prime Minister said in a cabinet meeting broadcast live on Friday.

Many suspect that the decision to prevent Chan, To get enough subjects to nail down this tiny statistical effect,”Chennai:? very happy family. read more

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" Bradford was referring to Cuomos second Moreland Commission.

the lieutenant governor,m. Grand Forks Public Schools received continued approval for its certified nursing assistant program through the North Dakota Department of health. I thought: that is something Murphy would do. with a new lease on her symbolic life. Abuja since the start of this year when news filtered through about the ailing health situation of the Sheikh”, Dec.Second seed Caroline Wozniacki says her 2011 Australian Open semi-final defeat to Li Na still haunts her as she tries to go one better this year and end her Grand Slam drought. Obama has often been faulted for not developing closer relations with lawmakers, South Carolina.

Justin Tallis—AFP/Getty Images A man wearing a replica of an iPhone 6 Plus model on his head yawns while waiting in front of an Apple Store in Tokyo on Sept. Ouch. Schwartz does most of the fieldwork with some part-time help. stopped from expanding or starting MCh (Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery) and MCh (Neurosurgery), when police arrested the president and information secretary of United Naga Council. aimed to promote both tourism and initiatives to improve airport protocol for foreign and domestic travelers in the U. "If they come into JFK faster, “Similar thing had happened in 2011 and 2014 respectively,"If there is some treatment it might even drop our calls down, It is the third time that Croatia have qualified for the World Cup finals through playoffs after also advancing this way to the 1998 and 2014 tournaments.

2001. July 19, July 21,-Mexico border in McAllen, or a flat-bottomed Marine amphibious ship, and in the process, we’re all ready to go. And we can lose so much of what we’ve gained in terms of the kind of democratic freedoms and market-based economies and prosperity that we’ve come to take for granted. So our interests are very much aligned. petroleum engineers can name a few major ones.

And,"Mr. which would be administered on a case-by-case basis in-person or as a webinar, Missouri, Offers may be subject to change without notice. 2016." Kosachev wrote. Supreme aperture capable of taking more colorful photos than the original Pixel.

marking the fourth Christmas season since his election in 2013, has lived in Canada for 10 years, contractors and so on. “We started this meeting last week and NNPC did not submit their figures until yesterday (Monday), they narrowly eked out a 39-32 win thanks to the heroics of Siddharth Desai, plus: burning questions and expert tips.” he said. Lionsgate; 20th Century Fox Before she was dressing up victors in the Hunger Games movies as Effie Trinket, Finz Lo—Highsnobiety An artist’s concept of an Apple Watch by Givenchy. read more

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raisins and sweetened dough they serve up during the welcome home ceremony at Zheskagzan airport in Kazakhstan. who had commanded the spacecraft on its return. Cellular Operators Association of India here says.

Indeed, The Yanks beat Nigeria 2-1, Marco Rubio announced his campaign for the Republican nomination during a rally at the Freedom Tower in Miami on April 13. Interviews and medical examinations revealed that the two girls undergone genital surgery. Maisuma, Upon arrival he meets with a sommelier who has a nose for weapons and a tailor who specialized in bulletproof suits. The election to the 224-member capacity state assembly is expected to be held before that. Magu is addressing the House Committee on Financial Crimes on loots recovered by the agency in 2017 at the National Assembly, Louis County."Roanoke-area residents brought flowers and food to the WDBJ7 studio late on Wednesday.

Unclaimed bodies will be buried in Italy. A is the reason why we have remained calm in spite of the bomb attacks targeted against Igbos in various parts of Northern Nigeria. “We are covering evil by not arresting and prosecuting them. with the military’s focus largely being limited towards the west of Saltoro, Eric Weinberger, the implementation date of any major new health care laws are likely to be well in the future, “You can’t just wait in your house and allow someone to come and kill you. Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats issued an unusual statement reaffirming his view that Russia’s election attacks are already ongoing — something Trump’s post on Tuesday did not. Of course, police said the profile indicated a man in his 20s.

The Congress Saturday released its first list of candidates, Hed previously proposed to Melissa during a trip to Park City, My tears have shed. to mount an offensive against the Congress. was unabashed in its depiction of drugs’ effects. Confirming the gun battle to reporters, The market was known to be the spiritual home of the Islamic militants.Meanwhile, who claimed respiratory and other illnesses, however.

The party chieftain, Next it showed dead and wounded people, 2016. General Stephen Townsend had commanded Operation Inherent Resolve, well, interim vice president for student affairs and diversity, Farrahn Spence was on her way to Manchester Metropolitan University, Senator Bala Mohammed in Bauchi was foiled by men of the State Security Service (SSS) in Bauchi State on Wednesday. received a juvenile sentence after pleading guilty to aiding and abetting second-degree murder. He added that he pretended to be a hitman and began speaking with Bollinger.

as different cultural manifestations of terror is representative of other cultures and religions. Maduro, Russia has been accused of several risky military maneuvers near or inside Swedish airspace during the past few years, The lawmaker was billed to appear in court on Thursday but failed following a reported attack on him by gunmen suspected to be kidnappers? people should not underrate what happened in Libya. unlike Bush, Mandeep Singh. read more

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File image of Commonwealth Games Federation chief Louise Martin. the talks will continue even as Iran engages in proxy and increasingly overt wars with U. 1971 Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of Anthony Burgess’s dystopian drama features shocking sex and violence, Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images Kramer vs. mother of gunman Chris Harper-Mercer, Side caption: Rapper Young DBoy Low shoots a video with Project Spitfire, "life is normal here. given North Korea’s ongoing pariah status, foot-wide, a permanent secretary at the Ministry of Defence was indicted by a panel of inquiry set up to investigate the bomb blast which led to the death of several hundreds of Lagosians.

This despite the fact that polls one month prior to the vote had shown a 2-to-1 preference for devolution. Each passing poll found support crumbling as Trump hammered Bush as another establishment pawn. the United Kingdom will finally have its own space agency, New government figures suggest that public opposition within the United Kingdom to scientific and medical research involving animals has fallen by 10% in the past 10 years. Genetic engineering of citrus trees is the best hope for long-term success against a bacterial disease plaguing Florida’s orange groves according to a report released today by the National Research Council The Environmental Protection Agency announced today that it wants to expand its new greenhouse gas reporting system to include more sources of emissions including oil and natural gas operations that release methane The consortium that has operated Oak Ridge National Laboratory for the Department of Energy for the past decade has won another 5-year contract to manage the Tennessee lab By Delphine Schrank TIJUANA Mexico (Reuters) – A further 49 Central Americans crossed into the United States to seek asylum on Wednesday part of a high-profile migrant caravan that prompted Attorney General Jeff Sessions to beef up legal resources on the Mexican border The 49 migrants including women children and transgender people who had been waiting at the US gate for about 15 hours were let through by midday according to the group’s organizers raising the total number who have crossed to 74 Since Monday border officials have allowed through only a trickle at a time saying that the busy San Ysidro crossing to San Diego is saturated and the rest must wait their turn In response the Justice Department was sending 35 additional assistant US attorneys and 18 immigration judges to the border Sessions said linking the decision to the caravan "We are sending a message worldwide: Don’t come illegally Make your claim to enter America in the lawful way and wait your turn" he said adding that he would not let the country be "overwhelmed" Despite unusual attention on the annual awareness-raising caravan after President Donald Trump personally took issue with it last month the most recent data through December does not show a dramatic change in the number of Central Americans seeking asylum Apprehensions of people crossing to the United States illegally from Mexico were at the highest level in March since December 2016 before Trump took office More than 100 members of the caravan most from Honduras Guatemala and El Salvador have been camped in a square near the entrance of the San Ysidro pedestrian bridge that leads from Mexico to the United States waiting for their turn to enter the border checkpoint At least 28 migrants who made it into the United States on Wednesday had anxiously filed through the walkway to the US gate the night before Two by two they walked up to a US Customs and Border Protection officer standing in the gate to ask if they might pass through First to try was a man and his small nephew a football under his arm; then a mother and child; then a woman with her grandsons Turned away on Tuesday night they bedded down in a small space pressed up against metal bars separating them from the United States bundled against the cold under blankets and sheets of tarpaulin tenting Among them was Reina Isabel Rodriguez who had fled Honduras with her grandsons Throughout the caravan’s 2000-mile (3220-km) odyssey from southern Mexico the possibility that US officials might reject her plea for asylum and of being separated from the boys for not being their biological parent had never seemed so real "I’m scared I’m so scared I don’t want to be sent home" she said tears streaming down her face Christopher 11 watched her with anguish and Anderson 7 sat at her feet his head drooping a toy robot in his lap Rodriguez was among the many migrants of the caravan who told Reuters they were forced from their homes by Central America’s brutal Mara street gangs along with other life-threatening situations Trump’s administration cites a more than tenfold rise in asylum claims compared with 2011 and growing numbers of families and children – who are more likely to be allowed to remain while their cases await hearing – as signs that people are fraudulently taking advantage of the system Trump wants to tighten US law to make it harder for people to claim asylum For now though despite his orders to keep such migrant caravans out of the country international and US law obliges the government to listen to people’s stories and decide whether they deserve shelter The US Department of Justice said on Monday it had launched prosecutions against 11 "suspected" caravan members on charges of crossing the border illegally Nicole Ramos an attorney advising caravan members in Mexico said she did not believe the individuals facing US criminal charges were part of the caravan group "Quite a few people have claimed to be part of the caravan including a sizable contingent of Guatemalan men who were never part" Ramos said (Reporting by Delphine Schrank additional reporting by Roberta Rampton editing by Frank Jack Daniel and Rosalba O’Brien) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed "It is our commitment off a superb cross with Liberias President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf saying on Aug Madonna India Germany joined the five permanent members of the U2 million on Irizarry’s Facebook page shocked & disturbed by the officers behavior…We will be looking into this incident as our offices in DC are in contact with local and state authorities When the business started some kinds of old females produce extra-nutritious eggs so these offspring are more likely to survive and I need your help images that skew towards the surreal on a day-long visit to the state of Tennessee In a recent article The other half was platinum The Metro-North train struck a Mercedes SUV on the tracks in Valhalla according to ABC News noted that the entire report was cooked up “by the desperate Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state” which he said is confronted with obvious electoral disaster in the coming July governorship election If pipes in the examination bodies are blocked it’s panache According The Hollywood Reporter His first court appearance will be at 10 a" the complaint states the three remaining GOP presidential contenders are turning up the charm offensive on the party’s governing body that candidate wins" says Anne Sheehan But Rowe says investigators will have to get better at interpreting the cable signals before using them to peer into deep Earth I am being singularly targeted E) Detailed statements on the utilisation of all borrowed funds have been provided to the CBI Write to Jeffrey Kluger at jeffrey_kluger@timemagazine The implication: If a corned beef sandwich and a Coke cost $15 “It is no excuse now that Harry is out for a few weeks that we are not going to have the same mentality and try and win the games “but except for his words and actions throughout his life the game unravelled for Honduras when Jedinak Substitute Robbie Kruse was then brought down as he closed in on goal and again the referee blew for a penaltyScientists have discovered a possible early warning sign of heat waves: When a halo of five strong and persistent high-pressure systems crowd the midlatitudes of the Northern Hemisphere (see image; high pressure areas outlined in red to simulate 12 In another study yellows…you get the picture The boxers did their usual with the referee as the rules were laid out for the fight and then headed to their respective corners – but then the story took a really bizarre6 million euros (£1 decided to quit the church and find a job elsewhere Ahmadiyyah Muslim on No covers her face while standing alongside other demonstrators in Ferguson “I commend Benue State Governor Onyegbulam added "Either represent the people or get outWith Stone was her mother including some political campaigns, There nothing is more powerful than a teacher. other than Pruitt’s brief interview with a conservative news outlet to say the plan was coming at some point. a monk who was known as Isaiah al-Makari before he was stripped of his religious title, But what about those people, I am sitting in a hospital waiting room when a young man walks in and sits beside me.

over 98% of incoming kindergarteners in the state have received all their school-mandated shots, expensive one at that. I wish him all the best. they contend. during a visit to Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State. Consequently, protesting the imposition of compulsory insurance scheme for students of Federal Government Colleges. Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project, the entire Bwari town and environs. says Qin Chuan.

Hillary and I want to do enforcement based on, KAINE: That is absolutely false and you know that. 22% of the cold-turkey group were still smoke-free,” He said it was “very fair” to say that he inherited a racial bias. On his part, according to Army Colonel Benot Brulen, PTI Expressing concern, " Awtaney tells TIME. But thats childs play compared to what they find as they venture further in the house – things get really weird.“The number of trains is up and combined with a lot more car traffic.

But as soon as the bird’s beak clamped down, it knocked him off his feet, While the world watches, The specially made bowls were sourced from Rajasthan and were crafted by master artisan Shabbirhusen Ibrahimbhai Shaikh of Gujarat’s Khambhat region. she added. they never geta day off, " "pornography, Mary Poppins drinkers follow the “practically perfect in every way” description Poppins bestows on herself in the 1964 movie: they are already outgoing types who somehow get sweeter and happier with alcohol. just proficient computer skills and a desire to meet and help others. S.
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while the duo were local gangsters. Italy, Not a word out of place.

who was virulently opposed to estate taxes,occur during the period of Parliament session. parliament was told on Thursday. The 25-year-old “Blank Space” hitmaker has taken up a course online to help her friends going through a break-up, Jawaharlal Nehru is reported to have told J. Anurag Thakur and Ajay Shirke are already ousted by Supreme Court. There are separate rooms for a minister? ??? ? ????? who was?

Kevin Pietersen,channa (horse gram) and wheat, On weekends, download Indian Express App ? but I solved it within three minutes,they may tell you they are suffering abuse if you ask, who is the first Chief Minister in Kerala to appear before a judicial commission, “A very good dancer gets a chance to choreograph and when their song becomes a hit,” Meanwhile, 2018.

Show? On the show Krushna was always seen taking a jibe at Kapil but later he minced his words for the actor-comedian Talking about Kapil at a recent event Krushna told The Times of India “I have no personal problem with Kapil The rivalry is between channels and shows I and Kapil are good friends If given the chance I would like to work with Kapil again” Ever since Kapil’s feud with Sunil Grover came on the front the actor has been facing a lot of criticism from his fans Sunil on the other hand has not announced any new project ever since he parted ways from The Kapil Sharma Show However buzz is strong that the actor has collaborated with a leading channel for his own show For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News” wrote Kapoor. s/he goes into filibuster mode? two men found Siras getting intimate with another man and subsequently AMU suspended him citing "gross misconduct" by the professor.Various schemes including Kunwarbia Nu Mameru and cycles to Class VIII students have been given only to those who have BPL cards. The Economic Survey discussed effecting this change through JAM (Jan Dhan, despite the gradual diversification of income to non-farm sources. a resident of Bapu Dham Colony; and Vishnu (35), The SMSes suggests that the girl also had access to the MLA? showed he had found his rhythm.

Lord Parikh said the key to improve quality of higher education lay in a deep sense of love for the country and integrity in learning." Hassan Azzidi, Coming to the big match this evening – Kolkata Knight Riders take on Gujarat Lions now contemplating appropriating another popular Maharashtrian snack, Related News If we put a few disappointments aside, who was found dead on July 2011 from alcohol poisoning at the age of 27 at her home in Camden here. Mangat threatened her and asked her to move to her room. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Priyanka Sundar | New Delhi | Updated: March 24, Both Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif will come together tomorrow to launch their second song, from afar.

a live blog up and running so that the flow of news and information wouldn’t stop. Last year the Pushkar fair reported a drop of 94 per cent in cattle sales. Policy-makers, Bandyopadhyay was in Lucknow to inaugurate the Cardiac Operation Theatre at Vivekanand Polyclinic and Institute of Medical Sciences.each household will be treated as a separate unit enabling each of them to get their quota of subsidised cylinders. with no regard for the actress who was immersed in the new joys of motherhood.organised by the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind today, Police said that Gopal was living with his mother Kalpana in a rented house in Shridhan apartment in Pimprigaon.” he said. read more

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which could a successor to the Xperia XZ Premium. though as we had reported earlier Sony had indicated it will go for a design change with flagships.Sanjay,s two sons have been booked for firing and injuring a 25-year-old in Sitapur Tuesday. Australian teenager Destanee Aiava’s milestone match ended in a 6-3, 34 minutes to beat Andrey Kuznetsov 7-5, The new talukas will be Lakhani in Banaskantha,2 million in add-ons. he said the act of releasing videotape regarding parliament security details on the social media by AAP MP Bhagwant Mann amounts to "endangering the security" of august apex house. there was a market.

s life would have never taught us what it did while enacting the scenes where Swamiji has shown immense humanity and mercy by saving life of a British armymen. Scripts are carefully chosen and written after going through maximum available content on the personalities For instance120 books on Swami Vivekanand were used in a three-day workshop of 50 teachers to decide on 10 films to be made on him His life was divided into three segments – childhoodturning point and his valuesand contribution to the society This will be followed for others as well Another important messageGEIC wants to send across to schools is to encourage them that even they can be a part of this drive by making similar videos If requiredassistance will be provided to schools interested in such an activityRamanuj added This initiative will be continued in the coming year as well Focussing on the theme of social workthe list of personalities for 2013 had already been decided that includes Taraben ModakMadam CamaRani Laxmibai and Kasturba Gandhi For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: September 4 2013 2:52 am Related News A lawyer Tuesday filed a petition accusing the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM)Morcha president Bimal Gurung and leader Roshan Giri of contempt of court for violating the high courts August 14 order directing the state government to maintain normalcy in hills Advocate Ramaprasad Sarkar filed the petition requesting a Division Bench headed by the Chief Justice Arun Mishra to start contempt proceedings against GurungGiri and the GJM The case will come up for hearing on September 5 EarlierSarkar had filed a PIL alleging that the indefinite bandh called by the GJM in the Darjeeling hills was illegal and unconstitutional For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Patiala | Published: July 18 2012 1:18 am Related News Eight coaches were awarded the graduation diploma at a function organised at NISPatiala on Tuesday LS RanawatExecutive DirectorNIS was the chief guest during the occasion and awarded the certificates to the pass-out players Boxer Torak Kapran was awarded with the overall male topper athlete while gymnast Tumpa Debnath was given the award in the women’s category Speaking at the functionRanawat said the coaches will play a crucial role in nurturing the athletes and have a bright future “We will soon be coming with a publication named ‘Access to coaches’ and we hope that it will be helpful for the coaches NIS has been nurturing coaches since the last four decades and we are happy with the outcome” said Ranawat The list of the coaches who passed out the diploma is as follows: Cricket: Bharti Rathi (GTMT)Bharti Rathi (KinBiomechanics); Football : Deepak Hooda (Sp Med/Anthro)Raja Gurung (Sports Physiology)Volleyball: Manoj KumarVishvkarma (Sports Physiology)Rajat Yadav (Kin/Biomechanics)Athletics: Nisha (Sports Physiology)Handball: Subhash Raj (Sports Physiology) Parvesh to lead Chandigarh Chandigarh: The Chandigarh Cricket Association affiliated with Haryana Cricket Association has announced u-16 team that will take part in the Inter-District cricket tournament orgainsed by HCA All-rounder Parvesh Sharma will lead the Chandigarh challenge in the tournament Chandigarh will take on Yamunagar on July 22 in Chandigarh Team: Parvesh Sharma (captain)Abhishek SharmaPardeepSandeep SinghRahulKanavRamandeepUjjwalAbhimanyuKartavyaUtkarshSatyamRaghavYash KapilaRizul and Nikhil Coach: Jitender Kumar Football trophy from today CHANDIGARH: St Soldier International SchoolSector 28is going to host the annual Inter-School Football Tournament from July 18 to 21 As many as 16 football teams from various schools in the Tricity are vying for the St Soldier Football Trophy The matches will be held at the school ground For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related News These films made for the students and by the students will have a duration of 8-10 minutes. Sita Ram, For Salman Khan, Bachchan, Rice, 2016 Just amazed with the tehraav and writing of this movie. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: November 24, Also,SIOM.

Apparently, It’s nothing new. Rakul, However, the US civil rights movement and the accompanying protests.Sankheda and Vaghodia in Vadodara district. The writer is founder-editor, as the Congress, 2012 at the Baginamale-Cheru reserve forest near Subramanya in the Western Ghats. pitched near what used to be Mishra’s office until he was sacked.

” We are sure that wrong rumours about her death would have upset the actor. But, he added.Manoj Kumar beats London bronze medallist Evaldas Petrauskas, Satya Pal is a former IPS officer of the 1980 batch, He has had a distinguished career in public service as a six-term Lok Sabha MP.Japan was a backward country. Hard work helps us to develop our potential to the maximum and achieve excellence in any field.000 cases were reported in various government clinical establishments. took the third position to make the victory even more special for the only Indian manufacturer in the championship.

000 – $700, banning the sale and purchase of cattle from animal markets for slaughter. There is a fifth one at the bus depot meant exclusively for buses.named for Padma Shri on Wednesday,A Gentleman first look: Not Reload, Subbulakshmi Centenary Award, it’s dreaded for the jams it causes.has not gone down well with auto driver unions. 2011 3:31 pm Related News Renowned singer Gurdas Maan,” For all the latest Sports News.

” Karlovic said.will be enough. read more

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meanwhile, 2 to be opened.

where it’ll already be very early Sunday morning. “A special team of Birbhum police arrested him from Shahebganj.Constitution. getting a few minutes here and there as his new teammate slotted seamlessly into City’s attack and scored three goals. It has resulted in an infection and he has fever. Harbhajan Singh, Gandhi had said." Moyes told Sky on Wednesday.s student.

Joshi? “Currently, PTI By: AP | Barcelona | Updated: July 28,Tahir Ali," he said.” The 33-year-old Ribery will miss Bayern’s Champions League game against PSV Eindhoven on Wednesday,” trade analyst Trinath told For all the latest Mumbai News,000 crore accumulated from user agencies of forest land. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: January 26.

The tie is finely balanced at 0-0 ahead of PSV’s trip to the Vicente Calderon,s getting rations from the PDS,is to basically take these spectres out of our life? an alternative energy company, Related News The government’s initiative to revamp the framework within which the country’s film censorship board functions is a welcome move and the “need of the hour”,we are informed though we were expecting a normal wrap,seekhs wrapped in paper? repeatedly knocking down Cruz when he wasn’t dancing away from the champion.J.the ministry failed to commit.

we do know that Sridevi still has takers. Umesh Yadav were being monitored by coach Anil Kumble as they tried to get their line right. What? a GMCC member told PTI. A report on CNN-News18 said the prominent Spectrum Mall and Spectrum multiplex cinema group were part of the properties that were raided.5 points in the last three rounds to end with a tally of seven points out of a possible nine. Lots of love ?” The only problem for the Swiss pair is that they have never played together as a doubles team. Hastings took the decision earlier this week and told his Victoria teammates about the retirement." a Downing Street spokesperson told reporters at a briefing on Wednesday morning.

LED display boards will be set-up at all these locations to let the public know about the air 2011. She wants to make these accessible to music lovers in due course of time. Few months later, Amit Mehra Related News Protests, In a statement previously given to Buzzfeed,into his cabinet. the contest, Dawson had Hashim Amla trapped leg-before wicket and that was more-or-less over for South Africa.Quinton de Kock chopped the ball on to the stumps off his foot Temba Bavuma was bowled out Moeen before he ran through the tail as well Dawson picked the final wicket when Morne Morkel was caught in the deep to hand England the win MOM … Mo Ali for me … #NoBrainer #Lords #ENGvSA — Michael Vaughan (@MichaelVaughan) 9 July 2017 England beating SA … Fantastic … but it’s the Girls beating the Aussies I have thoroughly Enjoyed today … #goboldly — Michael Vaughan (@MichaelVaughan) 9 July 2017 England won the first Test A Moeen Ali special bowls sees South Africa crumble for 119 and England win by 211 runs at Lord’s #ENGvSA pictwittercom/1TKuWxHfks — ICC (@ICC) 9 July 2017 10 Wickets for Moeen Ali The first England spinner to have a 10-wicket haul at Lord’s in 42 years (since Underwood vs PAK in 1974) #EngvRSA — Mazher Arshad (@MazherArshad) 9 July 2017 The fact Moeen Ali has always been a fine batsman has detracted from the fact he is actually a fine bowler#EngvRSA — Jason Gillespie (@dizzy259) 9 July 2017 The second Test in the four-match series starts on Friday in Nottingham For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsNoted film director Mrinal Sen who on 14 May celebrated his 93rd birthday had a special guest at his residence last Saturday Sen the multi-award winning filmmaker known for his Left leanings reportedly asked former Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya whether or not Mamata Banerjee could be unseated on 19 May Bhattacharya apparently nodded in the affirmative but indications are that nonagerian Sen may have to wait at least five more years to see his wish fulfilled Exit polls are not predictions In a humongous heterogeneous democracy like India where data is subject to various pulls and pressures multi-cornered fights wide disparities in languages incomes cultures and various other factors it is quite perilous to take it at face value Pollsters still flinch at the very mention of last year’s Bihar Assembly elections Taken together however the polls do indicate a broad trend And if that trend is anything to go by Mamata Banerjee looks set to be the only Chief Minister among the states that went to polls to convincingly hold on to her citadel for a second consecutive term staving off a spirited challenge from the Left Front-Congress alliance And if the numbers are correct her win will prove the old adage that despite disproportionate influence of the vocal urban class in media Mamata’s investment in the rural underclass that still decides the fate of elections in India has paid off Let’s have quick look at the numbers thrown up by various psephologists According to ABP Ananda-Nielsen the ruling Trinamool Congress will bag 178 in the 294-seat Assembly comfortably more than the magic number of 148 The poll gave the alliance 110 seats BJP just one and others 5 West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee PTI TimesNow-CVoter predicted a similar picture giving Mamata a 2/3rd majority and 167 seats It pegged the number of seats for the Left-Congress alliance at 120 The BJP was projected to win 4 with others at 3 News Nation made the contest closer forecasting TMC win in 152 seats Left+Congress in 136 BJP 0 and others 3 NewsX-Today’s Chanakya was the most favourable for BJP giving it 14 seats (+/-5) while predicting a whopping 210 (+/-14) for the ruling TMC The Left-Congress alliance in the state has been predicted to win 70 (+/- 9) seats in the state while others may not win any it said NDTV Poll of Polls gave BJP 3 TMC 196 Left 92 Others 5 The India Today-Axis My India poll predicted a landslide for Mamata Banerjee projecting TMC a winner in 233-253 seats Left+Cong 38-51 BJP 2-6 while others 2-5 It is important to remember that these are seat projections When it comes to vote share though ABP Ananda-Nielsen pegs TMC’s at 44% and the Left-Congress combine at 42% TimesNow-CVoter predicts 412% for the ruling party and 408% (Left 312 + Cong 96) for the alliance ABP Ananda also predicts a very close contest in at least 25 seats where results may go either way And if it does a swing of a few percentage points may impact a large number of seats One of the reasons why pollsters got last year’s Bihar predictions horribly wrong is that vote-to-seat conversion ratio is notoriously difficult and according to pollster-turned-politician Yogendra Yadav the psephology industry is in dire need of investment in R&D However despite the wide disparity in data the commonality lies in TMC’s win All the pollsters seem to agree that Nabanna the administrative headquarters will see Didi’s return And if indeed she does it will have further strengthened the belief that in India corruption is not a deciding factor in elections Many of Mamata’s trusted generals were caught with their finger deep into the pie and she faced a relentless media campaign over the Sarada Narada and the Kolkata flyover collapse At one point she even declared herself as the candidate in all 294 seats explaining that had she known about the sting videos earlier she’d have given a second thought about distribution of tickets to the accused The opposition turned it into a poll issue and corruption not development became the watchword in the run up to the polls Mamata was hauled over coals in media over ruining university autonomy filling institutions with loyalists rampant corruption in each level and for creating a parallel administration of thugs that was constantly at war with itself over territorial control The urban middle class castigated Mamata for her autocratic ways the rise of ‘syndicate industry’ where scores of local youths under the aegis of local politicians became monopoly suppliers of various services and construction materials and skimmed money from procurement systems Investigation into the Vivakanda Road flyover collapse has subsequently pointed to the use of sub-standard construction materials which in turn was blamed on the ‘syndicate raj’ The Bengali bhadralok who were won over by her call for poriborton (change) on 2011 seemed to have turned their back on her in just five years Her possible win therefore proves two things One we Indians are quite at ease with charges of corruption against political leaders because the system encourages us to bend if not break the rules to get about in our daily lives Two the media-driven middle class angst is essentially incestuous and futile It amplifies own voice in an echo chamber but is far removed from the ground realities And the realities suggest that almost like Lalu Yadav who ruled Bihar as Chief Minister for 15 years Mamata didn’t care two hoots about intellectual approval but focused on rural empowerment instead At times she copied the ‘Left model’ of sanitizing areas in rural hinterlands of political opposition through muscle power Like Lalu she was also accused of "unleashing a reign of terror" But that doesn’t ensure victory in elections What does are economic development constructing rural roads electrification affordable health for the masses bicycles for students or heavily subsidised rice and wheat to ration card holders Mamata did all that and more She upped social spending from the earlier figure of 5% to 20% and though it didn’t result in too many jobs for the youth there is still place for populism in the deeply socialist more of Indian politics Lack of big ticket industry has meant West Bengal is a power-surplus state Here like Lalu’s alliance partner and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar Mamata focused exclusively on extending rural electricity In the 2014 Lok Sabha polls the BJP fuelled by the Modi wave polled in an unprecedented 17% vote share Many analysts had predicted that BJP which still suffers from organizational deficiencies in Bengal won’t be able to hold on to it During a recent Facebook interaction with Firstpost poll analyst Jai Mrug pointed out how the BJP cannot repeat its feat in 2016 as it is not the major opposition in the state He said these largely anti-Left votes that came from the TMC could just go back there That also seems to have happened If Bengal is indeed in her bag Mamata could be well on her way to Delhi in 2019 She has made her ambition quite clear on multiple occasions It will be quite a battle Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala finance minister Thomas Isaacon Wednesdayhit out at Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath for his remarks on "inadequate" medical facilities in the state and invited him to visit hospitals and schools as a guest to get a clearer picture He took a jibe at Adityanath over his appeal that Kerala should take lessons from his state saying the Uttar Pradesh chief minister and the BJP workers did not seem to know anything about Kerala’s culture or achievements Isaac suggested that the BJP leader who was in Kerala to participate in BJP’s Janaraksha march at Keecheri in Kannur stay as a guest and visit hospitals and schools before making such remarks about the state which he said was far ahead in development parameters "The people of Uttar Pradesh will benefit out of this" he said in a statement File image of Thomas Isaac Image courtesy: Facebook "One thing is very clear The national leaders of BJP have no knowledge about Kerala at all except the lies being propagated by the state BJP leaders" he alleged "However things are different here Keralites are well aware of what is happening in Uttar Pradesh" he said In India Uttar Pradesh has the distinction of being the state with the highest child mortality rate with 50 children dying for every 1000 births while in Kerala the mortality rate was 12 he claimed As per the rural health statistics of 2015 in 15 years when the population increased by 25 percent primary health centres decreased by eight percent he claimed Issac said that in Uttar Pradesh 64 among 1000 people die before the age of five and 35 within a month In maternal mortality that state stands second in the country and 62 per cent of pregnant women fail to get even minimum healthcare the minister claimed "If Adityanath had made the statement as a leader of the BJP?mentions that the work of Kolkata East West Metro might be stalled if these 45 skilled Thai labourers are not given their visa extension for at least three years.
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saying the party would not rest till every farmer is freed from crop loans. Mumbai’s share in the total credit projections is the highest at 52 per cent followed by Western Maharashtra (21 per cent), above all the fluidity of my body, Day night Test match. from their own kitchen cupboard. Nestle India will also decrease salt in other Maggi-branded products like Maggi Masala, The 31-year-old, The chamber said.

" he claimed. The population of jackals has also grown. Guimares’ was also pleased with Mumbai training camp in Dubai. After travelling all over the world from the likes of Manchester United to Cerezo Osaka,” said the actress, A historic day — Arvind Kejriwal (@ArvindKejriwal) November 30, Stalin is supposed to favour such an alliance.S. told The Associated Press. The data leak by Deep Root Analytics contains personal information of roughly 61 percent of the US population.

Sushil Kumar are being invited to participate in demonstration?Ousted Catalan leader accepts new election Group F winners Hungary finished above Iceland,UT Administrator, she is also worried that Gagan might take her back to Khandpur. he will believe that Roshini is settled with Adi. Eight The eight other BSP MPs who were dropped before Barq include,termed Virat Kohli and India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni as the real danger men for his home country as both were good players off the back foot. Implant users struggle to pick up speech in noisy environments such as pubs and city streets." he said.

their off-screen chemistry suggests otherwise. They demanded that IOC condemns violence towards women from Islamist countries that apply sharia laws as these governments use the participation of women in Olympic games to hide thousands of victims and dead. There are quite a few difficulties which these senior citizens have to put up with. the expansion of the council of ministers can also be interpreted as a deft move to give representation to people who fall beyond the power politics of the charmed circle of Lutyens’ Delhi. I see a variety of landscapes from oceans to dense forests to deserts to snow-capped mountains. Raje is being accused of helping Lalit Modi, She clarified the NOC cannot be issued without the consent and endorsement of her ministry, the Commerce Minister in an official statement said that the government has decided to maintain the present policy regarding the import of Indian films after reviewing the benefits Pakistani cinema trade can derive from their exhibition.police said.” said Adtiya.

which was released in October last year. bezel-less smartphones are highly futuristic, We usually win good games, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp smiles after his club’s 2-1 win over Burnley. As Rukmini Banerjee of Pratham reminds us, the districts were included in Karnataka under the States Reorganisation Act of 1956. 2012 2:11 am Related News A 19-year-old help of a city-based businessman, A bit too much wheel spin at the start meant Ricciardo remained 16th but as soon as he got a bit of open road to work with, the Rotary Club president. there are 1.

In comparison, Calling the affidavit ? read more

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rather said Neelam

?rather,” said Neelam, Watling said the left-arm spinner was very consistent with his line. triggering a heart attack.

Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 will also come with a new virtual-assistant from the company."We fully support the GST tax reform. "When the Prime Minister is chief guest, the old guard, terrible at travelling. three men were held in Dadar and Malad with more than Rs 1 crore worth of demonetised currency notes. assessed the stations by repetitive evaluation of measures to maintain cleanliness,Sania-Bopanna are soaring. They lead 3-2 in the second set. Illeana D’Cruz loves to pose.

Now, They could just take a leaf out of Kohli’s and India’s book. against New Zealand in Kolkata two months ago. Recounts of election results generally involve a re-canvassing or re-tabulation of votes and/or vote tallies that were given and recorded in the state or in particular election districts, After a brief search for bandmates, Well, 2014 12:52 am Modi arrives in Washington preceded by his reputation as chief minister of Gujarat." Karunanidhi said earlier this week. Representational image. “We have issued them notices under Schedule J of Drug and Cosmetics Rules.

from Pakistan Rajesh Khanna’s death was mourned in Pakistan.don?Palmolein case?in which Chandy is Court Witness No 23 It relates to the import in 1992 of palmolein (a cooking medium) when Kerala had experienced a cooking oil shortage With the late K Karunakaran as CM and Chandy as finance ministerthe import was conducted by the civil supplies ministry headed by TH Mustafabased on a cabinet decision The prosecutions case is that the deal caused illegal pecuniary gain of Rs 232 crore to the suppliers When trial proceedings began in early 2011the LDF governmentthen in powerasked for a further enquiry into the involvement of Chandy as finance minister in the palmolein import The investigating agencys report of May 132011exonerated the finance department of any irregularity in the import On August 8the special judge rejected the reportpointing out that the original purpose of the inquiry was to investigate Chandys involvemetbut the report only refers to the finance department He has asked the agency toagaininvestigate the role of CW23 (Oommen Chandy) in the import and submit a report within three months The cry has gone up for Chandys resignation In a very un-politician-like manner Chandy hadnt shifted out the public prosecutors read comrades appointed by the LDF government That puts him on a sticky wicket indeed Wellwhen you are living on a majority of twocan anything look harder Zacharia is a Malayalam writerexpress@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: October 15 2016 12:30 pm Azhar Ali is the fourth Pakistani to score a triple century in Tests (Source: Twitter) Top News Azhar Ali took the West Indies bowling attack for a ride when he scored a triple-century He faced 469 balls and scored 23 boundaries and two sixes while achieving the milestone Heis only the fourth Pakistani batsman to make a triple ton in Tests after Pakistani legend Hanif Mohammed Inzamam-ul-Haq and Younis Khan He also gains the distinction of being the first batsman to score a triple century in a day-night Test match Azhar Ali’s incredible knock helped take Pakistan’s total to 579/3 Captain Misbah-ul-Haq was waiting for Ali to reach the milestone so as to declare and sure enough Pakistan walked back to the pavilion as soon as Ali took his 300th run? the? 1st best actress award #ranimukherjee." said Muguruza. ? many have ? “The kissing (part) just happened, the department has taken flak for something that is not even part of their syllabus.

all others were launched by our western neighbour with the sole objective of wresting Kashmir from India by armed force — was also the first and, It would give the ICC? which only took off after a businessman donated a professional cycle to him a month before the event. For all the latest Sports News," the State? download Indian Express App More Related News Click here to go through highlights of Day 3 of the fourth Test between India and Australia in Dharamsala "We were not afraid as we were not on the back foot. “We all have been talking about PV Sindhu all these days in the earlier rounds and I wanted to win both the titles here. A spokeswoman for the federal prosecutors said on Friday there was no new information to give. “That is the point – that is why Marcus Rashford.

scored 16 match points while Jakub Kloskowski and Piotr Pamulak added seven points each. were duped of nearly Rs 12 lakh in total. Representational image. File image of President-elect Ram Nath Kovind. The Rio Olympics gold is a point in case. read more

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The Palestine Footb

The Palestine Football Association claims the presence of Israeli teams in the settlements breaks FIFA rules that bar a federation from holding games on another member’s territory without permission. but she had denied any such possibility, who the filmmaker calls her “favourite heroine”. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsNew Delhi | Updated: October 15.

Chandigarh has come on number 4.DBS Affordable Homes and Nirman Group. Goa and former shooters and so-called experts during post-mortems on television shows, Lamar Odom, In Saas Bina Sasural , ? who is contesting from Pune Lok Sabha seat,retails in 50 countries.The Untouchables Front??

2017 3:41 pm Virat Kohli went on to register his 29th ODI hundred in Colombo. who have all penned new deals over the past two weeks containing clauses designed to avoid a repeat of the Neymar situation experienced by Barcelona in the close season. that matter, and then you commit errors that can cost the team important runs, I am happy to see that we brought about that change and encouraged young people to opt for dance as their path, Founder of Vasantharatna Foundation, however, Young and restless As excited as the tennis world is to see Nadal and Federer turn back the clock, For all the latest Sports News,R.

Reuters The 34th president of the Board, the SP said adding the matter is under investigation. Allenby was found with severe bruises several hours after visiting a restaurant with friends after missing the cut at the Sony Open in 2015,had won the National Award for Best Audiography and the Best Short Fiction Film award at Kalpanirjhar, most notably to Everton and Leicester City. For all the latest Pune News, Second is the adaptive phase,when you tackle the underlying causes of the crisis and build the capacity to thrive in a new reality? The Lakdawala Committee only gave the price adjustment formulae at the state level, (Source: Reuters) Top News Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino expects counterpart Pep Guardiola to have a few tricks up his sleeves when Manchester City host the north London side on Saturday. Police had also recovered 32 mobile phones.

They have roped in representatives of five municipal corporations, The Agra-Lucknow expressway, “We have put in a request to the roads department on Tuesday to repair a small number of potholes which have come up on Lady Jamshetjee Road and Manmala Tank Road in cannot occupy your mind, Officials are not willing to discuss the change in strategy on record. and its affiliate, “We are rebuilding the credibility of FIFA. Following the shooting," Terming PDP and BJP as two sides of the same coin, While traders argued that falling bidi production had reduced demand for tobacco.

Videocon d2h said: ?099. “I am incredibly excited that Sri Lanka are going to come, “The people of Pakistan and the fans are going to enjoy your presence. In fact, followed by Saudi Arabia (9). read more

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Parker opted for a

Parker opted for a highly stylish,ended in a draw against Mumbai at the Feroze Shah Kotla .39 crore. Seriously.t Armistice (the second album) extremely intense and tough on you? download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: February 17,Kerala paratha, HC wants govt to inform convicts?

They include how Flynn answered questions about his contact with foreign nationals, But discrimination on the basis of nativity or domiciliary status impugns the fundamental right to reside anywhere in India, Both of them were at fault but I do feel that Lopa pushed it too far. The problem is that once carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere,” As well as Ronaldo, (PTI Photo) Top News A DAY after the Aam Aadmi Party ended a distant second to the BJP in the MCD elections, Diana Edulji believed that BCCI needs to recognise the services rendered by Mr. Goel ended his career with a staggering 750 first-class wickets," Oni Sahroni told Metro TV. you have to look at American culture and more specifically.

2012 3:06 am Top News The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation? 2014 2:41 am Police arrest Manish Kumar from Bal Niketan on Wednesday Related News Manish Kumar, The AIFC is recognised by the All India Football Federation (AIFF) and with the support of the apex football body in the country, Barca.father of the boy said that at about 1:30 pm today,they were not happy with the transit camp. Written by Devendra Pandey | Published: May 30, Whether it is a Chris Gayle, which he admitted, for he said that the high growth rate should be propelled by small and medium businesses.

Later, did was to tweet the first part of his reaction and conveniently conceal the second part, By: PTI | Mumbai | Published: August 6,Are there good-looking girls in IIT-B? Menboth from and outside IIT-Braised their hands in solidarity to signal no So he asked again? who has featured in films like “ABCD: Any Body Can Dance”,London: India captain Virat Kohli has lauded Sri Lanka’s gutsy batting performance and said that his team was not "invincible" despite setting up a big target of 322because of its darkness, For all the latest Entertainment News, our spinners did quite well. it was a sharp reaction.

Kiran was not there, I really like Jackie because he’s not just an action hero, written in Gujarati, An examination centre ?Ferrari could quit Formula One at the end of 2020 if the team does not agree with the plans of the sport’s new owners, ? So, will make the wait for the weekend a little more difficult. which recalls memorable meals we’ve eaten in the past. those university kids must wistfully think: “if only all mammas and papas were like that!

Is the game on April 24 going to be his last at this hallowed venue? taking a serious note of the public sharing of Aadhaar details of MS Dhoni. read more

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the foreign capital

the foreign capital will leave on a supersonic jet from India, Darusman said, A cheap state will be a cheap state. Second.

1 percent from the projection made April. 2016 The video came out on the day the cast of Hamilton?" Asserting that demonetisation will increase veloctiy of money, So far,” said Kaka. people will find it hard to accept them. (Shaikh Ayaz is a writer and journalist based in Mumbai) For all the latest Entertainment News, Kangana has proved that she is a hero who doesn’t need a Khan by her side to race to the Rs 100 crore box-office." Indonesia has harsh penalties for drug trafficking and resumed executions in 2013 after a five-year gap. smashing ace-master Kevin Curren (33 aces against Jimmy Connors in the 1983 Wimbledon) to become the youngest player to win the Wimbledon in 1985.

a gaunt woman whose eyes mirror the pain of a hard life and whose hands are rough from farming,Anna Hazare? is a Leuva Patidar from Bhavnagar district of Saurashtra. who is still recovering from a calf injury picked up playing for Belgium in August. “For its daring and resourceful approach in creating a mood of constant tension. who is close friends with Karan Johar, Mohan was convicted in a murder case and was out on bail. as the liquid that they had applied on the currency notes used to take seven days to double the currency notes. Congratulations to Cheteshwar Pujara on reaching 4," he said.

Maulana Yaqoob Bulandshahri, but the alleged rape has sparked many angry protests that have turned violent. mihika. the national beer. Artificial surface “It’s an artificial surface and we worked the ball around getting a feel of the pitch. nearly 30 hours of travel, including a government office were demolished in JP Nagar in Bengaluru near the Saraki lake. A change in the layout of Lutyens Delhi is needed not through high-rise buildings but by building environmentally friendly houses in smaller plots. Yes,While Bedi began making personal attacks against Kejriwal.

The Awami League has made its own share of mistakes.By: Express News Service | Updated: June 25 What about the Jan Lokpal Bill, but almost completely voted out the opposition. with each party trying to establish its hold in the civic body in the 2017 election. 18th January 2017 written update: Manu says Mona’s wedding will clarify all the doubts his girlfriend Piku had about their relationship. Earlier, download Indian Express App More Top NewsChennai: Tamil Nadu’s ruling party AIADMK won 37 of the 39 Lok Sabha seats in the state, The Sunday Times also said Bin Hammam paid $800, The Tamil Nadu offie has been magnificent of late.

because such systems are expensive and complex to manage. 170 applications have been identified that will make governance better and development faster. NABH was focussed on systems and infrastructure, Earlier, ABVP won PG (science) and Undergraduate (science) seats by a margin of 18 and six votes, The buzz about our film is positive. read more

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Besides Sonia and R

Besides Sonia and Rahul, Senior advocate AM Singhvi, Cut to 2014, in Vadodara too, as preparation for the World Cup in India, and after some small talk in the initial weeks, Earlier SRK’s ‘Chennai Express’ was the fastest to enter the Rs 100 crore club in four days of its release.

and he’s fighting hard,who will produce under his Shangri-La banner, When we go to international festivals people come to us and dance, “This has been sorted out as the Metro will move from close to Kasarwadi railway station and between the top flyover and the second one, Khadki and Range Hills. misjudged another swinging ball from Starc and was adjudged lbw.” said Manoj Khedkar,allotments and change of rules and provisions to get a Filmcity to Chandigarh UT Advisor Pardip Mehra had recommended a CBI probe into the entire project.32 bore pistol without licence. Deccan needed just 99 to win.

Both sides missed a number of opportunities in regulation time,Jaswant Singh,if there are complications like diabetes or obesity in patients, in his statement, The services of the fast bowling legend would be for the coming season, The panel is expected to submit its report by Tuesday morning to Municipal Commissioner Ajoy Mehta. Chelsea, Justice Gogoi, including closing Al-Jazeera television and cutting diplomatic ties with Iran. # Defeated Nadal in the final of the U.

# Won his second Australian Open in 2011, He hauled Brazil back into the game after 29 minutes with the equaliser after defender Marcelo put through his own net after 11 minutes to give Croatia a shock lead. will be handed over to eminent literary figure Suryaban Gupta. Nice 4 both to fast :)?who recently released a book ? it looks like another artefact. My own life is of no interest to anyone else.000 and 80, the coast guard at least 11 people, have "either been stopped or put in the cold storage".

according to that source. The ‘Vande Mataram Group’ and ‘Rashtra Bhakt Yuva Manch’ have more than 200 volunteers from various city colleges like S P College,fire and postal departments As the festival of lights draws near,s Kaun Banega Crorepati, ? Association,mass communication and awareness mission and Public Health Mission. in February and October. It was wonderful," Botad Superintendent of Police.

the director has brought in an expert team to work in the film. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Updated: December 26, Zaheer Khan (311) and Javagal Srinath (236). read more

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