Month: March 2017

Hefei City Maternity allowance payment standard adjustment to extend the holiday increase subsidies

According to

learned from the Hefei Municipal Bureau of human resources and social, Hefei City Maternity allowance is standard with the implementation of the new policy, to meet the family planning were extended for 60 days during maternity leave, and 2 additional months of maternity allowance, in addition, the policy of cesarean section and multiple births are to give subsidies.

it is reported that the main contents of the adjustment: female workers in addition to enjoy 3 months maternity allowance, there are three cases can be extended maternity allowance. One is the family planning policy, to extend the 60 days of maternity leave during the additional 2 months of maternity allowance; two is in line with the implementation of medical indications for cesarean section, the additional half month maternity allowance; three is the multiple births, each family of 1 babies, the additional half month maternity allowance. The birth allowance shall be paid in accordance with the average monthly wage of the employees of the employer in the previous year. At the same time, the original line of childbearing condition, for the glorious one-child certificates on maternity leave, the provisions of the 1 month maternity allowance is no longer executed. In the enjoyment of treatment, most people do not differ significantly." City People Club Bureau official told reporters. read more

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Gold knife surface details to join Q & ntroduction

gold knife noodles, saw this restaurant brands have you felt very domineering? The film and television industry have an award called the Golden Horse Award, it is a recognition of the actors, so the gold knife is Sliced noodles noodles brand of quality certification? Followed by a small series together to understand the brand!

gold knife face, has been adhering to the "strict, serious, active and efficient" spirit and integrity, strict product quality, adhere to innovation, enthusiasm, and thoughtful for providing quality service to customers, so that customers feel the times to care "gastronomy" brand for a century cast permanent foundation. Gold knife face long-term adherence to the fundamental interests of the entrepreneur, the core concept of entrepreneur’s personal pursuit into the long-term development of enterprises ", provide a roofless entrepreneurial stage for the majority of entrepreneurs read more

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nvestment education to join the choice of what good

investment education to choose what good? With the development of the education market, education and training today can have a lot of choice, then join the brand, now many educational franchise brand how to choose? This is to look at the following description, tell you how to choose the brand of education to join

to start!

in recent years the continuous influx of foreign education, let a lot of people outside   educational institutions in high hopes, but in the western development of children of different characteristics, preschool education of foreign projects may not suitable for domestic development, in order to prevent the "soil and water service" of such projects should be carefully considered. At present, many local educational institutions, development is also very perfect, all investors can learn from the. Education before joining the investment to choose their own and social needs of the project is the most worthy of development. read more

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What are the factors to be considered in beauty salons

successfully opened a beauty salon is not easy, you need to consider the issue is very much, of which, the site has become a natural choice. In short, the beauty salon is the first task to open a beauty salon, with the store in order to carry out the decoration and join the brand choice. There are many factors to consider when choosing a beauty salon, such as the flow of people, shop funds, environment, etc.. The following Xiaobian for everyone to analyze the beauty of the site to consider factors. read more

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Millet how fancy thunder

although apple is now the most mobile phone, but millet is the most cost-effective mobile phone. As early as the end of 2013, there is news, millet or strategic investment or acquisition of thunder. Another source said, millet move, on the one hand will be used to get more thunder video resources, on the other hand, there are plans to acquire news and information applications, occupy the content distribution portal.

millet want to invest, in order to make up for their lack of freedom in the content of the reason.

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What is the fifth wave of nternet start ups

era of entrepreneurship, the Internet has become a gathering place for entrepreneurs. If you want to succeed in the field of Internet business, then you can hold the Internet is the key to entrepreneurial tide. Some people say that the fifth wave of Internet start-ups has come, then what is it? May wish to find out.

in Beijing, the major Internet Co are competing at the beginning of this new technology in the field of black technology, such as Baidu launched a "Du Ring" ring projector, the maximum can support 50 inch projection screen, a titanium alloy material, diameter of only 18mm, the convergence of the whole network’s wholly-owned source, Sogou launched the "watch movies whenever and wherever possible; wisdom teeth, using human implant new technology, intelligent computing technology combined with the correct pronunciation of big data and cloud, can improve speaking fluency, pronunciation recognition errors automatically, to achieve barrier free communication. read more

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Residential area near the operation of a chain of drinks

we all know that the taste of tea has been favored by the vast number of consumers, many of which have a taste, then open a drink chain stores like? Market space is large, large consumer groups, the profit is also proportional to the number of entrepreneurs who are willing to open a chain store drinks. In the vicinity of the operation of a drink chain stores how to operate it?

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What are the operating methods of the corner steak shop

food and beverage industry has been very popular in the industry, one of the Western-style food industry is more of an industry, so that the majority of entrepreneurs choose now, Western-style food occupy the domestic catering market very high proportion, good prospects for development, many investors are optimistic about the project is to join. But in order to successfully run a western restaurant, is not a simple matter, need to master certain methods and techniques. In this paper, the corner steak shop, for example, made a detailed introduction. read more

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The cost of opening a snack bar for your reference

        followed by the era of diversified development, a lot of people are paying attention to how much a restaurant cost? Everyone has a different answer, today, about to open a snack shop cost to the snack bar open investment, for you introduce the productioncosts own a


        this is my open snack bar experience, shop funds only 80 thousand, although rarely, but there are many funds open method more funds also have less money, less money shop method, we hope to provide a little help. Handheld 8W, investment project is limited, take me to open the snack bar, I am in the room is 80 square metre rent 3000 yuan. The best choice by downtown near farmers market place. It is best to pay one month to pay, or three months to pay a read more

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Young should break through

a lot of people into the civil service exam in the flow, is to figure out a safe. But the story I want to say the hero, just give up a comfortable life, embarked on a turbulent road of entrepreneurship.

03 years after graduating from University, he worked at a cosmetics trading company in Jiaxing, the main entrance to do foreign cosmetics, and also do some channels, as close to Shanghai, Hangzhou and Wenzhou’s spending power is also quite considerable, so the company has done a good job, after in the company for 5 years. Because of the cosmetics market in recent years, more and more spending power, 5 years, a small company gradually developed to a certain size, and he is from a salesperson has done a business department leader, that year almost have 15W. read more

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LED mini projector to join the best choice for simple business

as our pace of life continues to accelerate, we need to improve the quality of life. Good quality of life, the demand for home appliances can not be separated. LED micro projector? Not only has a high popularity, but also joined the LED micro projector project, or the best choice for entrepreneurship.

home appliances bring convenience to our life is self-evident, we enjoy the ease and freedom, you can save time for other work and entertainment. How much do you know about home appliances today with the u88 Xiaobian together to learn about LED micro projector. read more

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Royal Jubilee tribute tea consumer trust project

consumer products is not good, not to see how much the brand’s reputation, but to see how high consumer recognition. Only consumer recognized products are really good products. Royal Jubilee tribute tea as authentic tribute tea brand, long-term in the industry-leading position, carefully developed drinks each have a high popularity, is Huobian national beverage brands. The tribute tea tea shop to join the Royal Jubilee preferred bursting with popularity.

Royal Jubilee tribute tea three main product series, showing the authentic Taiwan style, with global select raw material, make a cup of tea China. The Jubilee royal tribute tea is not only to create good products, it is the transmission of the unique flavor of Taiwan tribute tea! The 3 main series of products allow investors to obtain a 3 investment return, which makes profits to maximize, snacks and drinks packages, let the customer price easily doubled. read more

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Join the brand need to do five points

choose to join agents such entrepreneurial approach, has become the choice of many investors in the current. However, this market is now very mixed, if you want to do a good job related work, naturally also need to pay attention to more factors, do more work. Here, Xiao Bian just to introduce the work of five points. So, join agent brand need to do what five point work?

a comprehensive understanding of the market

first of all to make a comprehensive investigation of the market, the choice of the most market potential brand agent. First of all according to the characteristics of the agent you want to determine the characteristics of your agent to prepare the brand, including the degree of prosperity, people’s income level, education, fashion acceptance, etc.. Then make sure you want to sell is men and women or children (now more, on the market of women’s brand for larger choice, the market potential consumption is large, so most people will choose to dress). read more

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Vigilance small business is the most vulnerable to seven mistakes

for the vast majority of entrepreneurs, start-up time of insufficient funds, started only from the capital business start, but can not underestimate the small business, because most of the time is the details determine success or failure, you go no step, can determine your future can do, this is the most basic stage want to do, some people can do it, but some people do not, life or the shop, the worst is facing collapse, which led to some factors of these causes or is not found a better way to start, so now let’s look at as small business people this is one of the few prerequisites, you do what kind of. read more

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Join the fashion brand should pay attention to what the problem

women’s money is well earned, light is the bag, they can choose many kinds of bags, now also have great market space, to do business friends, is a good franchise industry. For many female friends, the pursuit of the package is endless, and sometimes will buy a lot. So join the fashion brand shop, will also bring great market. Here we introduce entrepreneurship, fashion brands should pay attention to what the problem.

now, with the younger generation of women in the economic strength of the growing, people’s consumption concept is changing, brand awareness is more intense. To meet the different needs of various consumer groups, handbags brand segmentation will continue to increase, the brand effect will be more obvious. The future will be to develop a multi brand strategy brand. read more

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